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MARCH 15-21, 2024




TO INCLUDE: Canadian and European Paintings, Gold Jewelry & Coins, Sterling Silver, Chanel Purse, Ceramics, Moorcroft, Engravings, Indigenous Art, Early Maps, Antiquarian Books, 16th -20th C. Furniture, Early Textiles & Rugs, Folk Art, Decorated Stoneware, Inuit Sculpture, Primitives.  

MARCH 15-21 2024


LOT 1     GASTON REBRY signed PAINTING. Gaston Rebry (Canadian 1933-2007) winterscape, signed bottom right, signed on verso, titled “WINTER STUDY”, dated 1989. Oil on canvas. Painting is 18” x 24”, frame is 26” x 32”. Gaston Rebry was a post war contemporary landscape Artist born in Belgium in 1933. He studied at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Menin. Moved to Quebec in 1954 at the age of 19 and studied at Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Montreal. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $800/1200.

LOT 2     LILIANE FOURNIER signed PAINTING. Liliane Fournier (Canadian b. 1942) winterscape signed bottom right, frame artist labeled, titled and signed on verso, dated 1986. Oil on Masonite panel. Painting is 12” x 16”, frame is 19” x 23”. Liliane Fournier was born 1942 in La Broquerie Manitoba, attended Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Montreal in 1961 and studied under Andre Bertounesque and Charles -Harold Boyes. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $200/400.

LOT 3     ALBERT EDWARD CLOUTIER R.C.A. signed PAINTING. Albert Edward Cloutier (Canadian 1902-1965) watercolour on paper winterscape with Quebec village scene, Artist signed bottom right, frame Artist labeled, titled “BACK STREET EARLY SPRING”. Back retains 1957 Hamilton Art Gallery Exhibition label with $200 price. Art is 14” x 24”, frame is 25” x 35”. Albert Cloutier was a Canadian painter commercial Artist born in Leominster Mass. and grew up in Montreal. His style was Expressionist and was greatly influenced by the Group of Seven. He studied under A. Y. Jackson and Edward Holgate and taught art from 1955 until 1965 at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Montreal. He held membership in CSGA, CSPWC, FCA and RCA. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $1000/1600.

LOT 4     MARIE PHILIPS-WEBER signed PAINTING. Exceptional 19th C figural painting signed         M. Weber (German 1845-1942), signed bottom right, image of “GIRL HOLDING BASKET OF FRUIT”.         M. Weber was born in Munich in 1845 and began art exhibits there starting around 1873  . A very talented 19th century artist known for her figural and genre style paintings. Her works are held in many collections including the National Museum in Munich and the record price for her works is $28,300 US. Art is 15.5” x 31” and original frame is 22” x 37”. Condition is Very Good with minor background touch ups. Estimate $2,000/4000.

L0T 5     ALEXANDER FRACOIS LOEMANS PAINTING. Loemans (attributed, Canadian/American 1819-1894) painting of “CANADIAN RIVER LANDSCAPE” with frame labeled “A.F. Loemans”. Oil on board in period gilt frame, art 6” x 10.5”, frame 10” x 15”. Condition of painting and frame is excellent, painting has been cleaned. A.F. Loemans was born in the Netherlands and attended art schools in France. He immigrated to North America early in his career and was influenced by Bierstadt and Church to paint in the Hudson River School style. Most of his painting career were spent in Ontario, Manitoba, New York State and Minnesota. Estimate $200/400

LOT 6     EDWIN CHARLES WILLIAMS signed PAINTING. E.C. Williams (UK 1807-1881) landscape painting with village and stream, initialed ECW bottom right, frame is labeled E.C. Williams. Labeled on verso Ex “J.A. Cooling & Sons Dealers in Works of Art London” (England). Oil paint on wood panel, art 11.5” x 15.5”, frame 17” x 21”. E.C. Williams was a well documented landscape painter in the Victorian era and resided in UK most of his career. Condition is Very Good. Estimate $200/400

LOT 7     GEORGE SANDERS signed PAINTING. George Sanders 2015 signed acrylic painting titled “Two Was a Couple”. Art is 21” x 29”, frame is 30” x 37”. Excellent Condition. Sanders (1934-2005) was a Canadian contemporary modernist artist, was past President of S.C.A., taught interior design at Ryerson University, painted in Canada, USA and Mexico. Estimate $250/500.

LOT 8     HORATIO McCOLLOCH signed PAINTING. Horatio McColloch R.S.A. (UK 1805-1867) signed pastoral landscape in Scottish Highlands with cows. McColloch was trained painted in the style of Alexander Nasmyth and H.V. Wiliams. Oil on board, art 6.5” x 12” in excellent gilt frame 10.5’ x 16.6”. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $400/600.

LOT 9     DOUG TRAFFORD signed PAINTING. Doug Trafford (Canadian 1927-2012) signed marine painting of boat, titled “S.S. Florence Main”, known Port Dover Ontario fishing boat. Oil on board, 24” x 24”. Excellent Condition. Estimate $200-350.

LOT 10  DAVID DRUM signed PAINTING.  David Clayton Drum (b. 1944 Canadian) signed modernist landscape, titled “First Snow”. Oil paint on Masonite, art 18” x 18”, excellent gilt frame 25” x 25”. Condition Excellent.  Drum was born in Moncton New Brunswick, with a fifty-year career of painting in Ontario and New York City. Represented by several gallery’s he presently lives in Crystal beach Ontario.

LOT 11  AUGUSTE TOULMOUCHE attributed PAINTING. Auguste Toulmouche (FR. 1829-1890) attributed painting, circa 1870’s with double portrait of two Parisian Women sitters reading under parasol. Oil on canvas, art 8” x 9”, gilt frame 15” x 16”. Condition VG, no repairs, strong colours, light crackular surface in background. Estimate $400/4000. Auguste Toumouche was well known as a French Artist for his realistic genre paintings of middle-class Parisian Women in domestic luxurious settings.

LOT 12  VALODIS signed PAINTING. Valodis signed landscape painting, oil on Masonite. Fall landscape titled on verso “Thunder Bay Area 1985”.  Image 12” x 16”, frame 19” x 23”. Condition Excellent. Estimate $60/120.

LOT 13  LARGE 19TH C. ENGLISH PORTRAIT. Decorative large mid 19th C portrait of English Gentleman. Pencil signed on verso “Mr. Stewart” ancestor of Mrs. Marshal Fergus Ontario. Oil on canvas, image 25” x 30”, pine frame 35” 45”. Condition is Good, canvas relined, minor crackular surface. Estimate $250/450.

Lot 14   1896 GORDONS AND GREYS PHOTOGRAVURE.  Scarce large black and white 1896 (image 29.5” x 17.5”) “Gordons and Grays to the Front” An Incident at Waterloo photogravure, signed in pencil by Stanley Berkely, author. Published in 1896 by L. Hildesheimer and Co. London & Manchester and printed in Austria. Condition is Fair with professional conservation as per photo document. Estimate $300/600.

LOT 15  PETER KELLY signed PAINTING. Peter Kelly signed painting, titled on verso “Cod Flakes Hibbs Cove Newfoundland”, August 1970. Painted with Modernist image of coastal Newfoundland fishing village, oil on Masonite, 17.5” x 24”. Condition VG. Estimate $60/120.

LOT 16 19TH C. EUROPEAN PORTRAIT. Circa 1860 Portrait of Woman adorned with fruit in oval gilt frame. Unsigned, oil on canvas, 17.5” x 20.5”. Condition is Excellent. Ex Glen Manor Galleries Estimate $600/1200.

LOT 17 GEORGE SANDERS signed PAINTING. George Sanders (Canadian 1934-2005) contemporary modernism painting titled “Lake Erie” Nov 2003. Acrylic on canvas, 20” x 24”. Sanders past President of S.C.A. and taught Interior Design at Ryerson University. Condition Excellent. Estimate $200/400.

LOT 18 ANGELINE PAYNE signed PAINTING. Angeline (Angie, Canadian) Payne signed painting with bathers at base of falls in the style of Paul Cézanne. Titled “Nature Series”, oil on board, 16” x 20”. Condition Excellent. Estimate $100/300.

LOT 19 DATED 1840 FRAKTUR. Germanic Fraktural watercolour sketch dated 1840 twice. Printed font text in low German. Detailed with pinprick figural and borders outlines. Found in Stoney Creek, attributed to Humberstone/ Stevensville or Pennsylvania artist. Condition is Very Good, brilliant colours with light aging. Estimate $200/500

LOT 20 ERNEST HORSWILL signed PAINTING. Ernest Horswill (USA) signed tonal mountain landscape painting. Titled on verso “From Rising Sun Camp”, from Glacier National Park, signed lower right. Ernest Horswill, mid 20th C. contemporary modern artist lived in Seattle Washington and was a known member of the “Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters”. Oil on canvas 24” x 30”. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $200/500.

LOT 21 FIGHTING COCK signed SKETCH. Mid 20th c. watercolour sketch of Fighting Cock detailed with applied game spurs. Titled “Top Weight G.2” and signed D.S.G. Condition is VG, strong colours, light water marks to outer margins. Estimate $100/400.

LOT 22 ANGELINE PAYNE signed PAINTING. Angeline Payne (Angie, Canadian) signed painting of garden scene. Titled “Butchart Gardens” Vancouver Island BC. Oil on canvas, 30” x 40”. Excellent Condition. Estimate $100/300.

LOT 23 B.F. MARTIN signed PAINTING. Bernice Fenwick Martin (Canadian 1902-1999) signed Still Life painting of pail of outpoured vegetables. Oil on board, image 13” x 16”, framed. Condition Excellent. Martin was born in Shelburne Ontario and died in Toronto. She attended O.C.A. and studied under J.W. Beatty, Franklin Carmichael and Peter Clapman Sheppard. Her art concentrated on images of Toronto Harbour, still life, and northern landscapes, works were showcased at the R.C.A. from 1945- 1947. Estimate $800/1000.

LOT 24 CHANDLER signed PASTEL PAINTING. Exceptionally large pastel landscape painting signed William Henry Chandler (b. NY 1854 – 1928) in original mahogany veneer frame. Image detailed with gristmill, mill race and mountain sided lake, measures 18” x 40”. Condition is VG. Estimate $150/300.

LOT 25 GEORGE SANDERS signed PAINTING. George Sanders signed contemporary abstract landscape painting. Titled and signed on verso “Road to Stanley New Mexico” Sept. 2003. Image measures 20” x 24” in gilt frame. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $200/400.

LOT 26 J.B. BURGESS R.A. 1875 LABELED PAINTING. John Bagnold Burgess (BR. 1829-1897) unsigned, attributed portrait of Spanish Woman sitter with gilt frame labeled “Idle Moments by J.B. Burgess, R.A. 1876”. Portrait is oil paint on wood panel and measures 9.75” x 12”. Condition is VG, some spotty areas of heavy varnish, as per photos. Estimate $400/800.

LOT 27 CONTEMPORARY PORTRAIT OF WOMAN. Modern contemporary signed (illegible) portrait of Woman. Oil paint on canvas, canvas measures 22” x 28”. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $75/150.

LOT 28 OTIS TAMASAUSKAS signed LITHOGRAPGH. Otis Tamasauskas (b. 1947 Canadian German) 1988 lithograph, pencil signed and numbered ¾. Titled “Saugeen Forrest Series” with verse in lower left margin. Image measures 27.5” x 32.5”. Condition is Excellent. Ex. Mira Goddard Gallery Toronto, Estimate $200/300.

LOT 29 STEVE SUTCH FOLK ART DRAWING. Signed S.S (Steve Sutch, Cdn. 1907-1992) drawing of imaginary creatures with text, on hard paper. The image is drawn in graphite, crayon and felt tip marker and measures 7.5” x 10.5”. Condition is VG. Estimate. $100/300. Steve Sutch was born in Saskatchewan and moved to Ontario in 1937. Provenance Ex Ralph and Pat Price Collection, Ex Mike Hannigan Collection. Lot is accompanied with 1992 transaction document between Ralph Price and Mike Hannigan.

LOT 30 STEVE SUTCH FOLK ART DRAWING LOT (3). Lot of 3 signed Steve Sutch satirical drawings of caricatures of “Prime Minister Brian and Mila Mulroney”. Each drawn in pencil, crayon and felt tip marker on backside of food packaging boxes. Largest drawing measures 3.75” x 12”. Condition is Excellent, as made. Estimate $100/300. Provenance, Ex Ralph and Pat Price Collection, Ex. Mike Hannigan Collection. Lot (3) is accompanied with 1992 transaction document between Ralph Price and Mike Hannigan.

LOT 31 JOYCE KELLOCK signed PAINTING. Joyce Kellock ’72 (Cdn. 1926- 2017) signed “Nude Study of Woman”. Watercolour, image 9” x 12”. Excellent Condition. Estimate $100/150. Kellock was born in Lachine Quebec and was a member of the “Lakeshore Artists Association in Montreal’s West Island and the Oakville Art Society.

LOT 32 WILLIAM STEWART signed PAINTING. William Stewart (Br. Scottish 1823-1906) signed marine watercolour, frame artist named and titled “Dover”. Image view is the entrance walls to the Port of Dover and measures 10” x 14”. Condition is excellent. Estimate $200/400. William Stewart was the first Headmaster of the Norwich School of Art.

LOT 33  H.K. KANG signed PAINTING. Hyung Kang (Korean b.1954) signed Painting with South West Indigenous historical scene and portrait. Oil paint on canvas, 24” x 36” Good Condition. Kang is known for hyper realistic portraits and American Indigenous paintings. Estimate $200/300.

LOT 34  OSAGE CHIEF LITHOGRAPH. Framed Greenough Lithograph of “Le Soldat Du Chene” an Osage Chief. Original engraved by F. W. Greenough, Phil. 1836. Sight size 11” x 16”, excellent frame 18” x 23”. Excellent condition, strong colours. Estimate $100/150.

LOT #35 CREEK CHIEF LITHOGRAPH. Lithograph portrait of “Se-Loc-Ta” A Creek Chief. Original printing by F.W. Greenough Co. Phil. 1836. Sight size 12” x18”, excellent frame 20” x 25”. Excellent condition, strong colours. Estimate $100/150.

LOT #36 INDIGENOUS PORTRAIT LITHOGRAPH.  Lithograph portrait of “Stum-Ma-Nu”, A Flat-Head Boy. Original printing by F.W. Greenough Co. Phil. 1836. Sight size 11” x 16”, excellent frame 18” x 23”. Excellent Condition, strong colour. Estimate $100/150.

LOT #37 DAVID LOUIS SALISH CARVING. Northwest Coast David Louis (1969 b. Squamish/Musqueam) pencil signed cedar wall plaque. Cedar plank with carved and polychrome detailed eagle and salmon. Signed on back “Salmon / Eagle Coastal Salish (Territory). Dimensions ¾” x 7” x 35”. Excellent condition. Estimate $100/200.

LOT #38 ANTIQUE CHIEF PORTRAIT. Circa 1910 Indigenous Chief portrait with Plains style war bonnet. Oil paint on birch bark in original period frame. Image 5” x 6.5”, excellent frame 9.5” x 11.5”. Excellent Condition. Estimate $100/150.

LOT #39 JAY CONTWAY signed BRONZE SCULPTURE. Jay Contway (Jay Joseph Contway 1935-2019, American) signed cast Bronze Bust Sculpture of Indigenous Man with flowing eagle feathers. Titled “Singing with Old Man” 1989, numbered 6/10. Detailed with excellent patination, standing 9.5” tall, and mounted on wood base. Contway was world famous for his depictions of the daily life of the American West, Cowboy and Indigenous themed bronze. This bust is part of the Artists twenty-seven (27) year series of busts named “A Face in the Crowd”. This Indigenous “Face” is that of Winston Wadsworth Jr., Indigenous named “Litstaasski” (Blood / Tsuut’ina Tribes). Condition is Excellent. Estimate $1,000/1500.

LOT #40 GLEN HARRIS signed GITKSAN MASK. Large, bold Gitksan (Gitxsan) Hawkman First Nation mask carved and signed by Glen Harris. Carved of red cedar, detailed with acrylic paint, cedar bark hair and oiled finish. Measures 14” high (not including hair), 9.25” wide and 6.5” deep. Signed and titled on reverse. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $400/600.

LOT #41 GULBRANDSEN signed TSIMSHIAN MASK. Exceptional Tsimshian First Nation “Komokwo” (Chief of The Sea) Mask by Tony Gulbrandsen (b. 1962 Fort Simpson). Large oversize mask, deeply relief carved in red cedar, detailed with vibrant polychrome acrylic paint decoration, hemp rope and cedar bark hair. Signed on reverse and dated 1986. Mask measures 11” wide, 15.75” high (not including hair) and 7” deep. Gulbrandsen trained under master First Nation carver Randy Stiglitz. Gulbrandsen’s art can be found in the best Galleries in BC and at home in many private and institutional collections. Condition is excellent. Estimate $

LOT #42 VINTAGE signed NOOTKA BUKWUS MASK.  Circa 1960’s Nootka (Nuu-chau-nulth) “Bukwus” Mask carved and signed by First Nations carver Kelly Peters.  This Bukwus or “Wild Man” style mask is large and carved of red cedar, detailed with cedar bark, feathers and painted features. Mask measures 12.75” x 13” x 6.5” deep. Condition is VG. Estimate $

LOT #43 KEN McNEIL sgd. INDIGENOUS PORTRAIT MASK. North West Coast First Nation portrait mask initialed KM (Ken McNiel Tahitan /Tlingit) on reverse. Carved of alder, detailed with cedar rope hair, leather, polychrome paint and oiled surface. Measures 6.75” wide, 9” high and 4 .75” deep. Condition is VG, age crack running from right eye to top of mask. McNeil apprenticed with his famous carver Uncle, Dempsey Bob. Estimate $

LOT #44 NORTHWEST COAST PORTRAIT MASK. Circa 1950’s First Nation Northwest Coast carved portrait mask. Yellow cedar mask detailed with ochre washed face and age attained air burned back. The mask is inscribed and measures 10” x 11” x 5” deep. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $

LOT # 45 ANTIQUE 18K GOLD WOVEN BRACELET. 14K woven and braided yellow gold bracelet Estate bracelet engraved Dec. 25, 1911. Bracelet measures .5” wide 7.5” long. Total weight 25.5 grams. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $1,000/2000

Lot #46 18K-1CT DIAMOND LADIES RING. Beautiful 18K white gold Ladies Ring set with 1.04 CT SI 2 Princess cut diamond and 84 bead set brilliant cut diamonds. Total diamond weight 1.40 ct. Total ring weight 3.70 grams. Ring comes complete with appraisal for $17.500.00. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $3,500/4500.

Lot #47 14K GOLD DAIMOND SAPPHIRE LADIES RING. 14k yellow and white gold (tested) Ladies Ring. The ring is set with one (1) emerald cut .80 carat blue sapphire and 46 round brilliant cut diamonds, pave set, with a total of .92 carat. Size – 10 ¼.  Ring is accompanied with recent appraisal for $3,900.00. Condition is excellent. Estimate $1,000/1,500.

LOT #48 14K GOLD LADIES DIAMOND RING. 14K White Gold Ladies Ring set with (9) round brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of .27 carat.  There are also 22 baguette cut diamonds, channel set with a total weight of0.77 carat. The total diamond weight is 1.04 carats. Ring stamped 585 NYJ. Size. Ring is accompanied with recent appraisal with a value of $3,300.00 Cdn. Condition is VG. Estimate $800/1600.

LOT #49 LADIES PLATINUM & DIAMOND RING. Platinum (tested and marked) band style Ladies Ring in a cross over design, weighing a total of 10.1 grams. Ring contains seventeen (17) round brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of .35 carats. Size. Ring is accompanied with recent appraisal with replacement value of $2,900.00. Condition is VG. Estimate $600/1200.

LOT #50 VINTAGE 14K YELLOW GOLD BROOCH. Vintage 14K yellow gold (stamped) brooch set with turquoise. Measures 1” x 2” with a total weight 9.9 grams. Excellent condition. Estimate $150/350.

LOT #51 VINTAGE 9K GOLD CUFF LINKS. Pair of Vintage 9K English Art Deco Cufflinks in sunburst design. Total weight of pair 4.3grams. Condition excellent. Estimate $

LOT #52 HISTORIC MASONIC 33RD GOLD RING. 19th C. Gold 33rd Degree Masonic ring engraved to George Barker (1844 -1894 Canadian/American). Detailed with Masonic symbolism, enamel work and engraved to “George Barker S.P.R.S. 32”. VG condition, some loss to enamel details.  Weight 12.2 grams. Barker was an 1866 P.A.A. gold medal award winning, internationally known landscape photographer that ran a photography studio and stereo view factory in Niagara Falls New York. Barker’s famous photo works are of Niagara Falls, The Royal Family and 1876 Philadelphia Exposition and are held in international museums and collections.

LOT #53 ANTIQUE 14K CAMEO BROOCH. Antique 14K Yellow Gold framed cameo brooch/pendant carved of shell and detailed with pearls. Brooch measures 1.25” x 1.75” with total weight of 12.6 grams. Condition is VG, slight bend to frame. Estimate $150/300

LOT #54 VINTAGE LARTER PLATINUM CUFFLINKS. Vintage 1920’s Larter & Co 14K platinum cufflinks with mother of pearl inserts. Excellent condition. Total weight of pair 5.1 grams. Estimate $100/200

LOT #55 VINTAGE 14K GOLD BAR PIN. Vintage white and yellow 14K Gold bar pin set with black onyx and pearl. Condition is Excellent. Total weight 2grams. Estimate $60/100.

Lot #56 CANADIAN 1991 PROOF $100 GOLD COIN. Cased Canadian Mint $100 Gold Proof Coin. Contains ¼ Troy Ounce of pure gold, weighs 13.338 grams. Excellent condition. Estimate $500/600.

LOT #57 1957 GOLD SOVEREIGN PENDENT. British 1957 gold cased in pendent frame. Total weight 10.3 grams. Excellent condition. Estimate $300/600

LOT # 58 1966 GOLD SOVEREIGHN COIN. British 1966 Gold Bullion Sovereign Coin. Struck in 22 carat fine gold. Weighs 8 grams. Condition is VG. Estimate $300/600.

LOT #59 1909 U.S.A. $5 GOLD COIN. 1909 USA Half Eagle $5 Gold Coin. Condition – circulated. Weight 8.4 grams. Estimate $500/800.

LOT # 60 1912 CANADA $5 GOLD COIN. Canadian 1912 $5 Dollar Gold Coin made into pendent, Total weight 8.5 grams. Condition VG. Estimate $400/500.

LOT #61 1863 BRITISH HALF SOVEREIGN PENDENT. British 1863 half (1/2) Sovereign Gold Coin made into pendent. Condition – circulated, mounted, marked. Weight 4 grams. Estimate 200/250.

LOT #62 1856 USA $2 ½ GOLD COIN. 1856 USA $2 ½ Dollar Gold Coin. Total weight 4.2 grams. Condition is VG, circulated, scar from removed pendent bracket. Estimate $200/400

LOT #63 ANTONIO PINEDA STERLING SILVER BRACELET. Mid Century Antonio Pineda (Taxco Mexico 1919-2009) Sterling Silver and Amethyst Bracelet in extremely rare design. Designed with 8 hefty silver links, each 1.5” wide, set with large teardrop amethyst. The bracelet has an invisible push clasp and original safety chains. The inside circumference is 7 ¼”. The bracelet has a substantial weight of 110.8 grams. The bracelet is accompanied with its original “Heather & Sons Mexico, DF” purchase box. Antonio Pineda was world renowned and preeminent Modernist Mexican silversmith, based in Taxco Mexico. The record price for this bracelet is $2,800. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $1000/1500.

LOT #64 GORHAM STERLING FLATWARE SET. Circa 1900 Gorham Sterling Silver (62-piece) Set in “Buttercup” pattern. There set includes eight settings of (4) four, plus. Includes 8 dinner forks, 8 salad forks, 20 teaspoons, 8 knives, 6 iced tea spoons and 11 various serving pieces. Total weight of 53 flatware pieces, 64.31 OZT, this does not include the 9 hollow handle sterling pieces. Condition is VG. Estimate $1,000/1,500.

LOT #65 ANTIQUE 10k GOLD EARRINGS.  Antique 10K marked Yellow Gold Pendent Earrings with screw backs. Set with amethyst and pearl drops. Condition VG. Total weight of pair 4.2 grams. Estimate $80/140.

LOT #66 VINTAGE 14K GOLD CROSS. Vintage 14K (marked) gold cross set with 16 cultured pearls. Measures 1 1/8” x 1 ¾”. Total weight 3.5 grams. Estimate $150/250

LOT #67 ANTIQUE CAMEO BROOCH. Beautiful and large 19th century shell carved cameo brooch in gold filled frame. Measures 2 1/8” x 2 ¾”. Excellent Condition. Estimate $150/300.

LOT #68 VICTORIAN ENAMELED MOURNING BROOCH. Antique early Victorian Mourning Brooch with gold filled and enamel frame casing braided hair art. Measures 1 ¼” x 1 5/8”. Condition is VG. Estimate $150/250.

LOT #69 ANTIQUE STERLING SUGAR BOWL. Circa 1865 Hall Marked English marked Sterling Silver footed sugar bowl in cobalt basket form with presentation engraving to “Rev. A.D. Thompson Sigglesthorne Yorkshire 1865”. Silver bowl measures 4 5/8” diameter x 3 ½” high. Silver frame weight 216 grams (cobalt liner removed. Excellent Condition. Estimate $100/160.

LOT #70 VINTAGE BIRKS STERLING RING BOX. Vintage 1930’s Birks Sterling (marked) Ring Box in octagonal form. Interior has embossed Birks logo in gold wash and clean textile liner. Measures 1.5” x 1.75” x 1.12” tall. Condition is VG, good hinge, small bump to top right corner. Estimate $150/200.

LOT #71 VINTAGE STERLING DRESSER BOX.  Sterling Silver Presentation Dresser Box (marked) with cedar lining. Presented to recipient “Winnipeg Silver Fox Co. Ltd” in 1927 for best silver fox pelt at Manitoba branch C.N.S.F.B.A. awards. Measures 3 ¼” x 5 ½” x 2 3/8” high. Condition is Excellent. Total weight 19.64 ozt. Estimate $150/250.

LOT #72 10-14K GOLD JEWELRY SUITE. Contemporary Yellow Gold Necklace, Pendant and Earrings set with green stone. 14K (marked) earrings and pendant total weight 2.1 grams and 10K fine gold 15” chain 1.2 grams. Total weight of all 3.3 grams. Excellent condition. Estimate $100/150.

LOT #73 VINTAGE BIRKS REGENCY RING BOXES (3). Lot of three (3) Vintage Birks Regency Plate Ring Boxes. All round and stamped on base “Birks Regency Plate Canada” with Birks logo stamped on top. All in VG condition with good hinges, as per photos. Estimate $200/250.

LOT #74 1986 USA AMERICAN EAGLE SILVER DOLLAR LOT (2). Lot of two (2) American Eagle one (1) ounce proof silver 1 Dollar bullion coins. Both encapsulated and in original cases. Condition is Proof. Estimate $150/250.

LOT #75 STERLING CORINTHIAN COLUMN CANDLE STICKS. Large pair of English Sterling (hall marked) candle sticks in detailed Corinthian column form, with cast beaded rings and stepped plynths. Hallmarked London 1916 and weighted, Condition is Good, knocks to bases, areas of wear, as per photos. Dimensions 4.62” x 4.62” x 11.5” tall. Estimate $250/400.

LOT # 76 SCARCE GENERAL BROCK MEDALION. Scarce “General Issac Brock” One Hundredth Anniversary copper struck Medalion in original presentation box. Presented as 2 1/8” diameter coin mounted in 3 ½” x 5 ½” Queenston blue dolomite slab base. Produced by Canada Crushed Stone Corporation Ltd. (Hamilton Canada). Condition, medallion is excellent, base repair as per photos. Estimate $100/500.


LOT #78 STERLING CELTIC QUAICH BOWL. Sterling Silver (marked .925) raised Celtic Quaich tasting Bowl with cast Celtic designs. Measures 3” diameter x 4.87” across handles. Weight 3.19 OZT / 99.3 grams. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $50/100.

LOT #79 BIRKS STERLING RING BOX. Vintage Silver Ring Box, marked “Birks Sterling” on Base. Measures 2” in diameter with exceptional clean interior. Excellent condition. Estimate $100/150.

LOT #80 10K GOLD RING. Estate 10K Gold Ring dated on sides 1929. Condition is VG. Weight 6 grams. Estimate $100/150.

LOT #81 BAKELITE FIGURAL ANKA BROOCH. Exceptional, one of a kind ANKA tagged, Bakelite brooch in dangling figure 10 great colours design. Great Condition. $150/300.

LOT #82 ANTIQUE UKRAINE RED CORRAL NECKLACE. Circa 1875 -1900 Ukrainian Coral Necklace. Three (3) strands of natural undyed red/orange coral beads 60” long. Longest strand 21”. Total weight 69.3 grams. Excellent Condition. $400/800.

LOT #83 ANTIQUE SHELL CAMEO BROOCH. Antique Shell Cameo Brooch in fitted brass frame. Carved scene depicts “Hebe” feeding the eagle of Zeus, the Goddess of youth. Measures 1 5/8” x 2 1/8”. Condition VG. Estimate $100/150.

LOT #84 STERLING SILVER LOT (13 PCS). Lot of thirteen (13) silver pieces all marked sterling includes – Birks 9” diameter pierced cake plate, silver cream pitcher, 5 International salt shakers and 6 “L” Bros, silver Salt shakers. Total weight of 13 Pieces 17.16 OZT. Estimate $250/350.

LOT #85 1986 USA AMERICAN EAGLE SILVER DOLLAR LOT (2). Lot of two (2) American Eagle one Ounce proof silver Dollar bullion coins. Both encapsulated with original cased boxes. Proof Condition. Estimate $150/250.

LOT #86 MOORCROFT POMEGRANATE VASE. Circa 1920’s Moorcroft pomegranate vase, 7” tall. Excellent Condition, no repairs, as per photos. Estimate $300/500.

LOT #87 MOORCROFT POMEGRANATE VASE. Circa 1920’s Moorcroft pomegranate vase,6” tall. Excellent Condition, no repairs, as per photos. Estimate $300/500.

LOT #88 MOORCROFT POMEGRANATE VASE. Circa 1920’s Moorcroft pomegranate vase, 5” tall. Excellent Condition, no repairs, as per photos. Estimate $300/500.

LOT #89 ROSENTHAL TAC GROPIUS TEA SERVICE. Modernist, Bauhaus style 1969 Rosenthal TAC 2.0 Stripes (21) twenty-one-piece porcelain Tea Set designed by Walter Gropius. $250/500.

LOT #90 GUSTAVBERG LINDBERG COFFEE SET. Mid century, 1950’s Swedish Gustavberg “Florette” pattern Coffee Set (15 pieces), designed by Stig Lindberg. Excellent Condition. Estimate $100/300.

LOT #91 ROSENTHAL/WIINBLAD CANDLE HOLDERS. Pair of Rosenthal porcelain candle holders in oval form with cobalt blue bird decoration, designed by Bjorn Wiinblad. 5 ¼” tall. Excellent Condition. Estimate $60/120

LOT #94 TESSA KIDICK signed POTTERY OWL. Tessa Kidick (Que b. 1915, Toronto 2002) studio pottery Owl, signed on base “Kidick”, 5” tall.  Tessa Kidick was one of Canada’s premier ceramists, a college ceramics teacher and hired in 1962 by the Ontario Arts Council to teach and reintroduce Pottery Making to 6 Nations Members. She lived for almost 40 years in Jordan Ontario where she ran her studio “Emporium Pottery”. Excellent Condition. Estimate $200/400.

LOT #95 MOORCROFT WISTERIA VASE. Circa 1920’s Wisteria pattern Moorcroft Vase, 7.5” tall. Excellent Condition. Estimate $300/450

LOT #96 MOORCROFT POMEGRANATE LAMP BASE.  Circa 1920’s Moorcroft pomegranate candle stick lamp base (NOS). Stands 10” tall with 4 7/8” diameter base. A rare dual-purpose Moorcroft piece with a threaded socket, but never drilled through. Condition Excellent. Estimate $250/500.

LOT #97 SANTO MIGNOSA signed VASE. Scarce, early 1961 signed studio vase by post war artist Santo Mignosa (1934-2022 Canadian Italian) modernist clay sculptor and potter. The vase is 5” tall with great glaze and signed and dated on base. Mignosa’s career spanned 7 decades. He taught at UBC, University of Calgary and Kootenay School of Art. He was born in Siracusa Italy and attended the Institute of Art in Florence. His works are held in several collections including University of Calgary, Pall Mall of Canada, Art Centrum Prague and the Memphis School of Art. Excellent Condition. Estimate $200/400.

LOT #98 MOORCROFT WISTERIA PLUM VASE.  Circa 1920’s Moorcroft wisteria/plum decorated Vase, standing 6 1/8” tall. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $300/450.

LOT #99 JOZEF REIBESTEIJN CERAMIC SCULPTURE. Ceramic sculpture of Seals on marble slab ice flow base, signed and titled “Jozef 1988” and “The Family Seal”. Measures 7.5” x 16” x 5.5” tall. Condition VG. Estimate $100-200.

LOT #100 PAIR OF MOORCROFT CANDLE STICKS. Pair of 1950’s Moorcroft candlesticks in leaf and berry design on blue ground. Signed on base “William Moorcroft, Potter to HM the Queen. Measure 4” diameter and 3 ¼” tall. Excellent condition. Estimate $100/150.

LOT #101 ROSENTHAL STUDIOLINE by WIINBLAD VASE.  Mid century Bjorn Wiinblad designed porcelain Vase for Rosenthal Studio Line. Detailed with modernist woman figure and floral cobalt blue design. Vase measures 9” tall and 2.5” diameter. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $100/150.

LOT #102 MOORCROFT NATURECRAFT VASE. Moorcroft Naturecraft (1935-1939) vase in organic form with tooled horizontal ribs with shades of blue glaze. Vase measures 3 ¼” x 5 ½” x 7.25” tall. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $150/250.

LOT #103 ROSENTHAL COFFEE SET by BJORN WIINBLAD. 1970’s Rosenthal Studio Line, 19-piece R1641 Coffee/Cocoa Set, designed by Bjorn Wiinblad in “White and Gold Flowers” pattern. Excellent Condition. Estimate $100/300.

LOT #104 MOORCROFT PLUM WISTERIA VASE. Moorcroft Vase in plum wisteria pattern, 6” tall. Excellent condition. Estimate $100/200

LOT #105 ROSENTHAL VASES by BJORN WIINBLAD. Pair of mid-century Rosenthal Studio Line oval vases designed by Bjorn Wiinblad with cobalt blue bird decoration. Measure 3” x 6” x 5” tall. Excellent condition. Estimate $50/150.

LOT #106 HOLMEGAARD BOWL by PER LUTKEN.  Per Lutken 1955 designed blue sapphire Bowl for Holmegaard. Large fruit/table bowl measures 16” diameter and 6” deep. Etch signed on base and numbered 17794. Excellent Condition Estimate $250/450.

LOT #107 R. MELS ABSTRACT ETCHING. Rene Mels (1909-1977, Belgian, pseudonym for Rene Meulemans) signed, limited edition abstract etching in four colours. Titled “Vaisseau Spatial”, numbered 34/60. Mels was an accomplished painter, engraver and sculptor. Excellent condition. Estimate 150/300.

LOT #108 FRANKLIN PORTER sgd. SILVER SPOON. Scarce Modernist hand hammered silver iced tea spoon by Franklin Porter (American 1869-1935) with pierced details. Measures 13.5” long and weighs 86 grams. Porter attended Rhode Island School of Design and ran his shop in Danvers Mass. Excellent condition. Estimate $150/300.

LOT #109 STUDIO GLASS FIGURAL DIVER. Studio art glass figure of the head of diver with goggles resting on frosted and etched irregular shaped saucer. Head measures 5” x 6” and the base is 11” long. Base etched deep reads “Transparent as Close to The Sea as I’ve Been”. Signed Holly Jack. Condition is Good. Estimate $100/200.

LOT #110 MOORCROFT SHALLOW DISH. Moorcroft shallow dish/bowl in “Leaf and Berry” decoration, 7 3/8” diameter. Excellent condition. Estimate $80/160.

LOT #111 INUIT STONE CUT by IRENE AVAALAQIAQ. Stone cut Inuit print by Irene Avaalaqiaq (b. 1941 Bakers Lake Nunavut) titled “Dancers with Shadows”, numbered 26/31, dated 1978. Image size 23” x 28”, excellent wood frame 30” x 35”. Excellent Condition. Estimate $300/500.

LOT #112 JAMES HOUSTON sgd. INUIT WATERCOLOUR. James Archibald Houston OC, FRSA, (b. 1921-2005 USA/Canada) signed 1970’s watercolour on paper of Inuit hunter. Titled “Hunter” at Ikeraksak Baffin Island. Sight size 8” x 10”, frame 16” x 17”. Houston was instrumental and played an important part in the recognition of Inuit art through his film documentaries. Condition is VG. Estimate $150/300.

LOT #113 INUIT STONECUT by MAMNGUQSUALUK.  Baker Lake Inuit Stone Cut numbered 17/50 print signed Mamnguqsualuk (Victoria, 1930-1991) and in Inuit syllabics. Titled, “On An Ordinary Day”, dated 1972. Print measures 25” x 37”, frame 29” x 40”.  Victoria Mamnguqsualuk was one of the best-known Inuit Artists of her generation. She moved to Baker Lake in 1963 and is the daughter of Jessie Oonark and part of a very artistic Family. Her works were selected and included in the first (1970) Baker Lake Print Collection. Her works are held in, National Gallery of Canada, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Glenbow Museum, Canadian Museum of History and private collections. Excellent condition.  Estimate $400/600.

LOT #114 MOORCROFT FLAMBE ORCHID VASE. Fabulous Moorcroft flambe orchid mini vase with great colours, 3.5” H. Excellent condition Estimate $150/300.

LOT #115 KJELL ENGMAN BOWL for KOSTA BODA. Large colourful 20th century Swedish bowl, signed Kjell Engman for Kosta Boda. Model 79650, 12.75” diameter. Excellent condition. Estimate $50/100.

LOT #116 MID CENTURY HOLMEGAARD GULVVASE. Circa 1960’s vintage Gulvvase designed by Otto Brauer for Holmegaard Denmark. Opaque blue vase stands 15” high (Without topper) and is 4 ¼” in diameter. Opaque white ball topper is 4 1/4” diameter. Excellent condition. Estimate $60/120.

LOT #117 VINTAGE MOSER WINE GLASSES (3). Lot of three (3) vintage Moser wine glasses. Colour cut to clear with encrusted gilt design, 7” tall. One (1) labeled “Moser made in Czechoslovakia” and two (2) labeled “Moser Czech Republic”. All in Excellent condition. Estimate $150/300.

LOT #118 MOORCROFT LEAF & BERRY DISH. Vintage Moorcroft dish/bowl in leaf and berry pattern, 7 ¼” diameter, 1 ¼” deep. Excellent condition. Estimate $80/160.

LOT #119 KEN ANGER MALLARD DRAKE DECOY. Fabulous example of Ken Anger carved (1905-1961 Dunnville ON) 1950’s mallard drake duck decoy, detailed with hollow body, glass eyes, slightly turned head, original paint and never rigged. Measures 16 ¼” long, 6 ¾” wide and 5 ½” high. Near Mint Condition. Estimate $600/1200.

LOT #120 KEN ANGER MALLARD HEN DECOY. Exemplary example of Ken Anger (1905-1961 Dunnville ON) carved 1950’s mallard hen duck decoy, detailed with hollow body, glass eyes, slightly turned head, original paint and never rigged. Measures 16 ¼” long, 6 ¾” wide and 5 ½” high.  Near Mint Condition. Estimate $600/1200.

LOT #121 WOOD DUCK DRAKE by MICHAEL MISINCHUK. Exceptional Wood Duck drake with great colour, rasped and carved details. Signed and dated by carver on bottom, Michael Misinchuk, Orillia, 1978. Weights have been removed. Excellent Condition. Estimate $250/500.

LOT #122 EARLY CANADA GOOSE DECOY. Circa 1900 Canada Goose Decoy with folky qualities in unaltered paint history. Solid block carved, heavy rasp marks, inset iron weight and a diminutive scale. Measures 17.5” long, 7.5” wide and 8.5” tall. Condition is Good, as found, original paint history, old repairs. Estimate 150/250.

LOT #123 UNIQUE FIGURAL CANADA GOOSE CALL. Rare, antique, vintage, custom one of a kind folky goose call. Full figure carved to emulate the head of a Canada Goose, detailed with glass eyes and polychrome paint. One piece 8” long. Condition is Excellent, used, some paint wear, unsigned or marked, and working. Estimate $400/800.

LOT #124 VINTAGE BIRD CALL LOT (2). Bird Call lot (2) includes vintage Mallardtone, Moline IL, carved walnut goose call 4.5” long with “Big Daddy” Braiding Custom 523 paracord lanyard, Excellent Condition. Also antique horn and ebony tongue pincher duck call. Condition is Fair, working, wear with minor faults as per photos. Estimate $40/80.

LOT #125 ANTIQUE WHISLER DUCK DECOY. Early 20th century Whistler duck decoy. Decoy retains original paint, tack eyes, inset lead weights, diminutive scale, square neck inset and 12.5” long. Condition is Good, original paint, paint wear, shot over, tail feather faults as per photos. Estimate $50/150.

LOT #126 VINTAGE BLACK DUCK DECOY. Vintage hollow carved, high back Black Duck decoy with scratch feathering, GLASS EYES signed on base E.W. Webber 1961. Measures 16.5” long. Condition is Good, original paint history, lamination separation back left. Estimate $50/100.

LOT #127 VINTAGE BLUEBILL DUCK DECOY. Circa 1940’s Bluebill duck decoy in original paint with tack eyes. Carved in the style of Dunnville school of carvers, 13” long. Condition is Good, original paint, light wear, no repairs. Estimate $80/160.

LOT #128 VINTAGE BLUEBILL DUCK DECOY. Circa 1940’s Bluebill duck decoy in original paint with tack eyes. Carved in the style of Dunnville school of carvers, 13” long. Condition is Good, original paint, paint wear, no repairs. Estimate $80/160.

LOT #129 ANTIQUE SHERATON style BUTLERS CHEST. Antique circa 1830-1840 American Sheraton style Gentlemen’s Chest with mahogany case and tiger maple drawer fronts. Detailed façade with 2/3 cock beaded drawer arrangement with applied rope twist pillars terminating to gadrooned style paw feet. Upper large drawer is drop fronted to conceal fitted interior desk with 5 birds-eye maple drawers. Chest dimensions – 45.5” W x 23.5” D x 44” H. Condition is VG, old refinish. Estimate $800/1200.

LOT #130 ANTIQUE PAIR REGENCY ARM CHAIRS. Circa 1830’s pair of exceptional antique Regency style Mahogany Armchairs. Detailed with front fluted legs and frames with arms that terminate with capitals. Excellent condition, refinished, tight frames, clean newer textile. Estimate $200/400.

LOT #131 ANTIQUE PINE STEPBACK CUPBOARD. Circa 1830’s diminutive pine step-back, one-piece Dish Cupboard. Exceptional façade detailed with astragal glazed upper doors, Adam style paneled lower doors and applied turned pillars. Dimensions 45.5” W x 17.5” D x 74” H. Condition is VG, old refinish, original back boards, wear and minor faults that commensurate with age. Estimate $400/800.

LOT #132 VINTAGE OAK BARRISTER BOOKCASE. Circa 1930’s quarter-sawn oak stacking Barrister bookcase. Three (3) sections tall, detailed with cut-out foot/base, case locks, original finish and hardware. Dimensions 34” W x 44” H x 10” D. Condition is Excellent, fine original finish, as per photos. Estimate $300/500.



LOT #135 VINTAGE INDIGENOUS WHALE CARVINGS (2). Lot of two (2) circa 1940’s West Coast Indigenous polychrome killer whale carvings. The larger whale carving detailed with applied fins, Indigenous symbolism and signed on top of mounting base “The Killer Whale” and “Marh-En-Urh”. Dimensions 6 ¼” W X 11 ½” L x 6 ¾” H. The smaller whale carving is detailed with applied thunderbird with spread wings both polychrome decorated in indigenous symbolism. Dimensions 6 ½” L x 6” W x 6” H. Condition is VG, original paint, light wear, as per photos. Estimate $60/120.

LOT #136 WILLIS PAUL FOLK CARVING. Folky 1970’s pine carving of 3 male figures with dog enjoying a friendly game of checkers. Stamp signed on base “Willis Paul Chesterville Ontario”. Dimensions 7” x 8.5” x 8.75” H. Willis Paul was a known sculptor and folk-art carver from Chesterville Ontario. Excellent Condition. Estimate $100/300.

LOT #137 ANTIQUE BED COVER. Fabulous late 19th century bed cover with woven wool backing and decorated with bold tufted cotton organic floral application. Dimensions 70” x 81” (Price Collection/photo from Century Home Magazine) Excellent condition, strong colour, very good border edges. Estimate $300/600.

LOT #138 ANTIQUE LOG CABIN QUILT. Late 19th century Ontario barn raising quilt in light colour cottons/ginghams and dark colour silk/wools with a bold cotton floral backing.  Dimensions 63” x 77”. Condition is VG, strong colours, good border edges, very minor areas of wear. Estimate $300/500.

LOT #139 ANTIQUE HISTORIC QUILT. Late 19th century applique quilt in a historic theme, descending through Family of famous Canadian/American “Landscape Photographer” George Barker. This quilt was wrought by George Barker’s wife Georgia, who integrated a silk “1876 Philadelphia International Exposition” scarf and “41 souvenir flags” to her unique composition. Note – George Barker was licensed to photograph the 1876 Philadelphia Exposition. Quilt Dimensions 60” x 81”. Condition is VG, no faults to central scarf or flags, wear faults to a couple dark brown squares as per photos. Estimate $400/600.

LOT #140 EARLY ALPHABET SAMPLER.  Dated 1824 alphabet Family sampler in original frame. Sampler measures 12” x 16”, veneered figured mahogany frame 18” x 22”. Sampler is in Fair condition with loss to central embroidered wool font, some veneer loss to frame. Estimate $60/120.

LOT #141 ANTIQUE HORSE WEATHER VANE Circa 1890’s horse weather vane, constructed of sheet and strap iron by rivet and fire welding. Horse vane is detailed with pierced eye, original paint measures 28” tall and 42” long. Condition is fair, original paint history, partial loss to fore leg. Estimate $100/200.

LOT #142 ANTIQUE IRISH DOG CART. Circa 1870’s Irish peat/coal dog cart in original paint history. Constructed of pine with cast iron wheels and detailed with hinged dump box.

LOT #143 ANTIQUE FEDERAL style Mirror. Circa 1830’s Federal style mirror with eglomise painted architectural landscape. Mirror retains original mirror plate and mahogany veneer frame. Measures 13’ X 25.5”. Condition is fair, some paint loss to eglomise tablet and some areas with mirror backing loss. Estimate $40/80.

LOT #144 VINTAGE NOVA SCOTIA HOOKED RUG. Colourful 1930’s Nova Scotia hooked rug with detailed geometric/organic abstract design. Rug dimensions 34” x 66”. VG condition, bound tight, mounted on stretcher frame, strong original colours, soiled or stain mark on one side. Estimate $100/200

LOT #145 VINTAGE SALISH TOTEM by TOM HARRY. Vintage Salish Totem, cedar carved and signed by Tom Harry (b. 1980, Squamish BC) the “Master Carver of Squamish”. This detailed and polychromed (3) figure Totem is carved to incorporate the likes of thunderbird, grizzly Bear and the killer whale. The totem stands 17” high with 11” wingspan. Condition is Excellent, as made. $100/250

LOT #146 VINTAGE JOHN WILLIAMS sgd. TOTEM. Exceptional vintage 5 figure cedar totem carved and signed by John (T. 1960-2010) Williams. Detailed carving and polychrome decoration. Dimensions 13” H x 12” wingspan. Williams was a Nuu-chah-nuth tribal member.  Condition is Excellent. Estimate $100/200.

LOT #147 VINTAGE NW COAST TOTEM. Vintage northwest coast cedar carved 3 figure totem. Detailed with open tailed whale and great polychrome paint. Unsigned, 14.5” H with 8.5” wingspan. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $100/200.

LOT #148 VINTAGE SHANDLEY WILLIAMS TOTEM.  Vintage carved cedar totem with 3 figures in polychrome decoration, signed Shandley Williams. Dimensions 13.5” H, 12” wingspan. Shandley Williams, of renowned Williams Family of Indigenous (Nitinaht/Ditidaht Tribe, Vancouver Island) carvers. Condition VG, great colour, small chip on wing as per photos. Estimate $80/120


LOT #150 KAI KRISTIANSEN TROJA MCM CHAIRS (4). Scarce, iconic set of four (4) vintage Danish 1960’s “Troja” teak armchairs designed by Kai Kristiansen for Magnus Oleson. Crafted with elegant detailed swooping curves. Dimensions 28” x 24” x 17.5”. Condition is VG, in original surface finish, later upholstery, no frame repairs, as per photos. Estimate $1500/2500.

LOT #151 WESTNOFA SIESTA CHAIR & OTTOMAN. MCM Norwegian Westnofa “Siesta” lounge chair and ottoman in black leather and bentwood. Designed by Ingmar Relling for Westnofa. Condition is Good, original Westnofa label, used, original, no breaks or faults to frames, leather has no tears, both have overall scratches to leather facings as per photos. Estimate $600/900.

LOT #152 ASKO 1970’S SCANDINAVIAN DESK. ASKO Finland made, mid century pine adjustable writing desk with bank of three (3) drawers. Trestle base leg ends have 12” of vertical travel. Top has rubberized facing. Desk dimensions 59” wide x 27.5” deep. Condition is Good, used, sturdy, chip to 1 drawer face corner, top shows signs of use/ wear as per photos. Estimate 250/500.

LOT #153 SCANDINAVIAN HEDBY LOUNGE CHAIR. 1970’s “Hedby” Scandinavian lounge chair with bentwood frame, designed by Christer Blomquist. Upholstered in light grey textile. Dimensions 37” H x 29” W x 54” D. Condition VG, used, light wear. As per photos. Estimate $150/300.

LOT #154 1972 RCA FORMA 70 IV STEREO. 1972 vintage modernist R.C.A. “Forma 70 Cubiform IV SFA 1093” AM/FM Stereo Sound System. Canadian made and designed, Andre Morin RCA designer, RCA Montreal. Dimensions 22” D x 24” W x 21.5” H. Condition VG, used, complete, no damage to glass top, some corner wear as per photos, AM/FM radio works, turntable turns at all speeds but does not lower needle arm. Estimate $200/400.

LOT #155 VINTAGE SHARP HALF PINT MICROWAVE. Vintage Sharp “Half Pint” carousel microwave in vibrant orange case. Dimensions 14.5” W x 14” H x 12.5” D. Condition VG, lightly used, great visuals and electronics. Estimate ($100/200)

LOT #156 CLASSIC CHANEL LADIES’ HANDBAG. Vintage Chanel Coco Ladies handbag in chrome yellow python leather, with single flap and woven chain strap. Dimensions 10.25” x 5” x 6.5”. Serial #24054439. Excellent condition, previously owned – never used gift. Estimate $1,000/4000

Lot #157 MCM SCANDINAVIAN FLOOR LAMP. MCM 1960’s Mushroom Floor Lamp, labeled “Made in Switzerland”. Detailed with 19” diameter vinyl shade, triple head light sockets, cast iron weighted base, 68” tall to top of finial. Condition is VG, used, no damage to shade, full function original electric, some applicable signs of wear to base paint. Estimate $150/250.

L0T # 158 BLACKAMOOR FLOOR LAMPS. Pair of vintage Nubian/Blackamoor torchiere floor lamps. Wood carved figural bases with elaborate polychrome decoration and electrified torchieres with ten (10) lamp heads each. Lamps stand 76” H and 20” wide. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $400/800.

LOT #159 ANTIQUE EMPIRE MAHOGANY TRIPLE BOOKCASE. Exceptional 19th century Empire triple bay bookcase with three (rare) lower drawers. Detailed with astragal glazing, carved paw feet and turned columns with acanthus carved capitals. Working locks with keys. Constructed of mahogany, figured mahogany and mahogany veneer. Dimensions 62” W x 23.5” D x 44” H. Condition is VG, original finish and glass, minor veneer faults to base, as per photos. Estimate $900/1800.

LOT #160 18TH C. ENGLISH OAK COFFER. Early 18th C. English oak Coffer/Blanket Chest with carved front panels, top rail and stiles. Constructed with wood pegs, forged nails and hardware. Dimensions 60” W x 24” D x 29 ¾” H. Paneled ends with interior till. Condition is Good, as found, sturdy construction, old surface history, age cracks, minor losses and faults, as per photos. Estimate $300/500.

LOT #161 PERSIAN RUG/MATT LOT (2). Lot of two (2) contemporary Persian wool matts in strong colours. The dimensions are 22” x 29” and 26” x 36”. Both in VG condition with no losses, fading or stain. Estimate $100/200.

LOT #162 1840’S PAINTED BLANKET BOX. Diminutive scale painted pine dovetailed blanket box with molded outside bracket base foot. Dimensions 26 ½” W x 13 ¾” D x 15 ½” H. Condition is VG, original paint history, good height on base, missing lock. Estimate $100/200.

LOT #163 ANTIQUE TOTTENHAM ONTARIO STONEWARE BOWL. Circa 1890’s Brantford stoneware bowl with scarce merchant mark “From Hamilton & Co. General Merchants Tottenham”. Condition is Good, very clean, well pronounced mark, crack running from rim to base 20’L of merchant mark and kiln pop at rim. Estimate $100/200.

LOT #164 C. 1850 SHAVING CREAM POT LID. Excellent circa 1850’s Shaving Cream Pot lid and base with black transfer advertising for “Roussel’s Ambrosial Shaving Cream, Premium Perfumery 114 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia”. Condition is VG, strong colour transfer, clean pottery, a couple of flea bites flakes and 1 light hairline as per photos. Estimate $100/250.

LOT #165 EARLY ENGLISH WAINSCOTT ARM CHAIR. Early English oak wainscot arm chair with unique front and rear foot details. Dimensions 23.5” W x 43” H x 15” D. Condition is Good, tight frame, old repairs.  Estimate $250/450.

LOT #166 ANTIQUE COPPER RELIEF PLAQUE. Circa 1900 heavy copper relief plaque with exceptional detail, in the style of Karl Sterrer. Theme of relief is allegorical, with crisp detailed figures in great patination. Dimensions 15” x 27”. Condition is VG, clean unmarred patination, no dents or repairs, frame in over-painted state. Estimate $100/300.

LOT #167 VINTAGE CAST BRONZED FIGURES. Vintage French pair of patinated metal figures, cast after Francois Moreau, both resting on red faux marble turned wood bases. Each titled and labeled “Fin de Journee Par Francois Moreau” and “Faneuse Par Francois Moreau”.  Dimensions 22” H and 7 ¾” base diameters. Estimate $150/300.

LOT #168 ANTIQUE CARVED WALKING STICK LOT (3). Lot includes Masonic Lodge stick with over all relief carved lodge symbols and script, 33” long, great original surface and carving, replaced knop. Dagger handle walking stick carved with birds, turtle, snake and cartouche band “F”, 35” long, very finely detailed, age crack. Dog Head walking stick with script, telescopic form and carved geometric foliate relief, good condition, original surface. Estimate $80/160

LOT #169 ANTIQUE ENGLISH OAK DRAW TABLE. Exceptional 18th C. draw table with an elaborately carved box stretcher base with face effigy detail. Dimensions – 61” W (closed) x 34” D x 30” H.  with (2) 34” pull-out leaves, total extended length 113”. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $300/500.

LOT #170 ANTIQUE GRAND TOUR INTAGLIO COLLECTION. Collection of 19th century Grand Tour neo classical plaster intaglios set in 4 frames. The 4 frames case (55) intaglios ranging in size from 1”- 2 5/8” diameter. The frames measure 12 ¾” x 14 ¾”. Condition is VG on all. Estimate $100/400.

LOT #171 STERLING SILVER LOT (8). Lot of 8 pieces of weighted Silver, all marked Sterling, trumpet vase hall marked Newcastle. Condition is Fair to Good, Estimate $50/150,

LOT #172 ANTIQUE FOLK PAINTED BOX. Folky painted primitive dome top box with applied horses and spades decoration. Dimensions 8” x 14” x 8” H.  Condition is Good, original paint history, minor faults as per photos. Estimate $100/200.

LOT #173 ANTIQUE STONEWARE DECORATED JUG. Two Gallon stoneware jug with embossed makers mark, “J. Fisher Lyons N.Y.” and cobalt decorated with butterfly design. Condition is VG. Estimate $80/120.

LOT #174 VICTORIAN TRAVEL/WRITING BOX. Victorian traveling writing box in figured mahogany, fitted with partitioned interior and hidden drawer. Condition is Fair, complete interior fittings, some veneer chips, as per photos. Estimate $50/100.

LOT #175 PAINT DECORATED STORAGE BOX. Paint Decorated black on red, flat top, pine storage box that measures 13” x 25” x 10” H. Condition is Fair, good original paint, dovetailed construction, damage to front board. Estimate 50/100.

LOT #176 1930’S PEI FOLKART ANIMALS. Unique pair of 1930’s folky tin-plate animals that decorated a gate and fence rail fronting a home in Harmony PEI. In the forms of a cat and a Dachshund, both retain original paint history. Cat measures 20” L x 10” H and dog measures16” x 6” H. Both in Good condition. Estimate $100/200.

LOT #177 1890’S PATTERN GLASS CONDIMENT SET. Circa 1890 Dithridge & Sons opalescent blue milk glass 4-piece condiment set in “Creased Bale” pattern. Condition is VG, no visible cracks or chips, bottom of holder is rough as per photos. Estimate $100/200.

LOT #178 ANTIQUE ART GLASS CANE. Antique 20th century art glass aqua/clear cane with four (4) helical interwoven colours – red, green, yellow and blue, 52” long shaft. Condition VG, great colours, small chips on ferrule end. $100/200.

LOT #179 VINTAGE QUEBEC HOOKED RUG. Vintage Quebec hooked rug with bordered winterscape and horse pulled sleigh and driver. Dimensions 20” x 28”, hooked on burlap. Condition VG, strong colours, no faults or repairs, clean, with mounted hanging bar. Estimate $60/120.

LOT #180 ANTIQUE VICTORIAN CANTERBURY. Circa 1870 mahogany canterbury/magazine rack. Detailed with book matched crotch mahogany top, porcelain cup casters and box, yew and maple inlay. Condition is Good, tight frame, top is livable but could use a touch up, as per photos. Estimate 200/400.

LOT # 181 EAPG ERIN FAN FINGER LAMP. Circa 1889 Dominion Glass “Erin Fan” pattern finger oil lamp in emerald green. Excellent Condition. Estimate $100/150.

LOT #182 ANTIQUE REGENCY style SECRETARY BOOKCASE. Circa 1900 Regency style Mahogany Secretary Bookcase with book-matched flaming mahogany graduated drawer fronts and arcaded glazing. Condition is Good, tight case, good glass, minor wear, veneer chip in front left foot. Estimate $400/600.

LOT #183 ANTIQUE ENFLISH PEAT/COAL BUCKET.  Antique British oak staved coal/peat bucket, oval form with brass banding, cast lion head/ring applications and removable steel liner with handle. Dimensions 13.5” x 17” x 15” H. Condition is Excellent. Estimate $200/300.

LOT #184 ANTIQUE BRASS HORSE HEAD DINNER GONG. Exceptional Circa 1900 heavy brass horse head dinner gong with period clapper. The cast horse head with bridle is fitted to a copper collar and mounted to walnut trophy plaque. Dimensions 16”H x 9” W x7” D. Spun brass gong is 10 ¼” diameter. Condition is Excellent, plaque has been refinished. Estimate $300/600.

LOT #185 VINTAGE MEMORY WARE CHARD PLANTER. Early 20th century memory ware planter on stand made of porcelain chards, 29” high. Planter bowl is 14” in diameter and made from an old crock covered in chards that rests on a base that is line with old tole pan. Exceptional condition, minor losses. Estimate $150/300.

LOT #186 ANTIQUE LARGE COPPER CAULDRON. Exceptional 19th century Copper Cauldron detailed with both dovetailed body and bottom, brass handle collar and hand forged iron hoop handle. Dimensions 16.5” diameter, 12.5” high and 21” to top of handle. Condition is VG, light bumps as per photos. Estimate $200/400.

LOT #187 INDIGENOUS BIRCH BARK BOXES (2). Lot of 2 Quebec Algonquian made birch bark containers. One cylindrical birch bark container with lid, 5” diameter, 5” H. The other in diminutive creel form with etched foliate designs. Both in excellent condition. Estimate $50/100.

LOT #188 FRAMED BRANTFORD C.W WANTED POSTER. Scarce early Canadian Reward/Wanted Notice dated “April 16, 1863, Brantford C. W.”. Framed, conserved and under glass the document measures 4.5” x 7.5”, frame 12” x 15”. Condition is VG, as per photos. $100/150.

LOT #189 VINTAGE ARCHITECTURAL HOOKED RUG. Circa 1940’s hooked rug with design of two early salt box homes and landscape. Hooked on burlap, rug measures 21” x37”. Condition is VG, good colour, slightly faded, tight composition, no loss to edges. Estimate $80/160.

LOT #190 BOOK THE TREATIES OF CANADA. Scarce 1880 1ST Edition, “The Treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba The North-West Territories and Kee-wa-tin” by Alexander Morris (1826-1889). Condition is VG, complete, clean, tight binding. Estimate $100/300.

LOT #191 ANTIQUE ENGLISH OAK PEDESTAL DESK. Circa 1880’s English oak pedestal desk, writing table. Detailed with leather top that nests atop 2 banks of 3 drawers. Condition is good, minor wear and faults as per photos. Estimate $200/300.

LOT #192 URBACH CZECH POTTERY PITCHER LOT (3). Lot of (3) colourful, Ditmar Urbach marked Czechoslovakian pitchers in graduated size. VG condition. Estimate $60/100.

LOT #193 ANTIQUE BRASS MARINE LIGHTS. Antique brass Port Starboard lamps. Both have been electrified. Condition is Good, 1 top vent has a crack. Estimate $60/120.

LOT #194 ART DECO TABLE LAMP.  Art Deco figural cast iron table lamp with dancers. Base 7” H. Condition is Good, some surface oxidation, no breaks or repairs. Estimate $60/100.

LOT #195 ANTIQUE LAMP BASES (3).  Lot of 3 antique lamp bases, kerosene and whale oil. Range in height from 8” – 10 ¼”. All in excellent condition. Estimate $60/100.

LOT #196 TOTEM POLES by MARIUS BAREAU 2 VOLUMES. “Totem Poles” 1st Editions, Volumes 1 and 2 by Marius Barbeau. Paper back editions. Condition is Good, both clean copies, complete, tight spine and bindings, minor fading, as per photos. Estimate $70/140.

LOT #197 ANTIQUE CAST IRON GARDEN PLANTERS (3). Lot of (3) antique cast iron garden planters. All three are unique with different bases and decorative design. Condition is Good, some faults and losses as per photos. Estimate $100/300

LOT #198 ANTIQUE VICTOR BERLINER GRAM-O-PHONE. Antique Victor table-top Victrola Berliner Gram-o-phone in fine working condition.  VG condition, working, good cabinet. Lot includes (70) 78 speed records. Estimate $150/250

LOT #199 QUEBEC FOLK ART MAN & DOG. Folk carved man and his dog by J.C. Labrecque (1999) Beauce Quebec. Detailed in polychrome, standing 8” tall. Ex. price Collection, Ex. Robert Picard. VG condition. $60/120

LOT #200 ANTIQUE TOLE CANDLE MOLD.  Mid 19th century tole 4 tube candle mold in tall form with handle. Dimensions 3 ¾” x 5 ½” x15 ½” H. Excellent condition. Estimate $50/100.