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OPENS April 14 – Closing April 20 starting at 6:30 p.m.

Auction consists of early tin litho, wind-up and cast iron toys, mechanical and still banks, electric and cast iron trains, advertising signs and clocks, dolls, marbles, petroliana items, car memorabilia/parts, early tools, nostalgia and ephemera.





  1. VINTAGE TINPLATE AMBULANCE TOY. Circa 1920 crank windup lithographed tinplate “C” cab Ambulance with driver. Dimensions – width: 3.5”, height: 5.62”, length: 8”. Fine condition -complete, working crank clockwork, good hinges on door, no repairs, minor fading and oxidation.
  2. 1910 TINPLATE BICYCLE TOY. Circa 1910 Japanese tinplate, lithographed windup Bicycle pre war toy. Fabulous graphics and brilliant color, measures – height: 6.25”, length: 7”. Surface paint graphics condition is exceptional, minor signs of wear as per photos, toy is complete, clockwork is not working.
  3. ANTIQUE CAST IRON FERRY TOY. Scarce, circa 1900 cast iron Sidewheeler Ferry toy, cast marked “Made In Canada”, 7.5” long. Condition is very good, original paint, complete, no cracks or breaks, paint wear and chips as per photos.
  4. 1920’S TINPLATE JAZZBO JIM TOY. Exceptional Jazzbo – Jim “The Dancer On The Roof” lithographed, windup tinplate toy with original box. Patented in 1921, manufactured and labeled by “Unique Art Mfg. Co.  Newark N.J. USA. Dimensions – width: 5”, depth: 3.25”, height – 9.25”. Condition of toy is very fine, great graphics, strong colour, functioning clockwork mechanism. Original box is in excellent condition with strong color as well.
  5. VINTAGE COCA-COLA TRUCK TOY. 1930’s Metalcraft, St. Louis USA, “Coca-Cola Bottling Truck”. Pressed steel truck with grill marked “White” with complete set of 10 original bottles, in original red and yellow paint and graphics, tires are molded Goodyear Silvertown.  Condition is very fine, complete, very minor original paint faults, as per photos.
  6. 1910 LEHMANN TINPLATE “ALSO” CAR. Antique 1903-1913 patented Marke Lehmann “ALSO” #700, tinplate litho clockwork toy car with driver. This tin litho windup toy is complete, retains original paint and graphics, measures – length: 4”, height: 3,5”. Condition – complete, brilliant original paint and graphics, very straight, no dents, no inpainting or repairs as per photos, clockwork mechanism works, but sticky.
  7. 1920 HESS FLYWHEEL TINPLATE CAR. Exceptional circa 1920 Hess manufactured lithographed tinplate toy delivery van with driver, flywheel driven, marked Germany. The toy retains original vibrant paint and graphics and depicts the early transition from horse to motor driven vehicles. Dimensions – height: 3.75”, width: 2.25”, length: 6.75”. Condition is C 8 – C9, in very fine condition, brilliant colors, straight, original with very minor signs of wear, as per photos.
  8. 1910 K.B.N. TRAIN SET. Circa 1910 prewar K.B.N. German made, windup, litho tin 15-piece train set. Set includes windup tin litho O-gauge, 0-4-0 steam engine and tender, 3 passenger cars and 10 track pieces with banked railway tie construction (8 curved, 2 straight). Condition over all is Good, C6-7 for lot, strong colours, minor paint loss and wear, dents, loss of 1 cow catcher tin tab, as per photos.
  9. 1915 LEHMANN “AHA” TINPLATE TRUCK. Excellent German made Marke Lehmann lithographed tinplate, windup EPL 550 “AHA” toy open cab truck/van with driver. Brightly lithographed in red and yellow with gold accents, hinged rear doors, length: 5.5”, height 3.5”. This Toy was modeled after early German electric trucks. Fine condition, C7-8, complete, straight, strong color and lithography, light wear and rubbing as per photos, clockwork working, worn hub on 1 back wheel.
  10. ARCADE McCORMICK DEERING WAGON. Circa 1920 Arcade cast iron horse drawn wagon toy marked “McCormick Deering” on box sides. Drawn by pair of horses, the toy has detachable wagon box with independent frame, length: 12”, height: 4 1/8”. Fine condition, C-7, original paint, minor wear and paint chips, good Arcade markings, complete, as per photos.
  11. LEHMAN MAN DA RIN SEDAN TOY. Scarce, circa 1905 Lehmann German tinplate, windup toy of two Chinese men in hand japanned uniforms and caps transporting a decorated sedan chair with seated bearded Mandarin. The toy is propelled forward by two concealed wheels that creates the men’s jointed leg motion. This being the early version of the Lehmann EPL 565 toy. Very good to fine C7-8 condition as per photos. Retains strong paint and litho color, minor sporadic paint loss, original pigtails, windup mechanism is functioning.
  12. 1883 STEVENS EAGLE MECHANICAL BANK. Very good example of J.& E. Stevens “Eagle & Eaglets” mechanical bank, incised on base Patented 1883. Dimensions – length: 6”, width: 4”, height: 6”. Condition C-8, good original paint as per photos, full function mechanics.
  13. 1915 SCHIEBLE LOCOMOTIVE TOY. Very good circa 1915 steam locomotive friction toy in original paint, made by Schieble Toy and Novelty Co. Dayton Ohio. Constructed of cast iron, wood and pressed steel, measures – width: 5”, height: 6 1/8”, length: 13”. Condition is very good C7-8, complete, minor wear as per photos.
  14. 1925 PADDY’S PRIDE TIN TOY. Scarce 1920’s “Paddy’s Pride” pig and butcher tin litho windup toy labeled “Marke Stock D.R.G.M. Germany”. Manufactured by Walter Stock of Germany, who was an early competitor of Lehmann, height: 4”, width: 2 ¾”, length: 8”. Condition is C7-8, very good with original bright paint and lithography, original reins and whip, minor signs of wear as per photos. Clock work mechanism working.
  15. LEHMANN “NEW CENTURY CYCLE”. Antique Lehmann tin litho windup toy and original box, EPL No. 545, “New Century Cycle” with umbrella labeled “D.R.G.M. Made In Germany”, height: 5 ¼”, length: 5”. Condition C-8 with original box, toy is complete and in bright colour, windup mechanism functioning, very light surface wear as per photos. Box is a 9.9, original and in excellent condition, clean with crisp graphics.
  16. LEHMANN EPL-1 DIRIGIBLE. Scarce Lehmann No. 651 dirigible/blimp tin litho wind up toy with original lithographed box. Early version with two gondolas underneath, labeled on both sides, “Marke Lehmann EPL-1 651”. Condition, toy is C 7-8, very good, clockwork runs smooth, tail fins are excellent, complete with light surface wear as per photos. Original box with litho patent date January 22, 1907, retains Lehmann metal string tag, strong litho colour, minor faults.
  17. STRAUSS “HAM AND SAM” WINDUP TOY. Exceptional 1920’s Ham and Sam “The Minstrel Team” tin litho, windup toy, red and white checkered pants version, manufactured by “The Ferdinand Strauss Corporation, New York, USA”, measures width: 6.5”, height: 8”. Condition is excellent, C8-9 with partial original box, clockwork and start and stop mechanisms both work fine, lithograph is original colour bright, very clean as per photos.
  18. HESS TINPLATE TOURING CAR TOY. Rare example of 1910 era German made Edwardian litho tinplate, windup, open touring car, manufactured by Johann Hess. Detailed with uniformed driver, 2 lady passengers with driving goggles and applied carriage lamps, pivot steering, height: 4 ¾”, length: 7 ¾”. Condition is excellent C7, complete, no repairs, strong colour, straight, minor scratches and areas of wear as per photos. Clockwork spring needs repair.
  19. LEHMANN MASUYAMA TINPLATE TOY. 1920’s German made tin litho, windup rickshaw toy by Lehmann No. 773, with Geisha passenger holding fan that waves when wheels turn. Condition is good, C-6, brilliant litho colors, very light wear, missing 1 fender and umbrella, clockwork not working.
  20. BING GERMAN MODEL “T” TOY CAR. Circa 1920’s Model “T” Ford four door sedan with lady driver, tinplate with key wind mechanism, by German manufacturer Bing. License plates numbered 19872, car height: 3.75”, length: 6.5”. Condition of car is Very Good C-7, gleaming original paint, clean toy, bright litho lady driver, minor paint loss and dents as per photos, clock work mechanism not working.
  21. VINTAGE OROBR TINPLATE CAR. Scarce, exceptional circa 1920 German tinplate touring car with driver, No. 131, made by Oro Werke (Works) Brandenberg Germany (1910-1931). Very clean tin litho car with driver detailed with hinged opening rear doors with working door handles. Condition is Excellent, C-8, very straight, clean, excellent paint and litho, complete as per photos.
  22. LEHMANN “BUCKING BRONCHO” TOY. Vintage Lehmann “Wild West Bucking Broncho” tin litho windup toy No.625, with horse and rider in excellent original box. This action toy has June 1906 patent date. Condition is C-8 plus, light paint loss from toy activation, not abuse, as per photos. Original vintage box is excellent with strong color litho lid.
  23. LEHMAN “MIXTUM” WINDUP TOY. Exceptional Lehmann EPL 775 “Mixtum” tin litho windup cart toy with black clown driver. Rear wheels operate on eccentric axis point and create optical illusion when in motion. Condition is Excellent C8, strong colors, missing horn, lightly played with.
  24. VINTAGE ARNOLD TIN BOAT TOY. Circa 1940 tinplate, key wind, three stack ocean liner boat toy made by Arnold & Co. Germany. Complete with lifeboats and both original flag poles, length: 13.5”, height: 4.25”. Condition is Excellent C-8, original paint, missing key.
  25. ANTIQUE LION & MONKEY BANK. Vintage “Lion and Two Monkeys” mechanical coin bank, manufactured by “Kyser and Rex Co. Frankford PA USA”, embossed patent date July 17, 1883. Condition, very good over all, C-7 plus, original paint, mechanics function, small monkey has loose shoulder joints, original trap, minor paint loss as per photos, loss of left eye, no key.
  26. VINTAGE TINPLATE TROLLEY TOY. Circa 1915-20 tin litho key wind electric trolley toy made in Germany by R. & Co. marked 221, with original box, length: 6.25” height: 4”. Toy condition is Excellent C-8, strong colour, complete including aerial mast, as per photos. Original box is in good condition, litho box lightly soiled and fades as per photos.
  27. LEHMANN TAP TAP VINTAGE TOY. Lehmann EPL 560 key wind tin litho gardener with cart toy with original Lehmann marked shovel and original box. German made toy with Patent date May 12, 1903. Condition is Excellent C-8 with original box, toy is in lightly played with condition, strong litho colours. Box has very crisp litho lid, tear on 1 side tab as per photos.
  28. ANTIQUE TIN TOURING CAR TOY. Circa 1910-1920 Edwardian tin litho open touring car with uniformed driver and friction drive. The toy is unmarked and not numbered. Condition is Excellent C-8, complete, lightly played with as per photos.
  29. ANTIQUE CAST IRON LADDER WAGON. Scarce, Canadian, circa 1900, cast iron, horse drawn fire ladder wagon with fireman driver, embossed “Made In Canada”, length: 11”, height: Condition is very good, C-7 plus, complete, no chips or cracks, good original paint with wear as per photos.
  30. VINTAGE “CHARLESTON TRIO” TIN TOY (red jacket version). Circa 1930’s “Charleston Trio” tin litho windup toy with moving and dancing figures made by Louis Marx & Co. N.Y. USA. Condition is Excellent C-8, brilliant colour, complete, clock work mechanism runs fine and smooth.
  31. ANTIQUE CAST IRON FLOOR TRAIN. Circa 1920 cast iron “Michigan Central R.R.” floor train, manufactured by Kenton & Harris, USA. Four-piece set includes 2-4-0 steam locomotive, 976 tender, No. 98 coach car and No. 68 baggage mail car, all with nickel plated roofs, height: 3.5”, total length: 27” Condition is very good plus, C-7, area of surface oxidation, complete, no metal chips or cracks.
  32. LEHMANN “TUT TUT” TIN CAR. Lehmann EPL 490 Tut Tut (Toot Toot in English) windup tin car and driver, length: 7”, height: 6.5”. Patent dated May 12 1903 and known as first toy car to have a functioning horn. Condition is Excellent C-7 plus, lightly played with, some oxidation as per photos, clockwork and original wood bellows horn fully functioning.
  33. LEHMANN “ITO” TIN LIMOUSINE TOY. Lehmann “ITO” EPN No.755 tin litho windup limousine toy with chauffeur. Scarce version with red spoke wheels. German toy patented May 12, 1903, license plate numbered 679. Condition is Excellent, C-8, very strong colour, straight frame, complete, original, very minor surface wear, clean, 1 rear wheel hub worn.
  34. GERMAN ROYAL TRICK ELEPHANT BANK. Scarce circa 1910 “Royal Trick Elephant Bank” semi-mechanical tin litho bank in fabulous strong coloured graphics! Manufactured in Germany by “Saalheimer & Strauss”, length: 7”, height: 4.75”. Condition is Excellent C-8 plus, complete, functioning, clean, brilliant crisp colour, minimal signs of wear as per photos.
  35. ANTIQUE GORDON BENNETT TIN RACER. Rare Guntherman “Gordon Bennett” Paris to Berlin 1905 boat tailed racer with driver and navigator, lithographed tinplate, with flywheel drive, length: 6”, height: 2.87”. Condition is very good, C-7, original, straight body, good paint, minor surface wear as per photos, rear left wheel hub cracked, loss of steering wheel, bend to navigator’s head.
  36. LEHMANN TIN “EHE & Co.” TRUCK. Vintage Lehmann “EHE & Co.” EPL 570 tin litho windup truck with driver and original box Made in Germany, patent date May 12 1903, length: 6.75”, height: 3.75”. Toy condition is Excellent C-8, complete, very straight, no repairs, clean great original paint and litho – 97%. Original box has bold litho graphics, missing 2 flaps to top.
  37. HUBLEY HORSE DRAWN WAGON. Circa 1920 cast iron horse drawn wagon with driver, embossed “Transfer” on both sides, made by Hubley USA. Detailed with yellow wheels, green box with with steel bottom and gold highlights, pair of horses, white and black, height: 7.25”, length:17”. Condition is Excellent C-8, light wear, original paint, strong colours as per photos.
  38. LEHMANN PAAK-PAAK WINDUP DUCKS. Vintage Lehmann “Paak-Paak Quack-Quack” tin litho windup toy with duck pulling cart with basket of ducklings atop that bob up and down when wound. Circa 1920 toy marked “Lehmann EPL No. 645”, patented May 12 1903, height: 2.75”, length: 7.5”. Condition is excellent, C-8, strong color, original, no restoration, as per photos.
  39. LEHMANN DARE DEVIL TOY. Vintage Lehmann “Dare Devil” tin litho windup toy with zebra drawn cart with black man driver. Circa 1920’s toy, stationary key, marked EPL 752 and 1881, height: 2.75”, length: 7.5”. Condition is very good, C-7 plus, original paint, ears, tail and reins, light pin prick paint loss, complete as per photos
  40. SHEPHARD HARDWARE MASON BANK. “Mason Bank”, cast iron mechanical bank, circa 1880’s made by Shephard Hardware Co. Buffalo N.Y. Embossed on base “Excelsior Series Pat’d Feby. 3. 1887”, width: 7.37”, depth: 4”, height: 7.12”. When activation lever is pushed, bricklayer’s helper’s hod moves forward to drop coin in wall while bricklayer lifts brick upward. Condition is very good, C-7, original paint, no repairs, no cracks or chipped iron, mechanically functioning, areas of paint loss and wear, replacement trap, no key.
  41. ANTIQUE WATROUS CLOWN BELL TOY. Vintage 1890’s “Watrous Mfg.” (Connecticut USA) bell pull toy, with cast iron clown and wheels, nickel plated bells mounted on steel frame with original paint covered in iridescent wash finish. Condition is excellent, C-8, original paint, minimal surface wear and paint loss as per photos, complete, crank axle wheels are loose.
  42. VINTAGE HORSE DRAWN DELIVERY VAN TOY. Circa 1900 lithographed tinplate, windup, horse drawn van/wagon marked “Delivery Van” made in Germany. Detailed with pivot steering and roof top luggage rack, height: 4 75”, length: 9.5”. Condition is very good, C-7, toy is complete, some oxidation, some areas with paint wear, clockwork mechanism not functioning.
  43. ANTIQUE “TWO FROGS MECHANICAL BANK”. Exceptional circa 1880’s cast iron “Two Frogs” mechanical bank with glass eyes, by J. & E. Stevens, Cromwell Connecticut. Patented August 6, 1882, height: 4.5”, length: 9.5”. Condition is Excellent, C-8, mechanism working, exceptional original paint, some paint wear on highlights, great presence!
  44. LEHMANN VINTAGE TIN “MOTOR CAR”. Lehmann lithographed tinplate “Motor Car” with windup mechanism, not marked, but referenced as EPL No. 420. Condition is very good, C-7 plus, Exceptional paint, clean, complete, straight body, oxidation and open seams on wheels as per photos, windup mechanism non functioning.
  45. VINTAGE STRAUSS “YELL-O-TAXI” TOY. Circa 1920 Ferdinand Strauss Corp. N.Y. “Yell-O-Taxi” toy with driver, tinplate windup, with black painted fenders and roof with orange lithographed body. Doors decorated with “Strauss Mechanical Toys” and globe graphics, cowl with 59. Condition is very good, C-7, minor paint wear, complete, some loose body tabs, windup mechanism working, some oxidation to grill and front fenders as per photos.
  46. G. GUNTHERMAN TIN RACE CAR TOY. Circa 1915 S. G. Gunthermann litho tinplate windup open wheel race car with driver, tires marked “S. G. Cord A-13-16 Ballon”, trunk marked SG Germany and hood marked “1”, height: 2.5”, length: 6.75”. Condition very good, C-7 plus, windup mechanism working, straight with no dents, some scuffs, minor scratches and oxidation as per photos.
  47. BILL E GRIN MECHANICAL BANK. Vintage 1915 “Bill E. Grin” cast iron mechanical bank by J&E Stevens Co., white ground with red and black accents, insertion of coin causes eyes to roll and tongue sticks out, width: 3.25”, depth: 3”, height: 4.25”. Condition is very good, C-7, mechanicals function. wear to paint as per photos, no trap.
  48. LEHMANN EPL 590 AUTOBUS TIN TOY. Vintage Lehmann lithographed tinplate, windup “Autobus” toy with uniformed driver, marked “590” and patent date Jan. 22, 1907, width: 3.5”, length: 8.25”, height: 5.25”. Condition is very good, C-7, exceptionally clean with straight metal work, crisp brilliant paint and litho, oxidation on brass plated rails, windup mechanism working, loss of front passenger wheel.
  49. KICO BILLIARDS PLAYER WINDUP TOY. Vintage 1915 German “Kico” windup billiard player and pool table, lithographed and painted tinplate, height: 4.5”, length: 6”. Condition is excellent, C-8, exceptional bright paint and litho, clean, straight, light wear, complete, windup mechanism works but disengaged.
  50. GIRARD PIERCE ARROW WINDUP TOY. Scarce, vintage 1933 Deluxe “Pierce Arrow Coupe” pressed steel, windup toy made by Girard Model Works Inc. PA, USA (1922-35). Detailed with original tri-coloured paint, bumper turns with front wheels, folding luggage rack, axle crank driven bell, battery operated electric head and tail lights, tires marked Girard Balloon, 14” long, license stamped “711”. Condition is excellent C7 plus, original paint, very straight body, moderate surface loss as per photos, complete, windup working, oxidized battery box.
  51. GERMAN TINPLATE ELEPHANT PENNY TOY. Rare, circa 1915 lithographed tinplate elephant penny toy with articulating hinged trunk, made by “J.P.H. Meier, Germany”, length: 3”, height: 2.87”, Condition is excellent, C-8, clean, straight, light surface wear, complete as per photos.
  52. VINTAGE BEAR & BRAVE TINPLATE PENNY TOY. Scarce, Brave on a bear lithographed tinplate penny pull toy, length: 3”, height: 3.12”. Condition is excellent, C-8, very moderate surface losses, straight, complete, bright litho graphics as per photos, great example.
  53. KENTON “FLAT IRON BUILDING” BANK. Vintage cast iron “Flat Iron Building” still coin bank, made by “Kenton Hardware Mfg. Co. (1904-1926), height: 5.75”. Condition is very good, C-7 plus, original silver paint with gold and black highlights, light areas of surface oxidation, fine line on base as per photos.
  54. VINTAGE NYC & HUDSON RIVER TOY RAIL CARS. Circa 1900 cast iron floor train cars (3), embossed “New York Central & Hudson River” Railroad, passenger cars. Condition is good, C-6, original paint, some loss to wheel/axles as per photos.
  55. ANTIQUE “PUNCH and JUDY” COIN BANK. Vintage “Punch and Judy mechanical coin bank, this being small lettered version, made by and embossed on original coin trap base (Shephard Hardware Co.) “Buffalo N.Y., U.S.A. Pat’d July 15, 1884”, width: 6.12”, height: 7.12”. Condition is very good, C-7, original paint, full functioning, no chips or cracks.
  56. ANTIQUE “ROYAL SAFE DEPOSIT” BANK. Scarce, vintage cast iron and bronze “Royal Safe Deposit”, safe style, coin still bank, manufactured by “Henry Hart Co., U.S.A.”, circa 1885. Detailed with geo-foliate cast design, working bronze tumbler (with tumbler code), width: 5.25”, depth: 4.62”, height: 6”. Condition is Excellent, C-8, original paint, no cracks or breaks, tumbler working.
  57. “AMHERST STOVES” CAST IRON BISON BANK. Antique figural Bison/ Buffalo cast iron advertising bank, embossed “Amherst Stoves”, nickel-bronze plated, height: 5.12”, length: 7.75”. Condition is excellent, C-8, great example, very moderate surface wear, no cracks or repairs.
  58. BLACK MUSICIANS TIN TOY. Circa 1900 African American Musicians themed tinplate toy, with great folky look, original paint, levers under base activate tambourine and banjo players arms, width: 8.5”, depth: 4.5”, height: 8”. Condition good, C-6, paint loss, rust, minor faults.
  59. ANTIQUE “U.S. MAIL” TINPLATE TRUCK. Vintage 1900 “U.S. Mail” tinplate, windup truck/van with uniformed driver, toy in original paint, eccentric axle activated nickel plated bell, crank style windup, height: 5.75”, length: 7.25”. Condition is excellent C-8, complete, clean, straight, exceptional paint, windup mechanism working, no repairs.
  60. ANTIQUE GERMAN NOAH’S ARK TOY. Vintage circa 1890 lithographed paper on wood “Noah’s Ark” with 14 wood animal figures, hinged roof, height: 4” length: 8.75”. Condition is good, minor faults as per photos.
  61. LARGE SULPHIDE VINTAGE HORSE MARBLE. Vintage large sulphide marble with horse figure, 2.150” diameter, Condition is good/near mint, 7.5-8, good centering, some bubble inclusions, 1 small sub-surface moon as per photos.
  62. LARGE VINTAGE SULPHIDE CHILD MARBLE. Vintage large sulphide marble, 2.125” diameter with child/baby figure with bonnet with quilted details. Condition is near mint, 8.0, light scratches, good centering, no major faults.
  63. LARGE VINTAGE SULPHIDE DOG MARBLE. Vintage large sulphide marble with dog figure, 2.160” diameter. Condition is 8.0 near mint, good centering, large bubble inclusion, moderate surface wear, very clear.
  64. LARGE VINTAGE COW SULPHIDE MARBLE. Large vintage sulphide marble, 2.030” diameter with grazing cow figure. Condition is good, 7.5, minor bubble inclusions, good centering, very light hit marks, 1/4” flake at back bottom as per photos.
  65. LARGE VINTAGE ELEPHANT SULPHIDE MARBLE. Large vintage sulphide marble, 1.610” diameter with exceptional elephant figure. Condition is near mint, 8.0, very moderate surface marks and scratches, no bruising or chips, very good centering.
  66. LARGE VINTAGE BEAR SULPHIDE MARBLE. Large vintage sulphide marble, 1.520” diameter with standing bear figure with detailed ground cover. Condition is good, 7.0, with good detailed and formed figure, good centering, 3/16” flake back left of bear, minor hit marks and light scratches as per photos
  67. LARGE VINTAGE BEAR SULPHIDE MARBLE. Large vintage sulphide marble, 2” diameter, with sitting bear figure. Condition is good, 7.0, well centered, bear weak in detail, some light abrasions, 2 small flakes as per photos.
  68. VINTAGE WOMAN SULPHIDE MARBLE. Vintage sulphide marble, 1.220” diameter with detailed figure of seated woman in Victorian style hooped ball gown, ringlet hair and pillbox hat. Condition is Good to near mint, 7.5-8.5, detailed figure, well centered, light abrasions and wear, 1/8” chip/flake to right of figure, as per photos
  69. VINTAGE FOX SULPHIDE GREEN MARBLE. Vintage green glass sulphide marble, 1.310” diameter, with detailed running fox on ground cover. Condition is near mint, 8.0, detailed figure, well centered, pinprick chips, moderate surface wear.
  70. VINTAGE “FORD V-8” WALL CLOCK. Vintage 1940’s “Ford V-8”, light-up advertising clock. Deco style electric wall clock with rounded corners and trimmed with extruded aluminum details, textured surface vinyl sides, fitted with interior double lamp sockets, face displays Ford advertising, width: 19”, height: 14.5”, depth: 5”. Originally hung in Niagara Falls Ontario Ford Dealership. Condition is excellent, near mint, runs smooth and quiet and very clean.
  71. CANADIAN 1940’s FORD DEALERSHIP SIGN. Exceptional Canadian 1940’s Ford double sided painted oval metal sign with blue ground and reflective sand script, reads, “Genuine Ford Parts”. Marked “S.T.S.P. – 2510” on bottom edge of each side. Dimensions 20 ¾” x 27.5” x .075”. Originally hung in Niagara Falls Ontario Ford Dealership. Condition of sign is totally original, crisp and grades an 8.0 plus. Both sides of sign reveal a uniform toning of the sand script and scattered light surface scratches. Some areas of light oxidation around extreme outer edges as per photos.
  72. QUAKER STATE WELCOME SIGN N.O.S. Vintage 1950’s Quaker State “Welcome” to our service department sign, “new old stock with original box and wrapping. painted on metal with corner grommet mounts. Signed on back bottom edge “Another Parker Metal Decorating Co. Sign by Evans Baucom & Associates, Massillon, Ohio. Dimensions 11.5” x 17.5”. Condition is factory mint, just as it came out of the box!
  73. CLEARVISION VISIBLE GAS PUMP CYLINDER. New old stock, 1930’s 10 Gallon clearvision gas pump glass cylinder made by “Macbeth Kromex U.S.A.”. Features double sided gallonage register in red, with etched metering bars, 12 ¾” diameter x 26.1/2” high x .265” wall thickness.  Condition, mint NOS.
  74. VINTAGE STYLA STEERING WHEEL. Vintage “Styla” car steering wheel with solid hardwood wheel grip fitted to aluminum spoked mount, 15” diameter. Condition, used, very good.
  75. FORD FACTORY WALL PHONE. Vintage Ford factory or dealership wall mount phone. Receiver marked “Northern Electric Co. 1922, made in Canada”. Condition is excellent, no cord.
  76. MODEL FORD 427 SOHC ENGINE. Factory assembled die-cast 1/6 scale model of FORD 427 SOHC engine, 6” x 5” x 5 ¾”. Very detailed model made by Liberty Classics, labeled on base “Manheim Metro Milwaukee Auto Auction 40 Years of Horsepower”. Condition Excellent.
  77. SASKATCHEWAN MOTOR CLUB LIC. TOPPER. Vintage Saskatchewan Canada Motor Club AAA license plate topper, enameled stamped stainless steel, 3 3/8” x 4 ½”, Condition Excellent.
  78. STAR WEEKLY PORCELAIN SIGN. Vintage 1950’s “Star Weekly 10 Cents For Sale Here” porcelain sign, single sided, in red and white, 8” x 27 5/8” long. Condition is very good, strong colour very minor areas of surface loss as per photos.
  79. TORONTO STAR PORCELAIN SIGN. Vintage 1940’s “Toronto Star Daily-Weekly For Sale Here” porcelain sign/kick plate, single sided in blue and white, 8” x 27 5/8”. Condition is Very Good, vibrant colour with very minor porcelain surface loss, primarily along outer edges as per photos.
  80. STAR WEEKLY PORCELAIN PALM PUSH. Vintage 1950’s “Star Weekly On Sale Here” porcelain palm push, 2 7/8” x 10 7/8”. Condition is very good with minor porcelain surface loss to edges.
  81. VINTAGE DICKINSON’S “PINE TREE” SEEDS SIGN. Exceptional and colourful 1920’s lithographed tin, self framed advertising signs for the Albert Dickinson’s Seed Co. Chicago, U.S.A. Large sign with working farm lithographed landscape, titled “Dickinson’s Pine Tree Seed, 99½% pure”, 13” x 37.5” long. Condition is Very Good, grades 8.5, strong colour, very clean, bend in top left corner of frame, minor surface loss and oxidation in both left corners.
  82. VINTAGE PEPSI-COLA THERMOMETER. Vintage 1960’s Pepsi-Cola lithographed tin thermometer. Labeled “Made in U.S.A. TCA” and “Tru.Temp”, 8.25” wide x 27.12” high. Condition is excellent, near mint, no faults, thermometer works.
  83. VINTAGE CANADIAN COCA-COLA SIGN. Vintage 1967 Canadian made Coca-Cola self framed tin sign, titled “things go better with Coke and Drink Coca-Cola”, 12 ¼” x 37 ½” long. Marked on back “Made In Canada WMS 67-010”. Condition is very good, 2 mounting holes drilled in top corners, 2 small areas of surface oxidation.
  84. VINTAGE “TOYS” SIGN. Vintage lithographed metal “Toys” sign, signed on bottom, “Mummert Sign Co.”, 11.5” diameter. Condition is Good, light staining on lettering, light oxidation at perimeter edges as per photos.
  85. MTF HO NYC 5 CAR PASSENGER SET MIB. MTF HO 5 car Passenger Set, “New York Central (1938) Twentieth Century”, MTF No. 80-60021. Condition MIB, mint in box, unopened.
  86. ATLAS 21ST CENTURY SIGNAL SYSTEM. Atlas 3 rail, “O” gauge Realistic Road Signals, super saver four-pack, Condition is MIB, mint in box, opened, unused.
  87. MTH O SCALE PIONEER ZEPHYR PASSENGER SET. MTH O scale Premier Pioneer Zephyr Diesel Passenger Set, No. 20-2888-1, includes power car 9900, baggage no number, coach no number and observation 9900. Condition, Excellent, used as new, untested, no boxes.
  88. MTH O SCALE SANTA FE 5 CAR PASSENGER SET. MTH O scale “Santa Fe 5-Car 70’ Streamlined Passenger Set – Smooth”. No. 20-65136. Set includes Passenger 2961, Tesque Valley Passenger, 517 Observation Car, George M Pullman and 3713 Baggage Railway Express Agency. Condition as new in box with inserts.
  89. ATLAS O SCALE SANTA FE A UNIT. Atlas O scale Santa Fe 21, No. 1667-2 3 rail A unit SFE #21C, diesel locomotive. Condition, excellent, new in box, untested.
  90. LIONEL O GAUGE CP RAIL BOOM CAR. Lionel CP Rail Command Control Boom Car 6 – 29859, rail car # CP 412567. Condition, NOS, MIB, box opened.
  91. LIONEL O GAUGE CAR LOT (2). Lionel “M & STL ore car” 6-26443, car #6700 and Lionel “Alberta Cylindrical Hopper”, 6-27436. Condition of both NOS, MIB, boxes opened.
  92. LIONEL TRAINS FASTRRACK O GAUGE LOT. Lionel Trains O gauge 3 rail “Fasttrack” lot, includes 22-1/2 degree crossover No. 6 – 12050 and 060 right-hand remote switch No. 6-12058. Condition is mint, MIB, NOS.
  93. LIONEL TRAINS O GAUGE ACCESSORIES LOT. Lionel Trains “O” gauge accessories lot (5) includes – Lionel 1531R controller, infrared sensor, die cast metal, #6-14111, MIB mint in box. Lionel TMCC Direct Lockon, power supply connector #6-34120 MIB mint in box. Lionel Crossing Shanty with lighted interior (2 pieces) #6-14229. Lionel CP Rail Metal Girder Bridge # 6-24285, Condition is Excellent, assembled with original box and packing.
  94. LIONEL TRAINS ELECTRICAL LOT. Lionel Trains power supply and electrical components/accessories lot (5 pcs.), includes – Lionel 1.8-amp transformer # 6-32923 as new with box. Lionel Powerhouse 180, # 6-22983, excellent, used as new, with box. Lionel TMCC OTC Operating Track Controller, #6-14185. Lionel TMCC BPC Block Power Controller, #6-14184, with box excellent.
  95. MODEL CLEARVISION GAS PUMPS (2). Lot of 2 diecast scale model 1920’s style clearvision, 12 Gallon gas pumps, “White Rose” and “Aviation Fuel”, both 21” H. Condition for both excellent.
  96. VINTAGE 1950’s FORD DEALERSHIP SIGN. Vintage Classic Ford 1950-51 hood emblem/badge Dealership Sign. Made of molded resin plastic, original manufacturers label attached “Imperial Industries Inc. Wayne Michigan”, 23” H x 20 ¾” W x 4.5” D. Condition is excellent, clean, bright colours, small crack at bottom as per photos.
  97. 1924 L’ILLUSTRATION l’AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE. Vintage 1924 French automotive magazine, “L’illustration lAutomobile et le Tourisme Octobre 1924 Prix 5 francs”, 71 pages, with tip-ins, advertising and glossy photos. Condition is very good, complete, clean, smoke free, tight binding, minor faults to cover margins.
  98. C. WILLIAMS 1918 TANK BANK.  Vintage A.C. Williams Tank coin still bank, embossed “Tank Bank U.S.A., 1918. Bank modeled after WWI era U.S.A. Military tank. Condition is Excellent, C-8, original paint, clean, moderate surface wear.
  99. VINTAGE TIN SIDEWHEELER TOY BOAT. Circa 1915 lithographed tinplate key-wind sidewheeler boat. Vessel has litho detailed wood deck with life rings, anchors and galley doors with painted hull, paddle wheels and cabin, 6.25” long x 2.75” high. Condition is very good, C-7 plus, clean, straight, crisp litho, original paint, paint loss to hull, as per photos.
  100. MARX TINPLATE “AMOS ‘N’ ANDY TAXI”. Vintage 1930’s lithographed tinplate, windup “Amos ‘N’ Andy” Fresh Air Taxi toy car. Manufactured by the Louis Marx Co. N.Y., 4” W x 5.25” H, x 8” long. Condition is very good C-7 plus, complete, including horseshoe rad decoration, windup working but sticky, bright colours, moderate surface wear and oxidation as per photos.
  101. BURNETT TINPLATE “PARCEL EXPRESS” VAN. Scarce, Circa 1915 lithographed tinplate windup “C” cab delivery van/truck with uniformed driver. This “General Parcels Express” van was manufactured by and is marked “Burnett Limited St. George, Birmingham (England 1914-1939) and BL-2711. Condition is C-6, good color, straight toy, clean, moderate surface wear, wheel hubs worn, rear door missing, as per photos.
  103. LEHMANN EPL 723 “KADI” TIN TOY. Lehmann EPL 723 “Kadi”, lithographed tinplate, toy depicting two Chinese men carrying chest of tea, 6 ¾” long x 5 ½” tall. Condition is very good, C-7, strong colours, moderate wear, tea crate top is loose and applicable tabs are missing, loss of both ponytails, as per photos.
  104. ANTIQUE CAST IRON HORSE & CART. Circa 1900 cast iron horse drawn cart with driver, scarce diminutive size, 2.25” H x 3.87” long. Condition is very good, C-7, original paint, complete, paint loss and wear as per photos.
  105. TINPLATE HORSE DRAWN CABRIOLET TOY. Circa 1915 lithographed tinplate horse drawn cabriolet with driver, detailed with operable hinged passenger doors, 7 ¾” H x 9” L. Condition is very good, C-7 complete, good colour to horse and cab, surface loss and oxidation to doors and driver.
  106. ANTIQUE CAST IRON FIGURAL BANKS (2). Lot consists of 2 antique cast iron figural still banks – “Sailor with Oar” bank, original paint, 5 ¾” H. condition is excellent, C-8 moderate surface wear. Cast iron figural “Clown” bank, original paint, 6” H. Condition is very good C-7, some paint loss and oxidation as per photos.
  107. 1884 “MAMMY & CHILD CAST IRON BANK. Vintage 1884 cast iron “Mammy & Child” figural mechanical bank, made by “Kyser & Rex U.S.A.”. The bank depicts with mechanical action African American Woman feeding Child on her lap, dimensions – 4” w x 4.5” D x 7.25” H. Condition is very good, C-7, original paint, areas of paint loss and oxidation, loss to 1 axis pivot on neck and coin trap, as per photos.
  108. “STEVENS” 1887 CAST IRON ROOF BANK. 1887 Cast iron “Stevens, U.S.A.” Roof Bank. Building form still coin bank with coined corners and mansard roof in bronze finish, 3 ¼” x 3 ¾” x 5 ¼” H. Condition is Excellent, C-8, original paint, light wear, clean, no breaks or cracks.
  109. VINTAGE CAST IRON BANK LOT (4). Lot of 4 Vintage cast iron banks, includes – A.C. Williams U.S. “Large Domed Bank, 1889-1934, 4 ¾”H, Condition is good, no breaks, roof repainted. Cupola building bank, 3 ½” H, Condition, Fair paint loss, loss to base at front. Circa 1913 Rooster Bank, 4 7/8” tall. Condition excellent, C-8, original paint. 1930-36 Hubley “GE” Refrigerator Bank, 3 ¾” H, Condition Very Good, C-7, original paint, no breaks or repairs.
  110. LEHMANN EPL 555 “UHU” CAR TOY. Lehmann EPL 555 UHU tinplate, windup “Amphibian” toy car. Detailed with lithographed applications to painted hull/body and propeller hub caps. Marked with patent dates 1903-1906, 4.75” H and 9.5” L. Modeled after electric car that set land speed record. Condition is Good, C-6, very good paint and lithographs, straight body, missing windscreen and 1 side lamp, as per photos.
  111. ANTIQUE KENTON CAST IRON CIRCUS WAGON. Circa 1910-20 horse-drawn, cast iron “Overland Circus” wagon with driver and Polar bear. Made with drop down tail gate by Kenton (Ohio 1890-1952). Condition is Good, C-6, original painted horses, wagon overpainted, tongue broke, as per photos.
  112. LEHMANN #495 “NAUGHTY BOY” TIN CAR TOY. Lehmann EPL 495 lithographed and hand painted tinplate, clockwork Vis-à-vis, titled “Naughty Boy”. Made in Germany from 1904-1935. Condition is Good, C-6 plus, windup motor working, moderate surface wear, loss to front right wheel as per photos.
  113. VINTAGE TINPLATE STEAM ENGINE TOYS (2). Lot includes circa 1900 windup tin litho engine and tender, 8” long, condition good C-6, front boiler tabs missing. And circa 1900 made in Germany Ges Gesch tin litho #575 steam engine with flywheel drive, condition is good, C-6, good paint, bend in frame.
  114. STEIFF BOXER DOG TOY. Vintage 1950’s Steiff “Boxer” mohair dog toy with glass eyes and original Steiff ear button. Condition is exceptional and excellent, C-8, very clean, smoke free, complete as per photos.
  115. ANTIQUE LARGE SWIRL LATTICINO MARBLE. Large antique German hand made swirl marble with yellow latticino core, 1.980” diameter. Condition is 7.9 Good, 1/8” flake, as per photos.
  116. ANTIQUE LARGE SWIRL LATTICINO MARBLE. Large antique German hand made swirl marble with yellow latticino core, 1.790”, 1 25/32” diameter. Condition is 8.0 near mint, a couple of small hit marks with maker made glass laps as per photos.
  117. ANTIQUE LARGE SWIRL LATTICINO MARBLE. Large antique German hand made swirl marble with white latticino core, 1.775” diameter (1 ¾” diameter) Condition is near mint, 8.0. molding lines/laps, clear.
  118. ANTIQUE LARGE ONION SKIN MARBLE. Large antique German, hand made, paneled onion skin marble, 1.665” diameter (1 5/8” diameter). Condition is near mint, 8.0, light surface wear and hit marks, as per photos.
  119. ANTIQUE LARGE SWIRL LATTICINO MARBLE. Large antique German hand made swirl marble with white latticino core, 1.77 diameter, (1 ¾” diameter). Condition is 8.0-8.3 near mint.
  120. ANTIQUE LARGE ONION SKIN MARBLE. Large German hand made onion skin marble in end of day glass colours, 1.715” diameter, (1 ¾” diameter). Condition is good. 7.5.
  121. ANTIQUE LARGE SWIRL LATTICINO MARBLE. Large antique German hand made swirl marble with solid core, 1.850 diameter, (1 7/8” diameter). Condition is good, 7.5.
  122. ANTIQUE LARGE SWIRL LATTICINO MARBLE. Antique large German hand made swirl marble with yellow latticino core, 1.825” diameter (1 7/8” diameter). Condition is good, 7.8.
  123. 1907 J.E. STEVENS “JEWEL SAFE” BANK. 1907 cast iron “Jewel Safe” figural floor safe still coin bank by J & E Stevens. Detailed with nickel plated surface, hinged caged door and deep relief cast foliated decorative panels, 3 ¾” x 3 ¾” x 5 3/8”. Condition, very good, complete, no breaks or cracks, moderate surface loss and oxidation.
  124. ANTIQUE CAST IRON COIN BANK (LOT of 3). Lot of 3 antique cast iron figural floor safe still banks – “Junior Safe Deposit” coin bank with tumbler, 4”H, complete, no breaks, overpainted, good condition. “Kenton Brand” cast iron bank embossed “Rival Star Bank” with key, 3 ¼”H, nickel plated, excellent condition. “Childrens Safe Deposit” cast with decorative foliate panels and doors, and spooled corner edges, 4 ¼” h, nickel plated, condition is good, no key, surface worn, areas of oxidation as per photos.
  125. ANTIQUE CAST IRON BANKS (LOT of 3). Lot of 3 vintage cast iron banks includes – Cast iron figural elephant still bank, 3 1/8” H, condition is Excellent, C-8, original paint. Cast iron figural elephant still bank, 2 ½”H, condition is very good, C-7, original paint, moderate surface wear as per photos. Cast iron 1920’s mechanical frog bank by Kilgore Mfg. Ohio, U.S.A., 3” tall, Condition is C-6, original paint, original trap, no key, activation lever broke off.
  126. CIRCA 1900 MAGIC LANTERN SLIDES. Circa 1900 “Magic Lantern” slides (46 slides) for the Island of Jamaica, in original travel chest with typed index. Includes images of Canadian ships and Canadian ships being loaded at docks. Condition of slide images are exceptional and clean.
  127. 1920’S TIN LITHO SAND PAIL LOT. Lot includes colourful 1900’s lithographed tinplate Childs sand pail with beach scene vignettes and handle, pail 3 ¾” tall, condition is excellent C-8, strong graphic colours, original, no dents or bends, clean with original handle. And 1900’s Child size lithographed tinplate dustpan with image of Children at the beach, 6 ½” x 7 ½” H. Condition is very good, C.7, strong graphic colours, great litho, pan straight, handle is flattened.
  128. 1929 KING FEATURES “POPEYE DRUMMER” TOY. Scarce, circa 1929 litho paper on wood “Popeye Drummer” pull toy with litho tinplate drum. Marked on pant leg “C King Features Syndicate Inc. U.S.A”. Turned wood wheels and eccentric crank axle providing drumming motion, 9 7/8” H. Condition is exceptional and excellent for age, minor faults as per photos.
  129. VINTAGE “FATHER TUCKS” MECHANICAL ANIMALS. Circa 1900 “Mechanical Animals” Series 3, box with 5 articulated lithographed hard paper animals, Condition of toys and box is very good to excellent, strong colours, complete, minor bends and faults as per photos.
  130. ANTIQUE BURRO PLATFORM PULL TOY. Circa 1900 burro/donkey with saddle platform pull toy, manufactured in Germany with hand painted paper mâché body, wood base, cast iron wheels, leather ears and textile reins. Condition is excellent, C-8, complete, original paint, clean, great colour, great example with very limited surface marks!
  131. ANTIQUE LITHO PAPER WOOD BLOCK SET. Circa 1890 boxed puzzle set of six-sided paper lithographed blocks, complete with all puzzle feature pages, case 11” x 15”. Condition is very good, minor litho losses, complete, as per photos.
  132. ANTIQUE BISQUE GERMAN DOLL. Vintage German doll with bisque socket head marked “Cuno & Dressel” (1873 1942Sonneberg), with composite body, 27” tall. Glass sleepy eyes, eye lashes, open mouth with teeth. Condition is Good, no cracks or repairs to head, complete, tears to dress arms, loss to some finger ends,
  133. VINTAGE NORAH WELLINGS DOLLS (2). Lot of (2) English “Norah Welling” both 9”H dolls with original Wellings labels, including – Royal Canadian Mounted Police with Stetson. Condition is excellent, clean and complete. And Naval Officer/Admiral with bi-corn hat. Condition is excellent, clean and complete
  134. ANTIQUE MINIATURE DOLL LOT. Collection (21 dolls) of miniature porcelain and bisque, dolls. Ranging from 2 3/8” -5” tall, U.S.A. made, and marked Nippon and Germany. Condition ranges from good to excellent, as per photos.
  135. ANTIQUE DOLL LOT (2) Lot of 2 vintage dolls. Scarce vintage Chinese bisque woman character doll with hand painted details and silk clothing, 10 ¼” tall, good condition, glaze loss to nose. Composite baby doll, articulated, marked “Germany” hand painted, 6” tall, Condition is very good, clean face, no breaks.
  136. VINTAGE NURSERY RHYME PICNIC BOXES. (2) Circa 1940’s lithographed tinplate with nursery rhyme graphics, vented, wood lug handles, 10” x 17” x 7” high. Condition is good, strong colour, scratches and surface oxidation as per photos.
  137. VINTAGE WALT DISNEY STACKING BLOCK SET. 1960’s vintage Walt Disney lithographed paper, graduated 10-piece stacking block set, printed with 4 theme sides, ABC, Disney Characters Fire Brigade, numbers and articles, stacks 33” high. Condition is good, complete, wear on corners as per photos.
  138. DECO STYLE WOOD WAGON TOY. 1940’s “Air Flow” style wood toy wagon with wheel skirts, and polychrome surface, 6” wide x 14” long. Condition is good, partial loss to back fin, old repair to handle.
  139. ANTIQUE DOLL LOT (2). Antique doll lot includes German bisque 20” Kestner Doll marked 154 DEP 8. With painted sleepy eyes, painted eyebrows, open mouth. Condition id Good, loss to fingers as per photos. And Circa 1900 composite boy doll, sleepy eyes with molded wavy hair. Condition is fair, crack to head behind ear, as per photos.
  140. ANTIQUE PORCELAIN/CHINA DOLL LOT. Lot of (4) porcelain china head and shoulder dolls. Condition is fair to good, heads are good, losses to hands and feet as per photos.
  141. VINTAGE NORAH WELLING DOLL LOT (2). Norah Wellings Doll lot (2), both 9” tall. Native American Women in decorative tribal costume, with tag, excellent condition. And Halloween Man with tall hat in yellow and orange costume, condition is fair, faults to hat and coat as per photos.
  142. VINTAGE IDEAL “SHIRLEY TEMPLE” DOLL. 1950’s “Shirley Temple” Doll, marked “ST-17-1 on back of head, dressed in original costume, 17” tall. Condition is excellent, as new.
  143. VINTAGE AFRICAN AMERICAN DOLL LOT (5). Lot of (5) vintage African American Black Dolls dating from 1900-1960, cloth and wood bodies, very decorative costumes, 11” -14” tall. Condition is good-excellent as per photos
  144. ANTIQUE AFRICAN AMERICAN DOLL LOT (5). Lot of (5) antique African American Black Dolls dating from 1900-1930’s era, made of porcelain, hard plastic and cloth, 4” -9” tall, marked made in “Germany” and “Rosebud made in England”. Condition is very good to excellent as per photos.
  145. ANTIQUE SKELETON KEYS LOT (30). Circa 1800’s cased lot of 30 vintage skeleton keys, includes glazed, 12” x 12” display cabinet. Condition is excellent.
  146. VINTAGE CHEIN & CO. “CHECKERED CAB”. Vintage “Chein & Co.” lithographed tinplate 1920’s taxi toy, 7 ¾” long, marked “Checker Cab”, heated, lowest rates, 1924 license plate. Condition is Good, C-6, strong colourful graphics, straight body, loss to windup mechanism.
  147. ANTIQUE HORSE COACH TIN TOY. Circa 1900 lithographed tinplate horse drawn coach with hinged doors, 12” long. Condition is Good, C-6, strong colour and graphics, good hinges, light oxidation to wheels and bronze trim, loss of driver, 1 door handle, collapsed front spring mount as per photos.
  148. VINTAGE “BING” MODEL “T” CAR TOY. Vintage 1920’s “Bing” tinplate Model “T” Ford convertible with tin litho driver, marked made in Germany and Bing logo on license plate. Condition is Good, C-6, Very good paint, clockwork working smooth, collapsed front spring support, rear wheel hubs worn.
  149. VINTAGE TOY TIN CAR LOT (2) Lot of 2 vintage 1920’s tinplate clockwork cars, include – Scarce “Greppert & Ketch” tin litho taxi with driver marked “American Yellow Cab Co” and Lenox 530. Condition is Good, C-6, straight body, strong colour and graphics, missing steering wheel, 1 rear fender, and metal tabs missing to driver’s door panel as per photos. And 1920’s windup  tinplate Model “T” Ford cabriolet, steerable, marked “Germany”. Condition is Good, C-6, great paint, straight body, working windup, missing 1rear fender.
  150. VINTAGE TIN WINDUP DUCK LOT (2). Vintage tinplate lithographed clockwork ducks include – 1924 Louis Marx N.Y. windup duck, green foot version. Condition is fair, complete, faded oxidized paint, windup not working. And scarce, 1930’s windup Mallard Duck toy with moving beak, marked “Made in Germany”. Condition is Very Good, C-7 strong colour and graphics, complete, straight body.
  151. VINTAGE TIN CABRIOLET TOY. Scarce, detailed, circa 1900 lithographed tinplate horse drawn cabriolet taxi with pair of horses, driver and 2 passengers, 12” long. Condition is Excellent, C-8, strong colours with detailed graphics, straight body, missing 3 of 4 tin tabs on driver’s seat.
  152. 1880’s SHEEP SQUEAK TOY. Circa 1880’s paper mâché and wood squeak toy, 3” x 3 ¾” tall with bellows base. Condition is Very Good, C-7, original paint, strong colours, minor loss of paint and seam separation as per photos, bellows not working.
  153. ANTIQUE BRONZE BELLS LOT (5). Circa 1800’s collection of 5 bronze bells with cast iron clappers, ranging in size from 2” – 4 ¾” high, some with cast iron mounts, 1 embossed “1878 Saignelegien”. Condition of all 5 is Excellent, no gouges or cracks and complete as per photos.
  154. FRANKLIN MINT DIECAST CAR LOT (3). Lot of 3 highly detailed “Franklin Mint” 1:24 scale diecast metal cars. Includes – 1957 Chevrolet Belair 2 door hard-top, 1956 Ford Thunderbird convertible with hard top roof and 1941 Lincoln Continental convertible. All 3 in near mint condition.
  155. ANTIQUE SCREWDRIVER LOT (9). Antique screwdriver lot all with turned wood handles, with maker marks, “Croyden Sheffield”, “Colone Sheffield”, “Thos. Wale & Son Sheffield” and N.H. Clay, England. Condition of lot is used is good to excellent, as per photos.
  156. ANTIQUE BLOCK PULLEY LOT (2). Antique block pulley lot (2) including wood and forged iron marine/ship block pulley, maker stencilled, “Ricker & Montgomery Rochester N.Y. #65”, 11” tall, condition is excellent. And Circa 1880’s cast iron framed and wood barn loft pulley, 10.5” tall, condition is excellent iron frame, wear and loss to wood pulley.
  157. VINTAGE 1936 MICHIGAN LIC. PLATES. Pair of vintage matching 1936 Michigan license plates. Condition is Good – Very Good, original paint, no dents.
  158. MAISTO DIECAST 1:18 CAR LOT (4). Lot of 4 Maisto Special Edition and Premier 1:18 scale, diecast metal cars in original boxes with inserts, includes – 1950 Ford convertible, Porche Carrera GT Special Edition, 2003 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra and Ford Thunderbird Show Car. Condition of all 4 is factory mint in box.
  159. VINTAGE 1960’S CAR AIR FILTER NOS. Vintage 1960’s air filter in original unopened box with great graphics. Condition is excellent NOS, MIB, strong box graphics.
  160. LEGO TECHNIC #8043 EXCAVATOR TOY. Lego Technic #8043 motorized excavator toy. Condition is used, partially assembled, in original box with #1-3 assembly manuals.