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Saturday Oct 22, 2022

Dr. Ralph and Patricia Price Collection
In-person and Via


10:00 AM Preview
12:00 PM Auction Start ( ON-LINE AND IN PERSON)   

Holiday Inn & Suites-Conf. Center
327 Ontario St., St. Catharines, ON

The Price’s were enthusiastic collectors and distinguished antique and folk-art dealers for many years. Their passion and keen interest of history, decorative art and folk naïve design evolved into an extensive accumulation of rare and fabulous artifacts. They forged a legacy in Canada and were eminent in spearheading the promotion Canadian folk-art!

The Price Collection is well documented in several books and periodicals, and originates from several provinces. The Price Collection includes rare examples of painted furniture, paintings, folk-art, carvings, decoys, Persian carpets, textiles, Indian and Inuit artifacts, early lighting, weather vanes, treen, primitives, Ontario pottery, baskets, metal wares, antiquarian books, religious artifacts and miniatures.


  1. STONEWARE 5 GALLON CROCK. Stoneware 5 Gallon Crock stamped “N. EBERHARDT, TORONTO O”, decorated with cobalt “Sunflower” floral and script “5, 12.5” tall, Condition VG, minor kiln fry on rim, ¼” flake on left ear, no repairs.
  2. 1860 MINIATURE DISH CUPBOARD. Ca. 1860 Miniature/Model Dish Cupboard in fabulous “Germanic” form with original pebbly dry red paint, cock beaded doors, relief carved fielded panels, 13” W x 19.5”H x 6” Deep. Descended through early “Mitchel Family” Dunbarton Ontario. Condition, VG, original paint, wire nailed repairs to cornice returns, 150 years of light scrapes and chips, great presence.
  3. GEORGE MAPSON GOOSE DECOY BC. Ca. 1900 Hollow Carved “Loomer” style Goose Decoy in great folky form. Scarce, and attributed to “George Mapson, Boundary Bay, British Columbia, 11.5” tall, 16” long. Condition, VG, areas of old in painting, chip on tail, minor loss to beak, 2 old crack lines to neck.
  4. NOVA SCOTIA CROOKED KNIFE. Early Nova Scotia Crooked Knife with finely carved details that include war bonnet banding on handle termination, bust of 1st Nations Warrior, bow and arrow (on 2 sides), and playing card symbols, heart, club, spade and diamond, 8.5” long. The original blade held in place with keyed pewter collar. Condition is VG, original surface and unaltered, faults to pewter collar.
  5. EVERETT LEWIS signed PAINTING. Everett Lewis (Maude Lewis’s Husband) signed, colorful Folk Art Painting. A folky Landscape Painting sketched with trio of Ladies on horseback, deer and buildings. Painted on hard paper board, set in carved polychrome frame, dated 1988, art measures 12” x 17.5”. Condition is VG.
  6. CARVED POLYCHROME WALL SCONCE. Ca, 1900 Carved Wall Sconce, made and descended through Ukrainian Family from Manitoba. Pine, 2-piece construction, foliate relief carving, wire nailed, in original red and blue paint history, measures 10 ¼” high, 5 ¼” wide, and 6 ¾” deep. Condition is Excellent, in untouched original surface.
  7. 19th C ARCHITECTECTUAL CROSS. A 19th Century Cross Architectural Artifact constructed of hand soldered tole/metal and mounted on turned wood base. Retain original paint history of gray over white, measures 11.5” wide, 18 ¼” tall, 2 1/8” deep on 7 ¼” diameter base. Condition, VG, untouched original, age crack to turned base.
  8. GEORGE COCKAYNE FOLK CARVING. Fun and colorful George Cockayne (Madoc Ontario) Polychromed Folk Carving, double sided, inscribed and titled “He She”. Carved with accentuated features, opposing regal faces, shared crown style hat, both detailed with wire nail eyebrows, stands 15” tall. Condition VG.
  9. BRUCE SMITH signed HORSE CARRIAGE. Bruce Smith sighed Carved Horse Drawn Carriage with 2 Passengers, dated March 6/80. Very detailed carving/ sculpture with carved Percheron horse in leather harness, polychromed Mennonite riders, carved carriage made of wood, leather and under-sprung steel frame carriage, all resting on plaque base, 6 5/8” wide, 8” tall, and 14” long. Excellent condition.
  10. FARM ANIMAL HOOKED RUG. Ca. 1940’s Hooked Rug with farm animal design, measures 22” x 37”. Condition, good, light fading, some loose edges.
  11. MOSES FARRAR LOWER CANADA JAR. Scarce, early 1 Gallon Ovoid Stoneware Jar with tooled shoulder, marked “MOSES FARRAR St. Johns L.C. and 1”. Measures 7 ¾” tall. Condition overall is very good, 2 very minor faint lines start at top collar and terminate at tooled shoulder, kiln pop at back, ½” flake at base edge.
  12. 19th C PAINTED WALL BOX. Circa 1850 Eastern Ontario Wall Box with integral spooner shelf. Pine construction with mixed nails, cut and forged, canted sides in a red wash paint, measures 13.5” wide, 19.75” tall and 6” deep. Condition, Very Good, original paint and construction, as found, old repair to spooner shelf
  13. EARLY CHILDS WOOD WHEELBARROW. Circa 1900 Childs Wooden Wheelbarrow, diminutive size with steel spoked wheel, red and black paint, measures 25” long and 11” high, found in Renfrew County, Ontario. Condition is pristine, with original paint.
  14. INUIT SCRIMSHAW ELK ANTLER. Inuit signed Scrimshaw Decorated Elk Antler, mounted in green soapstone base. Skillfully scrimshaw decorated with images of Inuit portraiture, birds, animals, weapons and clothing, measures 16” high, signed Davidee E7- 1042. Condition is good, scrimshaw is excellent, soapstone base has been repaired.
  15. NOVA SCOTIA FOLK BIRD CARVING. C. 1940 Nova Scotia Folk Bird Carved in birch and cedar. Polychromed and stamped details, 4 ¼” tall, found In River John area, Pictou Cty. Nova Scotia. VG, no faults, lightly faded color.
  16. EARLY QUEBEC BUTTER STAMP. Early 19th Century Quebec Butter Stamp of double-sided paddle form, carved with double heart and pine tree designs. Found in Isle Aux Coudres Quebec, illustrated on page 23 of folk-art book, “‘twas ever thus”, measures 3 ½” wide and 9 ¾” long. Condition is VG, original as found, minor faults and losses.
  17. SIX NATIONS CARVED LADLE. 19th Century Six Nations Carved Ladle with handle terminating with carved bird, 8” long. Condition, Good, signs of wear to bowl and beak.
  18. C 1840’S NIAGARA PIPE BOX. Ca. 1840’s Walnut “Niagara” Hanging Pipe Box, diminutive size, cut nail/brad construction, 2.5” x 3.3” x 8.5” H. Condition VG.
  19. 19TH C QUEBEC CARVED CRUCIFIX. 19th Century Carved Crucifix, found in Quebec, polychromed decoration, diminutive size, measures 5” x 8.25” x 1 ¼” thick. Condition VG, some areas of paint wear.
  20. 19th C TOLE DECORATED MATCHHOLDER. Circa 1850 Tole/Tin Hanging Match Holder, with piped, foliated and floral designs on black ground, crimped and profiled details, found in Orillia Ontario, measures. Condition Good, original. Paint loss.
  21. 19TH C HEART IN HAND COOKIE CUTTER. Circa 1860’s “Heart in Hand” Cookie Cutter, hand soldered construction, desirable design, found in Galt, Ontario, 4 ½” long. VG condition.
  22. 19TH CENTURY HEART TRIVET. 19th Century Hand Forged Trivet, fire welded wrought and sheet iron, with unique design and details, measures 5” x 10 ¼” long, VG condition.
  23. PEAFOWL SPONGEWARE BOWLS (2). Lot of (2) Spongeware/Spatterware Tea Bowls, 4 ¾” diameter. VG condition.
  24. 19th C WATCH HUTCH. Late 19th Century Waterloo County Pine Hanging Watch Hutch, lidded, with turned and carved “watch crown” finial, early textile lining, measures 5 ¼” H x 3 ½” W x 1 ½” deep. Condition VG, original, complete, crack in glass.
  25. RADA GREG PAINTING. Colorful fun, large Rada Greg ’80 signed Painting, folky aerial view of “Toronto Intersection” of Mount Pleasant Rd. and Merton St., oil on canvas, art measures 29 ½” x 39 ½”, VG condition.
  26. IMPORTANT 19TH C QUEBEC CHECKER/CHESS BOARD. Exceptional and Unique 1825-1850 Quebec Game Board, detailed in each corner with carved Tribal like effigy heads, 10 x 10 carved square game layout, single butternut board, square nails, probably Eastern Townships, picked in 1950’s, illustrated with full description in book “Canadian Gameboards” on pages 48, 49 and 50. Measures 13 ¾” x 26”. Condition, VG, retains original surface history, loss to player drawer and right-side runner.
  27. 19TH C NOVA SCOTIA PARCHEESI BOARD. 1875-1900 Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia Parcheesi Board, great design, in original polychromed color with dry pebbly surface. Measures 15 ½” x 15 3/8”. Illustrated with full description in book, “Canadian Gameboards” on pages 62 and 63. Condition, VG and exceptional.
  28. 19th C PAINTED CHECKER BOARD. 1875-1900 East Coast Checker Board in original paint history, blue and reddish brown, carved game layout in 8 x 8 squares. Gameboard measures 8 7/8” x 9”. Condition, Good, original, surface wear and paint loss.
  29. 19th C NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET. Native American Splint 4 Color Basket, circa 1860-1900, diminutive size, measures 7.5” x 11” x 8.5” tall. Condition, Good, light fading, break in rim, some splint loss.
  30. ONTARIO REDWARE JAR. Ontario Redware 1 Gallon Jar with lid, orange and green glaze, 10” H. Condition, VG, small areas of wear and glaze loss on collar, flakes on lid.
  31. ANTIQUE CAST IRON DOOR STOP. Large circa 1890’s Cast Iron Handled Fruit Basket Door Stop with multi-color fruit grouping, 11 ½” h x 11” w x 2 ¾” deep. Condition, Good, original paint, no breaks or loss, area of paint loss.
  32. ANTIQUE CAST IRON DOOR STOP. Large 1890’s Cast Iron Handled Floral Basket Door Stop, detailed in great colors and ribbon bow, measures 11” H x 9 1/8” W. Condition, VG, very good original paint, no faults or breaks.
  33. EARLY CANVAS CANADA GOOSE DECOY. Early 20th Century Canvas Canada Goose Decoy, painted and stitched canvas, carved wood head with tack eyes, banded metal and wire soldered frame, measures 14” T x 24” L. Condition, Fair, canvas faults and paint wear.
  34. ANTIQUE PENNY RUG/MAT. Exceptional Early 20th Century Penny Rug/Mat in very desirable unique design with hearts, hands, sheep and ewers, wool applique on linen worked onto burlap grain bag backing, measures 29” x 36”. Condition, strong color, some staining, 1 old small repair as per photo.
  35. GREAT HORNED OWL CARVING. Outstanding Great Horned Owl Carving, signed “L.C. Davis 1974”, accomplished and published Seagrave, Ontario carver. Very good form and color, standing 20 ¾” tall with 6 ½” x 7 ½” base. Condition VG.
  36. PAIR OF CURLEW CARVINGS. Exceptional Pair of Carved Curlew Shorebirds in different poses, each signed on base, “L.C. Davis Seagrave Ont. 1974”, accomplished and published carver, size ranges from 15 ¾” tall to 19 ¼” long. Condition, excellent.
  37. EWALD RENTZ FOLK CARVING. Ewald Rentz (1908-1995 Beardmore Ont.) signed Bird Tree Carving, titled “Birds”, constructed with 3 pair of polychromed birds on natural tree crook branches, measures 14” x 21” x 18.5” tall. Condition, excellent, vibrant color.
  38. C 1900 NORTH WEST COAST TOTEM. Very Elaborate Circa 1900 North West Coast (British Columbia) Totem Pole/Sculpture, skilfully carved polychromed figures of eagle, salmon, orca, frog and swirling log decorated longhouse. Large size, standing 23 7/8” tall. Condition VG, strong color, great detail.
  39. TURTLE FOLK CARVED BOX. Remarkable Figural Turtle Carved Box, with drawer, detailed carving with painted natural colors, measures 7” W x 10 ½” L x 4 ¼” H. Condition VG, minor faults.
  40. “J. POST, YORK” U.C. TALL CASE CLOCK. Rare and Historical Early Canadian Tall Case Clock with face engraved “Jordan Post, York” (Upper Canada)
  41. 19TH CHALKWARE NODDER RABBIT. 19th C. Chalkware Figural Nodding Rabbit, polychromed details, measures 4” x9” x x 5 ¼” tall. Condition, good, some rubbed area, old repair to left ear.
  42. EARLY 19th SCISSOR WALL SCONCE. C.1800-1825 Scissor/Extending Candle Sconce, wall mount style, sheet iron, fire welded construction attached to wood bracket, 10 links fully extended 33” long. Found in Waterloo County. Condition VG, mechanism moves freely, good surface.
  43. 18th ENGLISH OAK COFFER. 1700’s English Oak Coffer/Storage Chest of diminutive size, paneled top, front and sides, pegged construction, measures 17 ½” x 28” x 15” tall. Condition, Good, original surface history, loss of escutcheon.
  44. 1900 CAST IRON FROG FOUNTAIN SPOUT. C. 1900 Figural “Frog” form Fountain Spout/Head, stylized form in cast in iron. Found in Quebec. Condition, VG, original surface, paint loss.
  45. GEORGE COCKAYNE FOLK ART WALL HANGING. George Cockayne (1906 -86 Ontario) signed Folk Art Hanging Wall Art/Sculpture. Coastal theme, constructed on rough sawn panel with applied carved whale and inset reflective glass lighthouse detail, and tack eyed dog, with halved birch tree frame, measures 16” x 18”. Cockayne’s folk art is held in many Canadian museums and personal collections and illustrated in several books. Condition, VG
  46. GEORGE COCKAYNE FOLK ART WALL HANGING. George Cockayne (1906-86 Ontario) signed Folk Art Hanging Wall Art/Sculpture. Coastal, nautical theme, constructed on rough sawn wood panel, with applied carved whales, inset reflective lighthouse glass, button eyes and framed in birch tree halves, measures 16” x 18”. Cockayne’s folk Art is held in many Canadian museums and personal collections. Condition VG.
  47. 1820’S BRITISH PORTRAIT PAINTING. Circa 1820’s British Portraiture Painting of Elizabeth Ann Williamson, 2nd Daughter of Sir Hedworth Williamson, 6th Baronet (1797-1861), unsigned, oil on canvas, 16” x 19.5”. History of Family and Painting on verso. Condition VG.
  48. GILBERT DESROCHES POLYCHROMED PANEL. Gilbert Desroches (1926-’90 Ontario) Polychromed Panel with relief carved image of horse by lakeside, vibrant colors, art measures 17 ½” x 23”. Ref. McMichael Gallery 1991 solo showing, and book “Peaceable Kingdom of Gilbert Desroches” Condition VG.
  49. FOLK PAINTING OF HORSES & DOGS. Fun, Folky 1950’s Painting of Horses and Bull Dogs by Mary Francis (1900-1979) Picton, Ontario. Colorful and naive, oil on plywood panel, art measures 13 ½” x 22 ½”. Ref. illustrated in “Folk Treasures of Historic Ontario” plate #15, page 26. Condition VG.
  50. 19TH FRENCH PORTRAIT after De CHATILLON. Fabulous Late 19th Century French Portrait of the “Slave” depicting Woman in Chains, after Zoe-Laure de Chatillon (FR.1826-1908), listed in 1905 Book “Women Painters of The World”, oil on canvas, unsigned, art measures 18” x 26”. Condition, VG, minor paint loss at bottom left.
  51. 1900 BRITISH PAINTING after J. W. GODDARD. Circa 1900 Victorian Neoclassical style Painting after John William Godward (BR. 1861-1922) of Feminime Beauty and Greek architecture, signed/titled bottom right “Memories”, oil on canvas, art measures 17” x 26”. Condition VG
  52. COOPER signed PAINTING. J. Cooper signed Painting, “Sun Light”, naïve, surreal style oil on canvas, 30” x 40”
  53. 18TH CARVED BOX. 18th Century Oak Carved Box, hollow carved from 1 piece, with floral and 6-point star details, designed to be held with waist belt, measures 4 ¼” x 3” X 9 ¼” high. Condition, VG, original surface history, minor surface wear.
  54. 1965 NUDE WOMAN CARVING. Ebonized Nude Woman Carving, signed on base “Gordon Law, Oshawa 1965”, stands 9” tall. Condition VG.
  55. EARLY IRON CANDLE STICK. Exceptional late 18th Century Primitive Forged Candle Stick constructed of helicaly forged sheet iron, attached to turned oak base, stands 6 ½” tall. Condition, VG, great surface, signs of wear.
  56. 1800 TINNED SHEET IRON WALL SCONCE. Exceptional Circa 1800 Tinned Sheet Iron Wall Sconce. single light socket in demilune drip pan, crimped and arched top, rolled wire framework, ochre/gold paint, good dry patina, measures13 ¼”H x 3 3/8” W x 2 3/8” deep. Condition VG, areas of wear and paint loss
  57. 1800’s WATERLOO COUNTY CANDLE STICK. Rare (1820-1840) Forged Candle Holder/Stick Form, found in Waterloo County, Ontario, constructed of fire-welded sheet iron, with integral spring candle tensioner, designed to hang or stand, measures 4” diameter and 8 ¾” tall. Condition, VG, unaltered, good patina
  58. 19TH CENTURY IRON RUSH LIGHT. Circa 1830’s Iron Rush Light with candle socket, twisted stem, resting on spoked base. Condition, Fair, loss to candle socket, heavy oxidation.
  59. 1775 OAK CANE STAND. 1775 English Carved Oak Cane/Walking Stick Stand. Carved and hollowed from single block of oak, with chiseled collar and initialed details “H.R.S. M.A.D, 1775”, measures 5” x 9 ½” x 15” tall. Condition, Good, original, age cracks, fault to front right corner.
  60. 18TH EASTERN GREAT LAKES ASH BURL BOWL. Very Desirable 1780-1800 Indigenous, Eastern Great Lakes (Iroquois) Ash Burl Bowl, great scooped oblong form, dry tight burl, nutty brown color, thin walls, cut out handles, measures 16” wide x 22 ¼” long and 9” high. Condition is Excellent, great patina no cracks, 1 exposed knot and irregular area of ¾” size with filler.
  61. FOLK ART CARVED DOG. Folk Art Dog made from carved tree stump with applied legs, pegged teeth and polychromed paint, measures 7” x 21” x 15” tall. Condition VG.
  62. POTTERY KING CHARLES SPANIEL. Earthenware King Charles Spaniel, hollow mold, milky glaze with brown specks, stands 7 ¾” tall. Condition VG.
  63. DALMATION DOG PAINTING. Dalmatian Dogs Painting, painted by “Rosalee 1895 Toronto” measures 4 ½” x 8” wide. Condition VG.
  64. CAST BRONZE DOG BOOK ENDS. Cast Bronze Dog Book Ends, each measure 5 3/8” x 5 7/8” x 2 ¾” deep, Condition VG.
  65. EARLY QUEBEC BUFFET BAS. Well executed 1790-1810 Quebec Low Buffet, pine, original paint with 2 molded paneled drawers over 2 molded paneled doors. Buffet has molded panels applied to corners, medial upright, drawer divide and sides. The comprehensive molded cornice is detailed with decorative Greek key element. The cupboard has external hinges, pegged and forged nail construction and retains blue/green paint color, measures 55” wide x 19” deep x 69” tall. Condition, VG, original paint history, no replacements or repairs, minor faults, some areas of paint loss, and wear.
  67. 19TH QUEBEC PAINTED BOX WITH DRAWER. Circa 1840-1850 Painted Pine Box/Chest with drawer in original red paint, scrolled base with carved floral detail, cock beaded drawer, square cut nail construction, measures 9” x 12” x 8” tall. Condition VG
  68. 20th QUEBEC CARVED CRUCIFIX. Quebec Carved Crucifix from 1st Half of the 20th Century. Carved figures and relief carved details in polychromed decoration, measuring 4” X 6 ½” x 23” tall. Condition VG.
  69. 19TH QUEBEC BABY RATTLE. Rare Form, 1800’s Quebec Carved Baby Rattle. Of pine construction, with six whittled interlocking panels and handle, measures 2 ½”x 2 ½”x 7 ¾” long. Condition – Excellent.
  70. 19TH QUEBEC PAINTED RELIQUARY. Circa 1840 Quebec Hooded Reliquary in pine with original paint. Detailed arcaded entrance and staged molded base, constructed with square cut nails, measures 5 ¼” x 12” x 15 ½” high. Condition, VG, original paint, minor areas of paint loss.
  71. 19TH QUEBEC HANGING SHELF. Circa 1840 Painted Pine wall Shelf/Sconce Holder. Constructed in pine with square nails, detailed scalloped backboard, sides and shelf. Collected 1968 and found in Eastern Townships, Quebec, measures 8” x 10” x 20” tall. Condition, VG, original paint history, area of paint wear.
  72. 19TH QUEBEC CARVED RELIGOUS FIGURE. 19th Century Gilded Carved Religious Figure found in Trois Rivieres, Quebec Area, 17 ¾” tall. Ex Collection of John L. Russell, Beaver Hall Antiques. Condition, VG, areas of gilt loss.
  73. QUEBEC BISHOP FOLK ART CARVING. Quebec Folk Art Carving of Bishop in vibrant polychrome details. Carving circa 1995 by Leo Fournier. Ex. Robert Picard Collection. VG condition.
  74. Jahan Maka signed Painting. Jahan Maka signed Surreal style Painting, titled “The Tunnel”, oil on canvas board, 18” x 23”, Lithuanian/Canadian (1900-1987) Artist from Western Canadian Provinces known as the Canadian Chagall. Ref “From the Heart – Folk Art IN Canada”, page 107 Condition VG.
  75. RADA GREG signed LANDSCAPE PAINTING. Rada Greg (Canadian b 1940) signed Farm Landscape Painting in colorful naïve style. Oil on panel, 8” x 11 ¼”. Ref. Kobayashi/Bird “Compendium of Canadian Folk Artists” and McKendry “An Illustrated Companion to Canadian Folk Art”. Condition VG.
  76. RADA GREG signed LANDSCAPE PAINTING. Rada Greg (Canadian b. 1940) signed Fall Farm Landscape Painting in colorful naïve style. Oil on panel, 8” x 11 ¼”. Ref. Kobayashi/Bird “Compendium of Canadian Folk Artists” and McKendry “An Illustrated Companion to Canadian Folk Art”. Condition VG.
  77. ONTARIO REDWARE ¼ GLLON JAR. 19th Ontario ¼ Gallon Redware Jar in heavy green and orange glaze, detailed neck, 7” tall, found in Markham Ontario. Condition, Good, chip on base as per photo.
  78. PORT PERRY MERCHANT CROCK. Late 19th Ontario Merchant ½ Gallon Crock/Bowl marked “W.M. Jones, General Merchant, Port Perry Ont.”. Glazed in brown slip, measures 5 ¼” H x 7 ½” diameter. Condition, VG, faint 1” hairline left side at top.
  79. 19TH ONTARIO REDWARE PITCHER. Ontario Redware Pitcher, 1 Gallon size, streaked brown over buff glaze, 10 ¾” tall. Condition, Good, minor areas of glaze loss to rim and handle, old repair to bottom.
  80. 19th ONTARIO EARTHENWARE PITCHER. Late 19th C. Earthenware Ontario Pitcher in mottled brown glaze, with coggled top and bottom collars, stands 6 5/8” tall. Condition, Good, 2 small chips, as per photos.
  81. EARLY ONTARIO OPEN DISH DRESSER. 1790-1820 Ontario Open Dish Dresser of 18th century form, from Zephyr, Ontario County. This Anglo design incorporates “S” scroll contour sides, high cut-out foot and pronounced door panels. Pine construction, with forged nails and cast hinges, retaining original red paint history, measures 57” wide, 75” high and 20” deep. Book References – illustrated in full color plate #428, page 169 H. Pain “The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture”, also illustrated on page 244 in P. Shackleton “The Furniture of Old Ontario”. Condition Good, retains original worn paint history, old repairs, and cornice ends restoration.
  82. 19TH PINE WALL SHELF. Circa 1840-1850 Ontario Painted Wall/Clock Shelf with open under-cupboard in original green paint, pine construction, with square nails, contoured and molded details, measures 8” H x 24” W x 8” D. Condition VG, untouched dry original surface.
  83. 19th WINDSOR STOOL. Ontario (1800-1850) Windsor Stool in original Winsor green paint. Pine seat with turned hardwood splayed legs, measures 9 ½” x 12” x 9” high. Illustrated in H. Pain “The Heritage of Upper Canada Furniture”, plate #319, page 129. Condition, VG, original paint, some paint wear.
  84. 19th SPLIT COLUMN MIRROR. Circa 1840’s Split Column Frame Wall Mirror, block and column construction, square nails, original polychrome red, green and cream paint, measures 11” x 20”. Condition, VG, scratches to mirror glass (glass old replacement).
  85. UKRAINIAN DECORATIVE WALL ART. Ukrainian Folk Art Wall Art/Spoon Rack with carved details and mirrors. Very decorative with polychrome floral designs, carved birds with leather wings, suspended bell elements and colorful turnings, measures 19” H x 46” W x 2 ¼” D. Condition VG, vibrant colors, loss of 1 bird.
  86. NOVA SCOTIA OLD SQUAW DECOY. Circa 1920’s Nova Scotia “Old Squaw” Decoy, from Mahone Bay Nova Scotia. Solid block carved, original paint history, inset applied tail feathers and painted eyes. Ref. illustration D & G Guyette “Decoys of Maritime Canada”, page 61. Condition VG, original paint, good patina, head re-set.
  87. EARLY NOVA SCOTIA MERGANSER DECOY. Circa 1885 American Merganser, found at Honey’s Beach on Little Tancock Island, Nova Scotia. Attributed to George Levy (1843-1926 Little Tancock Island) with telltale shorter body and chamfered bottom edge. Cedar block body, decoy measures 13 ½” long. Condition, Good, original as found condition, areas of paint loss, shot over, chip to tail.
  88. EARLY CANADIAN MARITIME MERGASER DECOY. Circa 1900 Merganser Decoy from Canadian Maritimes. Primitive form, original paint history, copper wire comb, applied peg bill, painted tail feathers, inset neck, decoy measures 13 ½” long. Condition, Fair-Good, original paint history, age cracks, minor faults.
  89. MOTHER & CHILD N.S. FOLK ART SCULPTURE. Carved Sculpture of “Mother Holding Baby”, painted in polychrome acrylics, pointillist style, near life size, 1 piece carving, stands 69” tall. Signed by artist Lorne Reid (1954-1991) from Cheticamp, Cape Breton Nova Scotia. Ex Zalman Amit Collection, Ref.  AGNS Nova Scotia Folk Art 1989. Condition, Excellent.
  90. 19th NOVA SCOTIA CARVED BAND BOX. Nova Scotia Band Box with carved lid dating from 3rd quarter 19th Century. Lid detailed with radial carved troughs and central cluster of stars. Box remains in original untouched surface with great patina, measures 7 3/8” diameter and 3 ½” tall. Ex Collection of Mel Shakespeare. Condition, VG
  91. EARLY NOVA SCOTIA LIFT TOP CHEST. Circa 1820-1830 Nova Scotia Paint Decorated Lift Top Chest. Pine and forged nail construction, with lift top chest over 4 drawers, cock beaded/molded corners, profiled cut-out base at front and ends, original paint history in red and blue with decorative yellow star details, horizontal backboards. Interior of lift top is covered with early wall paper in foliated bracket design. Chest measures 39” wide, 17” deep and 42 ½” tall. Condition VG, areas of paint wear, minor faults.
  92. 19TH NOVA SCOTIA MINIATURE CHERRY CUPBOARD. Circa 1850-1860 Miniature Cherry Cupboard. An exceptionally skilled craftsman designed and built this miniature cupboard with refined applications including spiral twist columns, cookie corners, profiled sides with matching form drawer face and turned bone pulls. Cupboard measures 13” wide, 6” deep and 22 1/2” tall. Condition VG, original surface, no repairs.
  93. STEVENSEN FAMILY, YORK U.C. SILHOUETTES. Exceptionally Fine and Rare, 1816 York, Upper Canada Silhouettes. Double framed, opposing hollow cut Silhouettes with some painted detail of Upper Canada Stevenson Family Siblings, each titled, “Margaret Stevenson, York U.C. 1816, age 33 years 9 months” and brother “W. Stevenson, York U.C., 17 March 1816, age 26 years 5 months”. Walnut double window frame trimmed in maple with cockbeaded trim, measures 8 3/8” wide and 5 7/8” high Condition, overall exceptional.
  94. 19th CLOCK FORM WATCH HUTCH. Circa 1850’s Watch Hutch in tall case clock form. Made of walnut, topped with broken arch pediment detailed with fine carved floral and geometric designs, stands13” tall. Condition Good, old repairs to bonnet section.
  95. ANTIQUE CHIPPENDALE STYLE MIRROR. C 1850 Chippendale Style Mahogany Wall mirror, old finish, glass plate replaced, diminutive size, measures 11 ½” x 17 ¾” tall. Condition VG, no breaks, old finish.
  96. C 1850 PAINTED CUTTLERY TRAY. Circa 1850 Painted Cutlery Tray with dovetailed corners and fine molded top. Constructed of pine and square nails, original paint history ochre over red. Condition VG, areas of paint loss and wear, minor faults.
  97. BRUCE SMITH CARVING. Exceptional Folk Carved Figure of Game Hunter, shouldering pheasant and rabbit, signed, “Carved by Bruce Smith, Bethany Ontario”. Pine with polychrome finish, stands 9 ¾” tall. Condition VG, good color, original.
  98. M. JONES MINIATURE WATERCOLORS (2). E. M. Jones (Canadian) signed Miniature Landscape Watercolors (2). Images/views of trestle bridge over river valley and rural home with bluffs in background. Each measure 2 ¾’ x 3 ¾” and are labeled with “Robert Simpson’s Co.” seal. Set in matching gilt frames measuring 6” x 6 ½”, Condition VG, crisp colors.
  99. E.I PAINT DECORATED DOCUMENT BOX. Circa 1820-1840 Prince Edward Island Paint Decorated Document Box. Dovetailed pine box in original red paint with contrasting sponge decorated black fans, original hardware, forged nails, interior partition, molded lid and base projection, measures 14 ¼” W, 7 3/8” D, 6 1/8” H. Condition VG, very minor areas of wear and paint loss.
  100. 1773 QUEBEC OVAL WOODEN BOX. Rare and Exceptional 18th Century Quebec Covered Oval Box with carved lid, dated 1773. Lid is spectacularly carved in low relief in geometric designs, of early Indigenous manner. Signed on bottom outside “Reine S. Marsiers 1773” and inside on bottom “Reine S. Marsiere 1799”. The box retains original nut-brown color paint with dark green highlights, the surface is dry, pebbaly and untouched, measures 12” W, 19 ¼” L, 9” H. Ref. Illustrated in “’twas ever thus” page 28, similar to Palardy “The Early Furniture of French Canada” plate 557 page 355. Condition is Exceptional, no repairs, original paint, dry pebbaly surface, totally original. A true survivor!
  101. 19TH LOG CABIN DOLL QUILT. Late 19th Century Log Cabin Doll Quilt, found in Elmira Ontario, early textiles, measures 18” x 18 ½”. Condition Good, strong color, solid border, minor faults and losses as per photos.
  102. 20TH AMISH HOOKED MAT. Mid 20th C. (Ohio, USA) Hooked Mat in demilune/crescent form, detailed with running horse on directional design, diminutive size, signed “Beth Sekerka”, measures 11” W. and 17 ¼” long. Condition VG, crisp colors and form, no faults or loss.
  103. 1900 QUEBEC FOLK ART QUILT. Circa 1900 Folk Art Applique Quilt from the Gaspe area of Quebec. Comprised of 132 assembled applique squares of unique animals and birds, measuring 56” x 68”. Condition, VG considering age, strong color, crisp details, 1 square with age staining, back lining age stained and 10” tear.
  104. NOVA SCOTIA HOOKED RUG. Nova Scotia Hooked Rug from the 1st half of 20th Century with worked Maritime seascape design including Cape house, lighthouse and sailing vessel. Hooked on burlap backing, diminutive size, 13” x 19”. Condition, VG, strong color, clean.
  105. ANTIQUE PERSIAN CARPET. Antique Persian Hand Woven Wool Carpet with red field and tribal motifs. Measures 53” x 63”. Condition VG, strong colors, minor edge faults.
  106. ANTIQUE CAUCASIAN LONG RUG. Antique Caucasian Hand Woven Wool Long Rug. Jasper red field with segmented blue and red edges and tribal motifs. Condition VG, strong colors, thin weave.
  107. ANTIQUE KAZAK CAUCASIAN RUG. Antique Kazak, South Central Caucasian Rug, hand knotted wool with strong architecture and “Lesghi Star” motif on blue field with geometric symbols. Vibrant, thin weave rug that measures 47” x 73”. Condition VG, strong colors, thin weave, tight weave good edges
  108. VINTAGE TURKISH KILIM RUG. Turkish Kilim Flat Weave Rug. Strong geometric architectural design, Measures 58” x 112”. Condition Good, good color, minor faults
  109. SEMI ANTIQUE PERSIAN RUNNER. Semi Antique Persian Hand Knotter Runner. Measures 33” x 118”. Condition VG, strong color, clean, loss to end fringe, some wear to edges as per photos.
  110. ANTIQUE QASHQAI PERSIANCARPET. Very Early Qashqai Hand Knotted Wool Carpet. Measures 65” X 97”. Condition Fair/Good, overall wear, old repairs, areas of loss, edge and corner wear.
  111. 1800-30 HARVEST TABLE. Rare example of Simcoe County Refectory style Kitchen Table in 18thcentury form. Great early form, fine turned legs, “H” form stretcher base and substantial overhang. Pine with secondary ash, scrubbed top, original red finish. Measures W. 6’-5”, D.31” and H. 30”. Illustrated “ON COVER” of H. Pain “The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture” as well color plate #6 on page 53. Also illustrated in P. Shackleton “The Furniture of Old Ontario” plate #428, page 311 (full page). Condition VG, original paint history, retaining total structural integrity.
  113. EARLY PERTH CTY.CONFESSIONAL. Circa 1830’s Ontario Painted Confessional with trestle foot base and lattice screen in pristine original condition. Found in St. Marys (Perth County) Ontario, tenoned pine and square nail construction, original brown finish. Condition – Excellent, original dry pebbaly paint surface., untouched integrity.
  114. 1830 ONTARIO CTY.CUPBOARD. Circa 1830’s Painted Storage Cupboard found in Prince Albert, (Manchester Port Perry area) Ontario County, Ontario. Diminutive size, primitive storage cupboard with scroll cut-out base, simple cockbeaded panel door and original putty colored paint. Pine and square nail construction, measures W. 19”, D. 14 ½”, H. 37”. Condition. VG, original dry paint, loss to right cornice return.
  115. 19TH CHILDS ROCKING CHAIR. Circa 1830’s Eastern Ontario Rod Back Rocking Arm Chair, in original paint history. Exceptional child’s chair, diminutive size, painted robins egg blue with detailed Sheraton style crest rail, and robust termination of arms. Condition VG, original paint, tight frame, subtle areas of paint wear.
  116. 1830’S PRIMITIVE HANGING SHELF. Early Ontario Hanging Wall Shelf in original paint. Pine, square nail construction with folky profiled scallop cornice and sides, in ochre and red paint with grained interior.
  117. BRUCE SMITH PIG CARVINGS. Carved Hampshire Sow Pig and 8 Piglets, Sow signed “Bruce Smith ’89 Bethany Ontario”.  All painted pine with applied painted eyes and carved or string tails, Sow measures 5 ¼” H, 11 ¼” L and the 8 piglets average 3 ½” long. Condition VG, original paint.
  118. ART GALLANT CARVED PIG. Carved Pig by Naïve Sculptor Art Gallant (d. 1980) of Dieppe New Brunswick. Folky Pig carved from pine, with signature ink stamped label and typical scripted base, addressing his social and political “Observations”. Measures 8” L, 3 ¾” W, 7 ½” H. Ref. Illustrated McKendry 1983 plate #66, illustrated “twas ever thus” page73, plates 89 and 90. His sculptures resides in many private collections and museums including CCFCS. Condition VG.
  119. EARLY ONTARIO CUTLERY TRAY. Circa 1825-1850 Cutlery Tray from Durham County with inverted heart cut-out. Pine and birch with forged nail construction, butt joined canted sides, original surface history, measuring 13” x 14” 5 ¼” H. Illustrated in H. Pain “The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture” plate 563, page 221. Condition VG, original dark stain and varnish surface, subtle signs of wear, minor chip on one base corner.
  120. COOPER “PEACEABLE KINGDOM” Contemporary Art Wall Plaque signed B. Cooper with animals in the garden painted scene after 1840’s Edward Hicks paintings “Peaceable Kingdom”. Painted on 22” diameter pine board. Condition VG, vibrant colors, 1” ringed stain above woman’s head.
  121. ATLANTIC PUFFIN CARVED GROUP. Contemporary Carved Group of Atlantic Puffins standing on simulated rock shoal. Near life-size carving of pine, in vibrant polychrome colors, inset glass eyes and carved feathering, carving measures 13” W., 7” D., 16 ¾” H. Attributed to Bruce Smith, Bethany Ontario. Condition, Excellent.
  122. FOLK BIRD TREE SCULPTURE. Folk Art Bird Tree Sculpture with multi polychrome stemmed florets. Unsigned, measures 10” diameter and 15 ¼” high. Condition – Good, vibrant color, loss of 4 small florets.
  123. 19th HOODED CANDLE LAMP. Scarce Form, Hooded Candlestick Lamp, early 19th century with tole shade. Tole shade, black and white enameled, pleated tinplate with brass framework. Brass ringed candlestick with base stamped “48” and rare pierced tin interior. Lamp stands 15” tall. Ref. illustrated in H. Pain “The Heritage of Upper Canada Furniture” page 2, represents 1977 interior photo of “Price Family home” with candle lamp on stand. Condition VG, great visuals, no dents or structural faults, areas of paint loss to shade exterior.
  124. 19th SHERATON WING CHAIR. Early 19th Century Canadian Sheraton style Wingback Armchair. Pegged frame, with robust front leg turnings and rear sabre legs, all on brass cup castors. Unupholstered lower framework exposes untouched surface history. Scarce form. Condition VG, tight frame, great surface, later textile. Ref. illustrated in H. Pain “The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture” page 2, representing interior photo of “Price Family home” w
  125. 19TH BENTWOOD BRIDES BOX. 19th Century Bentwood Brides Box. Pegged and stitched assembled box and cover, made from pine and ash, measures 14 ¾” W., 10” D., 6 ½” H. Ref. illustrated in H. Pain “The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture” page 2. Condition VG, original surface history, minor chips and scratches.
  126. 19TH L’ASSOMPTION WOOL SASH. 1800’s Quebec L’assomption Sash, Ceinture Flechee, finger woven wool sash. Woven in strong intricate zig zag design and color, measures 9” W, 82” long less fringe, 125” with fringe. Condition VG, tight weave, strong color, minor faults.
  127. 19TH WOVEN WOOL SASH. Circa 1800’s Finger Woven Wool Sash. Attributed to Quebec Indigenous Cultures, measures 6 ¾” wide, 79” long less fringe, 131” with fringe. Condition VG, tight weave, strong color, full fringe, minor wear faults.
  128. 19TH WOVEN WOOL SASH. Circa mid 1800’s Finger Woven Wool Sash. Attributed to Quebec Cultures, arrow head and zig zag design, measures 6” Wide and 82” less fringe, 126” with fringe. Condition VG, strong color, full fringe, tight weave, exceptional.
  129. LATE 19TH WOVEN WOOL SASH. Late 19th Century Wool Sash, finger woven, arrow and chevron designs, measures 6 ¼” wide, 75” long without fringe, 105” with fringe. Condition, Good, strong multi color, tight weave, faults and losses as per photos.
  130. LATE 19TH WOVEN WOOL SASH. Late 19th Century Wool Sash, finger woven, predominately red with fine green stripe. Measures 6 1/8” wide, 76” long not including fringe. Condition VG, strong color, tight weave, no faults.
  131. ANTIQUE CAUCASIAN SADDLE BLANKET. Circa 1900 Caucasian Kazak Saddle Blanket with strong geometric tribal design, measures 27” x 48”. Condition Good, strong colors, loose edge binding, minor faults.
  132. 20TH C. CHEROKEE MARKET BASKET. Contemporary 20th Century Eastern Cherokee Market Basket signed by maker “Norene Crosier”. Woven from fine natural and dyed white oak splint, with carved handle, measures 17” long, 15” wide and 15: high to top of handle. Condition, pristine, great color.
  133. 1915 MI’KMAQ BASKET. Circa 1915 Mi’kmaq Indigenous Nova Scotia Covered Basket. Made of natural and stained white ash splint and applied sweetgrass looped trailings, measures 8 ½” diameter and 6 ¼” high. Ref. Made by Arnold Goose’s Grandmother. Condition – Excellent.
  134. ALGONQIUN BIRCH BARK BASKET. Exceptional Birch Bark Basket made by Mary Meness (Algonquin Culture) Golden Lake Ontario. Large 1970’s lidded Basket made of birch, cleaned spruce root and fitted with rawhide straps. Relief detailed, with moose silhouettes on both sides and floral designs on lid, measures 15” W., 10 ¾” D., 12” H. Condition, Excellent.
  135. 1840 PAINTED PINE CUPBOARD. Circa 1840’s Ontario Painted Dish Cupboard, found in Markham, York County. Pine 2-piece construction, Germanic form, bold cornice, chamfered corners, scroll profiled and applied mold base, original blue over red paint history, original hardware, square nails spooner shelf and panel doors. Measures. Condition – VG, retaining full structural integrity and paint history, strong presence.
  136. EARLY QUEBEC CANDLE BOX. Extraordinary 1790-1820 Quebec Slide Lid Candle Box with exceptional carved details. Pine and forged nail construction, retains original dark red-brown paint, front, lid and sides each carved with unique designs, applied base measures 7 ¼” W., 13” L., and 7 ¾” High. Condition, VG, dry original paint, loss to bottom front molding.
  137. EARLY DOCUMENT BOX. Circa 1830-1840 Document Box in paint and brass tack decoration. Pine box with butt joined square nail construction in green-blue and black paint decoration, applied moldings, applied brass tacked design and initials “J P”. Condition Good, original paint integrity, tight construction, over all wear, minor molding faults.
  138. 19TH WEAVER’S CHAIR. Circa 1840-1860 Ontario Ladder-back Weaver’s Arm Chair. Painted dark brown, constructed with finely turned legs and ring decorated post, seat height 20” standing 37” tall. Condition – VG, original paint history, tight frame, older seat replacement
  140. 19TH ONTARIO STORAGE CHEST. Circa 1825-1850 Pine Storage Chest with drawer, from Uxbridge Ontario. Retaining original two-color paint history of red and black. Of Sheraton style with frame and panel design, standing on turned feet, original cast hinges, measures 41 ½” W., 20” D. 36” H. Ref. H. Pain “The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture” plate 618, page 239. Condition – Good, original paint, minor wear, missing pull.
  141. 19TH LINSEY WOOLSEY QUECEC QUILT. Rare, 19th Century Quebec Linsey Woolsey Quilt from Gaspe. Very decorative for time period, with basket and floral designs, measures 71” x 78”. Condition – VG considering age and material, good color, minor faults and loss as per photos.
  142. 19TH ONTARIO COVERLET. 19th Century Ontario Overshot Coverlet. Indigo blue wool on natural cotton, double loomed, good seam match, measures 70” x 86”. Condition – Good, minor faults, areas of staining as per photos.
  143. 19TH ONTARIO COVERLET. 19th Century Ontario Overshot Coverlet. Indigo blue wool on natural cotton, double loomed, measures 66” x 92”. Condition – Good, strong color, stains and faults as per photos.
  144. 19TH HOMESPUN WINTER BLANKET. 19th Century, Eastern Ontario Homespun Winter Blanket. Double loomed wool blanket with matched centre seam, indigo and ecru colors in bold checkered design, initialed “F C”, measures 58” x 66”. Condition – Fair/Good, strong colors, faults and light staining.
  145. 19TH HOMESPUN WINTER BLANKET. 19th Century, Eastern Ontario Homespun Winter Blanket. Double loomed, hand woven and dyed wool, in indigo and ecru, measures 67” x 77”. Condition – Good, strong color, minor faults, old repairs, light staining.
  146. Late 19th C, WOOL SHAWL. 1860-1880 Hand Woven Wool Shawl, made and found in Prince Edward County. Colored black and natural, in bordered check design, 60” x 65”. Condition, Good, minor faults and stains.
  147. SETON TOMPKINS FOLK CARVING. Seton Tompkins (1899-1986 Singhampton Ontario) Folk Carving, signed and dated 1982. Colorful sculpture of seated cat, with expressed interest in bird atop tree, measures 21” W., 4 ¾” D., 20 ½” H. His works are very desirable and held in public and private collections, Ref. Canadian Museum of History. Condition – Excellent.
  148. FOLK ART TOADSTOOL SCULPTURES (2). Folk Art “Magic Toadstools” carved by Epiphane Boucher (1919-1994) St. Athanase, Quebec 1982. Painted in bold colors, standing 11” and 16” H. Condition VG.
  149. 1900 CARVED BIRD STILL BANK. C. 1900 Wood Still Bank topped with carved bird, retaining original paint decoration. The bank is in 6 1/8” W., 4” D., 7 ¾” H. Condition VG. Exceptional painted surface, partial loss to bank bottom.
  150. METAL HORSE WEATHER VANE. 1940’s Horse Weather Vane with mare and colt on directional arrow, welded fabrication of sheet metal and steel rod, 32” long. Condition VG, remains as made in original colors.
  151. C. DAVIS signed CARVING. Exceptional Ruffled Grouse, signed L.C. Davis with finely carved open wings and tuffs, with detailed feather painting. The Carving is life size and stands 14” tall high, stamped and signed on the base “Lawrence Davis, Seagrave Ontario, Nov 25, 1975”. Condition – Excellent.
  152. CLARENCE WEBSTER ARTWORK. C. (Clarence, b 1900) Webster signed Drawing in colorful naïve style with decorative linear pattern borders. The work is done in crayon and pencil, 13” x 17”. Several examples of his work are in CCFCS collection. Citations NGC 1982, McKendry 1983. Condition – Excellent.
  153. CLARENCE WEBSTER ARTWORK. C. (Clarence, b1900 Cdn.) Webster Drawing of Boat with Woman Dancing in corners, bordered in linear geometric pattern. Drawn in crayon and felt marker in his typical naïve style, unsigned, 11” x 17”. Several examples of his work are in the CCFCS collection. Citations NGC 1982, McKendry 1983. Condition, Excellent.
  154. “LOBSINGER BROS.” WOOD SIGN. Circa 1900 Hand Painted “The Lion” Wood Sign for “Lobsinger Bros. Mildmay, Ont.”, farm implement manufacturers, 19 ½” x 22”. Condition, Good, areas of paint loss.
  155. 19TH ONTARIO CHAIR-TABLE. Circa 1820-1840 Chair-Table from Ontario County. Rare Ontario form, rarer with chamfered style legs. Made with pine top and ash base, retaining original brown paint with black accents, 38” diameter, 29 ½” high. Illustrated in H. Pains “The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture” plate 19, page 57 and P. Shackleton “The Furniture of Old Ontario” plate 443, page322. Condition, Excellent
  156. 19TH EUROPEAN SECRETARY DESK. Early 19th Century European Secretary Desk retaining original paint and floral decorated panels. Designed with lift top desk area between glazed and fielded panel doors with molded accents One piece pine construction using heavy dovetails, pegs and forged nails. Condition – VG, original paint history and hardware, areas of paint wear.
  157. EARLY ONTARIO TALL-POST BED. Circa 1800-1825 Northumberland County Tall-Post Bed in original finish. Sheraton style, with reeded maple posts and pine head/foot boards, 60” W x 84” H. Illustrated in H. Pain “The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture” plate 699, page 273. Condition – Good.
  158. 19TH PAINTED WALL SHELF. Circa 1840-1860 Wall/Clock Shelf with open lower cubby. Pine, square nailed construction, in original green paint history. Condition VG, original dry pebbly paint surface.
  166. 19th BUTTER STAMPS (2)
  167. 19TH BUTTER STAMPS (2)
  168. 20TH “P. O’CONNOR” ROOSTER. Carved, Painted Rooster by Patrick O’Connor (d. 1960) from Bob’s Lake, Ontario. Carved in the first half 20th century, polychrome colors, measures 5 5/8” x 5 5/8” x 5/8”. Ref – Book, ‘twas ever thus’ plate 81, page 69. Condition VG.
  169. 19TH BRONZE DICE CUPS (2). Mid 1800’s Bronze Dice Holders made by same craftsman. Rare form, constructed of rolled bronze, with soldered bronze flanges with leather bottom inserts. Decorated with scribed dice faces and hammered details, in a great natural patination. Condition VG.
  170. 19TH INIGENOUS CARVING. 19th Century Indigenous Carved Sculpture of man. Diminutive detailed carved head with remnants of original paint history, measures 1 ¼” x 1 1/8” x 4” tall. Condition VG.
  171. LATE 19TH BURL SCULPTURE. Late 19th Century Burl Sculpture with nature made man’s face with applied glass eye, measures 2 ¾” x 4 ¾” x 1 1/8” thick. Condition VG.
  172. 19TH PEWTER WHALE OIL LAMP. Circa 1840-1850 Pewter Whale Oil Lamp. Manufactured with pedestal base and double burner. Condition VG.
  173. 19TH PEWTER WHALE OIL LAMP. Circa 1840 Pewter Whale Oil lamp, single burner, knurled top with original chain, stands 3 ½” tall. Condition – Good, minor dents, some loss to top of burner.
  174. 19TH TOLE WHALE OIL LAMP. Circa 1840 Whale Oil Tin Lamp in petticoat form, with old carved wood stopper, stands 4” high. Condition, Good some surface oxidation.
  175. C 1900 INDIGENOUS BEADWORK LOT (2). C.1900 Indigenous Lot includes Mohawk bead decorated velvet “Box” with bird and floral designs and beaded Iroquois Bag with floral designs. Condition of both, Good with minor bead loss.
  176. EARLY TREEN LOT (2). Early Treen Lot including Carved butter Stamp, signed and dated “O J 1819” and Early Stirring Spoon with carved double hearts and carved helical spiral handle, 10” length.
  177. EARLY TREEN LOT (2). Early Treen Lot of Early 8” Square Bowl carved from butternut, found in a home in Prescott Ontario and Fine Early Ladle with very thin bowl, 5 ¾” long. Condition VG.
  178. 1725 ENGLISH PEWTER CHARGER. 1725 John Watts London marked Pewter Charger, 16” diameter, well marked. Condition VG, minor faults
  179. EARLY PEWTWER LOT (9). Pewter Lot includes (3) C. 1694 pewter plates, 9 ¾” diameter marked “Jonas Duran London”, (1) C. 1765 pewter plate, 9 ¾” diameter, marked “Burgum & Catcott, Bristol and Little Dean”, pair of 19th pewter candle sticks -10 ¼” H and (3) early pewter shakers. Condition VG, minor faults.
  180. ONTARIO REDWARE LOT (2). Ontario Redware, includes 1 Gallon Jar and 1 Gallon size Mixing Bowl. Condition, Good, stable, both have cracks as per photos.
  181. EARLY CANADIAN POTTERY BOOK. Donald Webster’s Book, “Early Canadian Pottery”, Condition, VG, very clean copy.
  182. POTTERY LOT (2). Stoneware Vase, 5 ½”h, in brown and green glaze, attributed to Brantford Pottery, VG and diminutive stoneware dog in Bennington glaze standing 5”h, chip on bottom.
  183. Skating artwork added here
  184. CARVED DRINKING BEAR. Folk Art, Carved “Drinking” Bear. Pine bear carving of hollowed, segmented construction. Large scale with carved details in polychrome colors, measures, 11 ½” x 14” base and stands 37” tall. Condition, VG, some age cracks as per photos.
  185. 19TH AFRICAN DANCE PADDLE. Late 19th Century African Tribal Ritual Paddle. Carved on both sides with effigy mask and florals on opposing face, measures 4 ½’ x 4 ½” x 10” long. Condition, VG, signs of wear from use.
  186. FIGURAL ART NOUVEAU BOOKENDS. Figural “Mother and Child” bookends in Art Nouveau design. Cast in iron with nursery rhyme embossed on verso, patinated in bronze finish, measure 5 ½” W and 5 1/8” H. Condition, Good, wear to bronze.
  187. ANTIQUE CHILDRENS CHINA MUGS (6). Lot of Early 20th Century Children’s Mugs in ironstone and porcelain. Condition – VG.
  188. C 1840’S CHILD’S PLATES (2). Pair of 1840’s English Children’s Plates. Molded, hand colored transfer ware plates, both 6” diameter, with cottage and ship building themes. Ref. Ex. McKendry Collection Auction. Condition VG, minor staining.
  189. TRANSFER Ware Plates Lot (6). Lot of Early English Children’s Transfer Ware plates with Substraction, Devotion, Flower Gatherers, School Boy, ABC’s and Grand Mother. Condition VG, 2 have hairline cracks.
  190.  SOFT PASTE AND SPONGEWARE LOT (7). Lot of (7) Early Soft Paste and Spongeware plates and mugs, molded and hand decorated. Condition of lot, fair to good, as per photos.
  191. ROSEWOOD SKEP RING BOX. Early 20th Century Rosewood Ring Box in the form of a bee skep. Finely turned box with applied silverplate bee, measures 1 5/8” diameter and 2” tall. Condition VG.
  192. ROSEWOOD & WALNUT SLIDE LID BOX. Mid 19th Century Walnut and Rosewood Slide-lid  Domino Box. Fine Dovetailed construction, slide lid is paint decorated with initials “J F” and anchor & Masonic symbolism, measures 3 ½” x 3 ½”x 1 5/8” h. The dominos are all hand carved from bone. Condition VG.
  193. 1850 NIAGARA SLIDE LID BOX. Diminutive Niagara Slide Lid Box. Box is hollow carved from walnut with rosewood slide lid, measures 2 ¼” x 3” x 1 ½” deep. Box contains 10 carved fish in bone. Condition, VG.
  194. ANTIQUE WALNUT WATCH HUTCH. Circa 1890-1910 Walnut Watch Hutch. Case shaped to resemble ogee mantle clock, brass clasp, measures 3 ¼” x 5” x 1 ½” thick. Condition VG.
  195. MINIATURE BOTANICAL PAINTING. 19th Century Miniature Botanical Watercolor of Cichorium Intybus. Set in carved pine frame, square nailed with gilt details, measures 3 ¼” x 7” x 7/8” thick. Condition VG.
  196. FOLK ART LION SCULPTURE. C 1920 Roaring Lion Paper Mache sculpture.  Found in Kingston Ont., detailed with comb grained design and measures 4 7/8” h x 8 ¼” long. Condition VG.
  197. INUIT WHALE BONE CARVING. Inuit Carving of Hunter and Walrus. Mid 20th Century carving made of fossilized whale bone, measures 7 ¾” h x 16” long. Condition Vg.
  198. BOOK – INDIAN MASKS of CANADA. 1st Edition, “Indian Masks of Canada” by Derek Crawley, hardcover, limited to 500 copies, silk screened illustrations, 145 pages, dust jacket. Condition, VF.
  199. BOOK – MICMAC QUILLWORK. “Micmac Quillwork” by Ruth Holmes Whitehead. Illustrated hardcover with dust jacket. Condition VG.
  200. SIGN “ANTIQUES SOLD HERE”. Framed, Double Sided Painted Wood Sign, “Antiques Sold Here” originally from “Stuffles Junk & Second Hand” Milford Ont., Prince Edward County. 20th Century hand painted sign, measures 11 ½” x 36” long. Condition VG, original paint, strong color, nail mount holes.
  201. BLACK CAT RING TOSS GAME. 1930’s Black Cat Ring Toss Game. Fun with great color and graphics, unique design, hand painted on plywood panel, measures 15” x 18”. Condition VG, original paint history, minor spots of paint loss.
  202. 1882 UKRAINIAN CROSS. Ukrainian “Bukovina” Carved Hand Cross. Signed and dated “Thorold (ON) 1882” with scratch carved details, measures 2 ½” x 9 ½” x ¾” thick. Condition VG.
  203. VICTORIA AND ALBERT MOLD. Mid 19th Century, Victoria and Albert Copper Mold. Detailed with script, recumbent lion and arcaded fence design, measures 4 ½” x 6 ½” x 3 ½” tall.  Condition VG.
  204. SHEET METAL RABBIT MOLD. Circa 1920’s Tin/Metal Mold of Standing Rabbit. Made with pine Rabbit silhouette base, profiled tin sides and fitted with matched top, measures 5 1/8” x 14” x 2” tall. Condition VG.
  205. WATERLOO COUNTY “BEE” MIRROR. Late 19th Century Waterloo County Mirror with carved frame. Frame detailed with over all carving and gilt “Bee” corner accents, stained and varnished, measures 13” x 17”. Condition – Good, original surface history, carved segment loss.
  206. JOSEPH SLEEP FOLK PAINTING. Joe Sleep (1914-1978 HALIFAX N.S.) Painting in naïve fashion, titled “Animals”, large size, 12” x 42” H, oil on wood panel. Work by Joe Sleep is included in the collections of The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Dalhousie University, National Gallery of Canada and Canadian Museum of history also illustrated in several publications. Condition VG.
  207. 1715 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. “The Book of Common Prayer”, the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England, dated 1715. Large volume in Moroccan leather with tooled gilt decoration, marbleized end papers and engravings. Condition VG, very clean copy, tight binding and complete, covers lightly rubbed and bumped.
  208. 19TH NAÏVE LANDSCAPE PAINTING. Folky Landscape Painting with early home and gardens in colorful naïve style, oil on canvas, 19” x 28”. Condition – Good, strong color, fine crackular issues as per photos.
  209. 1880 HARRISON WEIR PAINTING. Harrison (William 1824-1906 BR) Weir signed and dated 1880 Watercolor Study of Rabbits. Colorful and crisp sketch of rabbits at play, size – 9” x 12”. Weir was an accomplished artist and author and Member of RA and Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolors. Known and celebrated for his animal images, most specifically cats, he organized the 1st cat show in England in 1871.  Condition VG, strong color, nicely framed, very clean.
  210. 19TH PEDESTAL MUSIC STAND. Circa 1830-1850 Pedestal Music Stand with adjustable height and dovetailed slide-on table. The tri-leg base is fire-welded/forged wrought iron with penny feet and heart shape adjusting screw. The column is hardwood within brass sleeve. Condition – Excellent.
  211. GEORGE COCKAYNE TOTEM SCULPTURE. George Cockayne (b1906-1986 Hastings Cty. ON) Carved Folk Art Totem Sculpture. Bold and colorful, standing 58” tall, carved with 4 expressive faces mounted with marble eyes, topped with big yellow bird. His works are held in many private collections and museums including CMC and CCFCS. Condition VG, missing 1 glass eye.
  212. GEORGE COCKAYNE FOLK CARVING. George Cockayne (b1906-1986 Hastings Cty. ON) Carved Forked Sculpture that terminates with an open hand and is script carved “HE HAND OF FATE”. In bold colors and measures 64” long. His works are held in many private and Museum Collections, including CMC and CCFCS. Condition VG.
  213. BETH COOPER CARVED ANGEL. Beth Cooper signed sculpture of Trumpeting Angel in vibrant colors, dated 1998, standing 16” tall. Condition VG.
  214. LARGE CONTEMPORARY CRUCIFIX. Large Scale Crucifix, titled, “Interchange”, skillfully carved and painted by John and Alaine Hawkins in 1970’s. Very detailed Christ figure with detailed face, hands, flowing robe and tin crown, measures 33” W x 67” tall. An exhibition label from “The Robert McLaughlin Gallery”, Oshawa, is attached to back of cross. Condition – Exceptional.
  215. LARGE CONTEMPORARY CRUCIFIX. Anonymous Contemporary Wood Crucifix of large scale, naïvely carved details in subtle polychrome palette with bottle brush halo. Standing 61” tall and 36” wide, resting on double stepped base. Condition VG.
  216. FOLK ART RELIGIOUS SCULPTURE. Folk Art Religious Sculpture holding small crucifix, detailed with nail head beads and metal flake paint. Anonymous, 7 ½” x 8 ½” x 30” tall. Condition VG.
  217. 19TH PINE WALL SHELF. 1840-1860 Painted Pine Three Tier Ontario Wall Shelf detailed with elaborate scroll-work sides. Square nail construction, in original red and black decorative paint with thin planed backboard, measures 19 ½” W x 6 ½” D x 28” h. Condition VG, original paint,
  218. 19TH PAINTED BUCKET BENCH. Primitive 1850-1860 Pine Bucket/Pail Bench in old red paint history. Cut /square nail construction with mitred cut-out sides, measures 13” D x 26” W x 28” H. Condition VG, original paint history.
  219. CHIPPENDALE TABLE – AS FOUND. C. 1780-1810 Chippendale style Table found in Ontario. Hardwood and early forged nail construction, with contoured cross stretcher base and fine tapered legs, measures 35” D x 16 “& 37” W x 28” H. Condition – Fair, as found, full leg height, good stretcher, shrinkage crack to top, drawer missing, needing restoration.
  220. WINDSOR FAN BACK CHAIR. C. 1800 Windsor Fan Back Side Chair in old paint. Detailed with bulbous turnings and carved saddle seat. Condition – Fair, tight construction, old paint history, seat crack, loss to leg height.
  221. EARLY MARKHAM DOLL CRADLE. C. 1810-1830 Hooded Doll Cradle in original paint surface. Pine and forged nail construction, measures 7” W x 12” long x 10 ½” H. Descended through and found at “Mitchell Family” homestead in Markham Ontario. Condition – Good, original paint, wood loss to rocker end, and top edge of left side.
  222. WINDSOR FOOT STOOL. 19th Primitive Windsor Foot Stool, tri-legged in old paint. Concave turned pine seat with ash legs in original paint history, orange over blue, measures 12 ½” diameter and 10 ½” high. Condition VG, original paint history.
  223. SHEET METAL CHANDELIER. Reproduction Primitive Sheet Metal Six Arm Electric Chandelier in aged surface, 29” diameter. Condition VG.
  224. 19TH PAINTED PINE BENCH. Circa 1850-1870 Painted Pine Bench of through tenon application. Square nails, chamfered side supports, boot jack cut-outs and original paint history, measures 42” W x 14 ½” D x 18 ½” H. Condition VG, original paint history, tight frame
  225. VINTAGE HOOKED RUGS (SET OF 3). Set of 3 Hooked Rugs of Hunting Theme. The set of 3 rugs measure the same size – 14” x 19”, with images of hunter, dog and stag. Condition – fair to good, stable form, fading.
  226. OCTAVIUS WHITE 19TH PAINTING. Octavius White (Cdn. 1850-1931) signed Late 19th Century Landscape of Canadian School style with lakeside teepees and Indigenous canoeists, 14” x 22”. Condition VG
  227. FOLK ART RELIEF CARVING. V & B Cooper signed Relief Carving of Animals in brilliant polychrome application. The carved image is after Edward Hicks, USA, series of paintings titled “Peaceable Kingdom”, measures 28” x 37” plus frame. Condition Good, unstable paint in top left of picture, as per photos.
  228. HARRISON signed WATERCOLOR. T. Harrison signed Watercolor Gouache of Primitive Landscape with log cabin and forest animals, 10” x 12”. Condition VG.
  229. more