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MAY 6th TO MAY 12th 2022


INCLUDES: Military Items, Early Photography & Prints, Paintings, Antique Furniture, China, Decoys, Inuit & Native Carvings Collection, Gold Coins, Nautical Artifacts, Marine Models, Currency, Vintage Toys, Trains, Antique Dolls, Nostalgia, Action Figures, Rare Books, Bottles, Advertising & Signs and more          



  1. SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. Fabulous soapstone figural sculpture by John Sabourin (Canadian) titled “Incarnation of Sedna”. Sedna being the mythological Goddess of the Inuit underworld and the Goddess of the sea and marine animals. Standing 11” tall and 6” wide, very good condition.
  2. INUIT BRONZE VASE. Bronze vase cast with mask effigy with copper/brown patination. Made by Pierre Aupilardjuk, from Rankin Outlet in 1993. Marked on base “A U 2, 7/12. 93”, numbered 7 for the 12 made, stands 5” tall. Excellent condition.
  3. SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. Soapstone figural sculpture of rearing bear, or dancing bear from Inuit mythology. Signed with logo and WEN 2009 on base, dark green stone, standing 12” h. Very good condition.
  4. HARDSTONE SCULPTURE. Made of pink Chinese hardstone with carved depiction of polar bear and seal on ice flow. Great color, 10” long, 3” tall and signed on base “JOHDAN #080327. Very good condition
  5. SOAPSTONE FIGURAL GROUP SCULPTURE. Great, large scale figural carving of boat at sea, filled with Inuit hunters, paddlers and women holding children, titled “UMIAQ”. Carved by “Joanasie Faber” of mottled green/brown colored soapstone, and cedar carved paddles. Sculpture measures 16” long. 9” tall and 7” wide. Excellent condition.
  6. SCRIMSHAW WALRUS TUSK. Inuit Artist made, ivory totemic style sculpture decorated with scrimshaw artwork of hunter, ptarmigan and fish. Attributed to “Davidee Itula, 1929-2006, Baffin Island, 1961”. Standing 8” tall, made of walrus tusk with soapstone base. Excellent condition.
  7. SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. A flowing, true to life sculpture of Narwhales, titled “Narwhales in Flight”. Sculpted of dark green soapstone and signed on base WEN 2008. The narwhale figures measure 11” long, detailed with 6” and 8” walrus ivory tusks. Excellent condition.
  8. SOAPSTONE ABORGINAL COLLAGE. Superb large scale soapstone sculpted collage, carved with Aboriginal, animal and effigy details of owl, turtle, whales, Shaman masks, bear and prayer wheel. Signed on base “JOHDAN”, 35 lbs. of green mottled soapstone. Excellent condition.
  9. MALACHITE SCULPTURE. Gem quality malachite specimen, sculpted on one side and remaining raw mineral on backside. Carved with Aboriginal style mask face, polished to a silky glow and standing 8” tall, unsigned. Excellent condition.
  10. WHALEBONE SCULPTURE. Seal sculpture carved from whale bone resting on a whale vertebrae base. Seal detailed with delineated hind flippers and artist signed (illegible), 9” long, 6.5” tall. Excellent condition.
  11. SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. Sculpted Chinese white soapstone with integral bust of hooded Inuit Man. Titled “Clear Thoughts”, signed Steven Loney. 10’ wide. 8” tall, 6” deep. Excellent condition
  12. SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. Striking carving of Inuit Mother and Child in multi hued soapstone. By artist, Idris Moss-Davies born on Broughton Island 1966 and trained along side Manasie Akpaliapik and David Ruben Piqtoukun. 10” high,5” wide. Excellent condition.
  13. SOAPSTONE EAGLE SCULPTURE. Exceptional large, Aboriginal style, soapstone carving of opposing Bald Eagle heads on a looped base. Detailed on both sides with butterfly dream catcher and signed on base “JOHDAN #040310”. Excellent condition.
  14. SOAPSTONE INUIT SCULPTURE. A very fluid interpretation of Beluga Whale, finely detailed with fish clasped in its round flippers. Carved of marbled color soapstone and signed on base “Andrew Nulukie FCNQ CS-94275 #423, 2006 from Inukjuak”, 9” long, 5” tall. Excellent condition.
  15. LARGE SOAPSTONE WALRUS SCULPTURE. Large scale walrus carving, lying recumbent on a rock in dark green soapstone with 5” elk antler tusks. Signed on base “Johdan 061212”. Excellent condition.
  16. SOAPSTONE INUIT CARVING. Very attractive totemic style Aboriginal carving in light green soapstone. Topped with dancing bear over and stylized eagle, over mask face, all resting on Beluga whale flukes. Artist signed on base “Ekidlau Teevee” from Cape Dorset, 7.75” tall, 4” wide. Excellent condition.
  17. INUIT SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. Grey soapstone carving of Inuit hunter skinning otter with walrus ivory blade knife. Collected circa 1957 Port Harrison, 8” tall, 5” wide, 7” deep. Excellent condition.
  18. SOAPSTONE EAGLE SCULPTURE. This large-scale carving with Bald Eagle bust in gray soapstone definitely makes a presence! Heavy, weighing 50 lbs., 16” tall, 8” x 8” base. Base signed “D.W.” David H. Wilson, Guelph, Ontario. Very good condition.
  19. SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. Dark green soapstone carving of Aboriginal mythology Goddess, Sedra, titled, “Sedra’s Transformation”. Carving portrays Sedra morphing from seal to human form. Signed on base “WEN 2009”, measuring, 6” high and 12” long. In excellent condition.
  20. SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. Elaborate dark green soapstone sculpture titled “Pinnacle of Life”, carved with Aboriginal animal symbolism. Detailed with eagle, turtle and salmon. Signed Johdan, 10” tall, 7.5” wide and 6” deep. Excellent condition
  21. SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. Carved Polar Bear in resting position with young cub sleeping on her back. Dark green stone, artist signed, “Johdan”, measuring 11” long and 5” tall. Very good condition.
  22. SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. Large and well executed soapstone sculpture, modeled after Aboriginal shifting mythology of human morphing into owl form. Titled “Transformation”. Carved details portray the sculpture in its half-shifted form, signed “John Sabourin 2008”.
  23. SOAPSTONE CARVINGS (2). #1 Inuit carved, dark green detailed sculpture of walrus pup resting on ice, 5” long and 2.5” tall. #2 Inuit carved seal in dark green soapstone, 2.5’ tall and 6” long. Both carvings in excellent condition.
  24. SOAPSTONE CARVINGS (2). #1 Inuit carving of fish in dark green soapstone, measuring 3” tall and 10” long. #2 Inuit carving in black soapstone of 2 resting seals nested together, Artist signed on base, measuring 7.5” long. Both in very good condition.
  25. SCRIMSHAW WALRUS TUSK. Inuit Artist made, walrus tusk totemic styled carving with scrimshaw images of walrus, ptarmigan and fish mounted on soapstone base. Attributed to “Davidee Itula” Baffin Island, 1929-2006. 8” tall and in excellent condition
  26. C 1890 FRENCH LOUIS XVI STYLE ARMOIRE. Fabulous antique French Louis XVI style armoire. Highly decorated mahogany and elm case with burl walnut and laurel leaf bracket & quartered book matched elm panels, kingswood belle flower swag inlay, tulip wood marquetry, straight run and geometric cross banding. Further embellishments include gilt brass corner mounts, leg housings and hardware, and 2 original keys. Constructed in knock down design (easy to move) with mirror center door and 2 side doors that conceal 2 drawers and adjustable shelving. Measures 7’-7” tall, 70” wide and 19.5” deep. Very good condition, original some signs of light wear.
  27. C 1890 FRENCH LOUIS XVI STYLE BED. A fine antique French Louis XVI style bed of mahogany and elm with gilt brass mounts. Headboard paneled with flamed mahogany, tulip and kings wood marquetry swags and crossbanding applications. Footboard detailed with burr walnut shield, floral/foliate tulip and kingswood marquetry and geometric cross banding. Double bed size measuring 62” wide with 56” tall headboard. Good condition, minor faults and losses.
  28. VICTORIAN BOW FRONT CHEST OF DRAWERS. Circa 1870 walnut 3 drawer, bowfront chest with carved fruit and leaf applications and drawer pulls. 46” wide, 34” high and22” deep. Very good condition.
  29. ANTIQUE GERMAN IMMIGRANTS’ CHEST. Circa 1840 painted pine blanket chest decorated with original grain paint and floral painted panels. Chest is dovetail constructed with paneled top and split pilaster façade. Hardware is forged, heavy and original and includes large skeleton key. This box has a long Niagara history, descending through early Chippawa C.W. “Sting Family”, an early Chippawa Canada gun maker. Measures 47” wide, 20” tall and 23” deep. (Museum Deaccessioned) The condition of the chest is good, age considered, completely original, solid and tight, areas of paint loss and wear, and loss to front lip of bottom board.
  30. ANTIQUE NEW BRUNSWICK DRAW TABLE. Circa 1840 New Brunswick Acadian pine “butterfly” draw table in original construction, dry-scraped to original surface, original hardware, very clean. This Acadian table was found in Green River, Madawaska County, New Brunswick. Measures 49” long closed, 7’4” long with leaves drawn, and 35” wide. Very good condition.
  31. ANTIQUE NEW BRUNSWICK SET OF CHAIRS. Circa 1840 set of 4 rush seat, Hitchcock style, New Brunswick side chairs, dry-scraped to original color. Acadian style and made with distinct front stretcher. Descending through early Grimmer Family, Chamcook, New Brunswick. Condition – all of tight construction, later seats, one seat in need of repair.
  32. EARLY ONTARIO LAMP TABLE. Walnut 3 drawer lamp table, 2 quarter 19th century, Brant County Ontario. Detailed with figured walnut drawer fronts, spiral reeded legs and 3 dovetailed drawers. Measures 28.5” tall, 23” wide and 20.5” deep.  Condition – good overall, tight case, old surface, scratches and watermarks to top.
  33. EARLY NIAGARA LAMP TABLE. Circa 1850 walnut 1 drawer lamp table, dovetailed, cut nails, found in Stevensville, Ontario, old surface, 29” tall, 22” wide and 20” deep. Good original condition, subtle stains to top.
  34. EARLY ONTARIO LAMP TABLE. Colorful 2nd quarter 19th century paint decorated, one drawer, drop leaf Ontario lamp table. Original surface with bold red grained paint, dovetail and cut nail construction, 29” tall, 18” wide (leaves down) and 22” deep. Good original condition, slight cupping to top.
  35. EARLY ONTARIO HALL TABLE. 2nd quarter 19th century walnut 1 drawer hall table, dovetail and cut nail construction, old refinish, 29” high, 36” wide, and 18” deep. Very good condition.
  36. EARLY TILT TOP CANDLE STAND. Fine 2nd quarter 19th century walnut tilt top, pedestal candlestand with rectangular top, in old refinish. Original hardware, detailed feet, 29” high, 16”x 22” top. Very good condition.
  37. ANTIQUE PINE SIDE TABLE. 19th century demi-lune painted side table. Split column, bracket support form, in old salmon over original red paint with scrubbed pine top, 27.5” high, 36” wide and 18” deep. Good condition.
  38. VICTORIAN MAHOGANY SIDEBOARD. Elaborate and grand scale 1880’s mirror back, ribbon and figured mahogany, sideboard/buffet. Extensively detailed panels with ornamented animals including fowl, fish, stags and lions. Foliate carved details accent pediment, side brackets and drawer fronts. Stepped back, 3 drawers over 4 doors, 2-piece design, in old refinish, 78” wide, 23” deep, 43. 5 “deck height and 9” total height. Very good condition.
  39. VICTORIAN MAHOGANY DINING TABLE. Circa 1880 ribbon mahogany, round split column expanding form dining table with leaves. Large carved and substantial ball and claw base, in old refinish, 29.5” tall, 66” diameter. Good condition, dog chew marks to 2 feet.
  40. 19th CENTURY MAHOGANY CONSOLE TABLE.  Circa 1880 ribbon mahogany serpentine fronted console/side table with under shelf. Single drawer with reeded legs, in old refinish, 48” wide, 32” high and 18.5” deep. Very good condition.
  41. ANTIQUE DOUGH BOX ON STAND. Circa 1850 pine dough box on 1 drawer stand. Found in Hastings County, Ontario. Scarce 2- piece form, dovetailed with single drawer, original lid and sabre legs. Later paint removed leaving light gray wash color, 32” wide, 29.5” high and 14” deep. Very good condition, tight construction.
  42. LATE 19TH CENTURY WALLBOX. Circa 1880’s pine, 2 tier wall box with tombstone topped backboard, molded picture frame front and canted sides. Wire nail and butt joint construction, overpaint removed to old red color, 11.5” wide, 16” tall and 5” deep. Very good condition.
  43. ANTIQUE PEI STANDING DOUGH BOX. Decorative 1880’s pine standing dough box from Prince Edward Island, with fitted lid, saw-tooth base, sabre legs and circular carved details, 28” wide, 30” high and 15” deep. Very good over all condition.
  44. ANTIQUE PAINTED ROCKING CHAIR. Great 2nd quarter 19th century splat-back rocking chair retaining original paint and paint decoration. Found in Ontario, attributed to Waterloo County. Painted black and dark red, highlighted with fabulous standing peacock, foliated brackets and mustard piping. Very good condition, tight frame, minor paint wear.
  45. ANTIQUE WALL BOX. Circa 1850 pine knife/wall box from Oxford County (ex. Marjorie Larmon Collection). Refinished, extreme tall back for knife scouring, 37” high, 5” wide and 4” deep. Very good condition.
  46. PRIMITIVE PAINTED BENCH. Early painted pine bench in scarce form, dating from last half of 19th Utilized for seating, bucket bench or wash-tub stand. Constructed with boot jack ends, cut nails and applied molded frame back. Retaining original grey/blue paint with area of wear, brace to one boot jack. Condition is good, slightly loose frame.
  47. EARLY ONTARIO CHAIRS LOT (2). #1 Circa 1830 youths primitive ladder-back rocking chair. Attributed to Niagara, pegged construction, retaining original dark green paint. Condition is good, rockers and seat are old replacements. #2 Early Ontario painted arrow back side chair in original paint decoration. Condition is good, very tight, some areas of paint wear.
  48. ANTIQUE DOME TOP BOX. 1830’s painted dome top document box with original red paint and heart shaped iron backed handles. Cut nail and dovetail construction, original hardware, May 4 New York Newspaper lining and signed “D.G. Church. 12” high, 12” deep and 24” long. Very good condition, tight construction with subtle signs of wear.
  49. PILLARED WALNUT ARMOIRE. Late 20th century walnut wardrobe of diminutive size. Selling one of a pair. Detailed with 2 full length fielded panel doors and sides, surmounted with full pillars, adjustable shelves with geometric carved applications to pediment. 6’10” high, 49” wide (case), 27” deep. Very good condition
  50. PILLARED WALNUT ARMOIRE. Late 20th century walnut wardrobe of diminutive size Selling one of a pair. Detailed with 2 full length fielded panel doors and sides, surmounted with full pillars, adjustable shelves with geometric carved applications to pediment. 6’10” high, 49” wide (case), 27” deep. Very good condition.
  52. ANTIQUE OAK BARRISTER BOOKCASE/PRINT CABINET. Exceptional antique quartered oak stacking Barrister bookcase/print cabinet, a matched set with original patinated hardware. This unit contains 3 glazed sections with top and a side-by-side double banked section of 12 print drawers. Larger scale, measuring 42” wide, 56” high and 13” & 17” depths. All units in very good, original finish and condition.
  53. VINTAGE ADVERTISING SHELVES. Fun 1930’s steel, 4 shelf, bakers’ rack. Assembled steel construction, chocolate brown color with painted sign at base that reads “Crosse & Blackwell Self Service” Good condition, some signs of natural wear.
  54. ANTIQUE OAK “HOOSIER “CUPBOARD. 1920’s Oak bake cupboard made by the “Hoosier Manufacturing Company”. Two-piece cupboard, fitted with nickel plated hardware marked “H.M. Co. Pat’d”, top with 3 doors and horizontal tambour enclosure over 4 drawer, 1 door base, with pull out work surface. Good condition, cupboard back replaced
  55. VINTAGE COCA-COLA COOLER. Canadian made Coca-Cola ice chest cooler with lid, tray insert and integral bottle opener. Bottom stamped “Manufactured by St. Thomas Metal Signs Limited 1953”, St. Thomas Ontario. Very good original condition, including paint, clean example, some minor areas with scratches.
  56. ANTIQUE CAROUSEL HORSE. Vintage 1932 Allan Herschell inside jumper, “Blanket Pony” wood carved joinery carousel horse. Detailed with carved mane and flowing tail, metal applied horseshoes and stirrup bracket. Also includes mounting pole, heavy steel/crank base and hydraulic cylinder. Over all very good condition, complete, presently in later decorative over paint.
  57. ROSS BUTLER for DAWES BREWERY BLACK HORSE STATUE. Rare, large, Ross Butler for Dawes Black Horse Brewery advertising statue. Plaster cast Percheron sculpture on wood base with grand scale, form and color. Artist signed with detailed braided mane, bridle and cast texture. Measures 18.5” long, 19” tall and 10.5” wide. Very good original condition, small flake to back of left ear and ground under horse, 4 holes drilled in wood base to mount in hotel bar.
  58. 1880’S STEEL HORSE & CART TOY. Large early metal horse and cart toy, original paper label and titled “Baltimore Dray”. Grey painted pressed steel horse with articulated legs and single wheel with black harness. Cart (dray) made of tin, painted red with two 8” diameter yellow spoked wheels. Cart tilts, 23” long, 12” high and 10” wide. Good condition, subtle wear to paint, loss of ears.
  59. VICTORIAN 1870’S BABY CARRIAGE. Very early American perambulator/pram with wood body and wood spoke wheels. Complete and original, detailed in red paint with carriage makers hand painted designs, forged steel under carriage, decorative floral/fret roof supports and leather roof and tufted seat. 23” wide, 44” high and 56” long. Very good condition, age considered, excellent wheels, paint, and metal work, minor faults with fringe and upholstery.
  60. 1920’S TIN LITHO SIGN. Early ramped, 6 color, tin litho sign for “The Canadian Fire Insurance Company”, head office Winnipeg Canada. Detailed with beaver topped Canada/Provincial Shield on black and gold field, marbleized paper backing 13” high and 19” long. Excellent condition, strong color and graphics, minor edge chips. 4 small mounting nail holes.
  61. 1940’S PAINTED DECO SIGN. Hand painted shield form sign for former Ontario based “Direct Winters Transport Limited” Trucking Company. Painted in 3 color, deco design, on aluminum, 20” high and 20.5” wide. Very good condition, bold color, minor paint chips
  62. NOS QUAKER STATE SIGN. 1960’s NOS Quaker State Oil “Welcome to Our Service Department” tin litho sign. Made by Parker Metal Decorating Co., sign by Evans – Baucom & Associates, USA., 11.5” wide and 17.5” high, with grommet mounting holes, (box not included) Condition is near factory mint.
  63. JAPANESE 1960’S TIN LITHO TOY TRUCK. Rare, Japanese friction drive 1957 Chevrolet model “Cameo” pickup truck. Chev Cameo truck is the precursor to the later El Camino. Toy is 9 ¾” long and is marked on base, “Made in Japan” and “BC” logo for the Bandai Corporation. Great tin litho interior and pickup box. Condition is near mint, C-9 grade.
  64. JAPANESE 1954 TIN LITHO TOY STAKE TRUCK. Vintage Japanese friction drive 1954 Studebaker tandem stake truck. The truck signage reads “Condor” Transcontinental Express and SAN (Marusan Hayashi of Japan), license plate displays “1-1955”. Stake body is slide removable from chassis, tailgate is functioning and the truck is 13” long and 4.25” high. Condition of truck overall is excellent and rates a C-8. Minor paint wear to top of stake sides and very slight signs of wear to base.
  65. 1968 WIND-UP MOON CREATURE TOY. Vintage 1968 “Marx” mechanical “Moon Creature” wind-up space alien toy with original box. Toy and box marked made in Japan. Toy stands 5” tall, when wound-up, the toy shuffles forward, mouth opens and closes causing eyes to roll. Near mint, with original box, C-9 condition over all except for small dent at back of toy.
  66. LIONEL JLC SERIES PENNSYLVANIA GG1 #4916 TUSCAN. This Joshua Lionel Cowen limited edition series Pennsylvania TMCC scale GG-1 Tuscan solid stripe #4916 locomotive comes with original box and packing inserts. Detailed with diecast body and trucks, Train Master Command Control, Odyssey system, Railroad sounds 5.0 and much more. Condition, near mint, rated C-9, factory new, all original, unused, never tested
  67. CON-COR HO SCALE TTC AIR ELECTRIC PCC #4000. “The Rail Baron Collection”, HO scale, Toronto Transit Commission custom run (1 of 150 pcs. released May 2011) electric streetcar in original box. Extremely detailed, including “Eglinton – St. Clair” designated route/ line marquee. Condition is, unused and rated C-9 factory new, all original, never tested, original box and packing insert.
  68. LIONEL BERKSHIRE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE & TENDER. Nickel Plate Road Berkshire 2-8-4 locomotive and tender, model 6-38050 in original box and inserts. A multi detailed locomotive with Train Master Command Control, Odyssey System, diecast metal locomotive body, frame, pilot and trucks, electro coupler, die cast metal tender body and trucks and more. Condition is like new, never used, not tested with original box, rated C-9
  69. LIONEL PACIFIC TRACKMOBILE. High quality Lionel model 4850TM Trackmobile, diecast metal vehicle features Command Control and Electro Couplers, maintenance free motor and interior lighting. Condition is like new, never used, not tested with original box and inserts, rated C-9
  70. T.H. RAILKING CANADIAN PACIFIC CTC STACK CAR. M.T.H. Railking item # 30-76393, O gauge, Canadian Pacific “Canadian Tire:” container stack car in box. Condition is as new, never used with original box and inserts.
  71. VINTAGE TABLE TOP NOVA SCOTIA NAUTICAL DIORAMA. Fabulous 1940’s table top nautical diorama in extreme detail with every element hand carved, and allowing a 360-degree view! Found near Digby Nova Scotia this scaled sea room includes pier lighthouse with dories on beach and fishermen, fishing boat “FLO” and trawler, titled “ATLANTIC DIGBY NS” all on white capped rolling sea. Measures13” high, 16.5” deep and 27” wide. Condition is very good, very minor faults.
  72. NAUTICAL PAINTING. Bold, crisp nautical/marine watercolor, titled on verso, “Working Tug VAC Port Dover” signed bottom left “Whittaker”. Catherine Whittaker is known for her realism style which she captured in her view of the Port Dover based tug VAC at dock with moored fishing vessels and architectural backdrop. 1970’s, art measuring 10” x 12”, frame 16” x 21”. Excellent condition.
  73. PORT COLBORNE NAUTICAL PAINTING. Marine painting titled on verso, “Port Colborne Steel Mill” 1969, and signed on bottom right M. (Mary) Grundtisch captures the image of Great Lakes bulk freighter “Stadacona”, (1929-1983) Midland based, unloading at Welland Canal site of the Port Colborne Steel Mill. Mary painted and lived most of her life in Fort Erie Ontario. Oil on board, art measures 18” x 24”. Very good condition and well documented.
  74. DOUGLAS PURDON TUGBOAT ART. Tugboat Alley, watercolor of side-by-side tugboats signed Purdon (Douglas b 1943-), Canadian AOCA, OSA Artist. Exceptional marine watercolor with crisp detail and very strong color palette. Art measures 13” x 21”, frame 24” x 30”. Condition is very good.
  75. 19TH CENTURY SCHOONER HULL LOFTING DRAWING. Mid 19th century pen and ink line and section skeletal wood ship hull drawing. Used to scale lofting templates and molds. Large, architectural and decorative, framed, measuring 16” x 50”. Very good condition.
  76. CIRCA 1915 REMINGTON MARK III FLARE PISTOL. Single shot Remington Arms flare pistol, 12.25” long and has a long 10-gauge barrel. Used by U.S. Navy for signaling prior to WWI and adopted by the U.S. Army during WWI. Pistols one-piece brass frame has the integral spur trigger and extends as the butt strap and has two-piece mahogany grips Matching serial #10186 is stamped on brass frame and the barrel. Barrel breech is stamped “MARK III THE REMINGTON ARMS – UNION METALIC CARTRIDGE CO INC, / REMINGTON BRIDGEPORT WORKS, BRIDGEPORT CONNECTICUT, USA”. Condition is good, good mechanics, smooth clean barrel, moderate pitting to bore, loose grip.
  77. SCALE MODEL OF “ZWARTE ZEE” SALVAGE TUG. 1960’s commissioned hand made wood model of Dutch salvage tug M.V. Zwarte Zee. Scaled to 3/16” equals 1’, the model measures 47.5” long, 18.5” to top of mast with an 8” beam. Very detailed, wood plank hull construction, winch room, miniature brass fittings, search lights, helm instrumentation and water cannons. Condition good, minor faults and losses, loose glue joints to some applied details.
  78. VINTAGE CARGO SHIP MODEL/TOY. Toy cargo ship the “Dolphin”, plastic made in 1960 by AMC for WEN.MAC a Subsidiary of American Machine & Foundry Company, 27” long, 4” high and 4.5” tall. Rolls on concealed wheels or battery-operated prop with rudder steering for water. Condition – good condition, minor faults and losses, 1 blade off prop, minor scuffing, untested, no box.
  79. C 1900 RACING MODEL SAILBOAT. Early 20th century racing model schooner sailboat, titled “Ellen”, found in Belleville Ontario area. Hand made and detailed with painted planking, brass fittings, metal and lead weighted keel, internal carrying handle, original paint and sails. Large, 65” long, 66” tall in stand with 11.5” beam. Good original condition, minor faults, sails stained.
  80. 1ST EDITION BOOK “THE TITANIC” BY E.J. PRATT. A 1st edition copy of his poem “The Titanic” by Edwin Dove Pratt, leading Canadian Poet, recipient of Governor Generals Award. E.J. Pratt lived most of his life in Toronto. Hardcover in blue cloth with gilt title, 42 pages, frontis with iceberg photos, tight binding, 1935 Macmillan Co. Canada Publisher. Condition is Very Good, crisp clean non-smoke read, square corners, tight binding, small specs on front cover bottom right, front end page pencil signed by previous owner.
  81. RARE BOOK “THE HEART OF THE ANTARCTIC” AFTER 1ST Early undated hardcover book “The Heart of The Antarctic” being the story of the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909 by Sir Ernest Shackleton, C.V.O. New and revised edition with illustrations in color and black and white. Gilt image decorated, dark blue cloth cover, 368 pages, integral fold-out map of Antarctic expedition, published by the Musson Book Company, Toronto. Good condition over all, strong binding, square, clean crisp print, non-smoker, lightly bumped corners, color fading to spine
  82. SCOTT’S LAST EXPEDITION -2 VOLUMES. Scott’s Last Expedition, in 2 hardcover volumes, 1st Canadian edition, 1913 publishing by McClelland and Goodchild, Toronto. Vol. I being the journals of Captain R.F. Scott, R.N. C.V.O., Vol. II being report of the journey and the scientific works undertaken by Dr. E.A. Wilson and crew, arranged by Leonard Huxley. Blue cloth covered boards with gilt title, Vol I, 443 pages, 6 photogravure plates, 10 color plates 2 panoramas, 144 full page plates and 1 map. Vol. II, 376 pages, portrait frontice piece of Wilson, 8 color plates, 7 double page plates, 88 full page plates and 7 maps. Condition, Vol. I, very good condition, square/solid binding, crisp clean pages, non smoke, lightly bumped corners. Vol II, very good condition, square solid binding, non smoke, crisp clean pages lightly bumped corners.
  83. ARCTIC EXPLORATIONS. THE SECOND GRINNELL EXPEDITION – 2 VOLUMES. Arctic Explorations the Second Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, ’54, ’55, 2 Volumes by Kane, Elisha Kent, frontises, illustrations, folding maps, 464- & 467-pages hardcover, original matching brown cloth boards with pressed design and gilt title, published in 1856 by Childs & Peterson, Philadelphia. Very good condition, subtle shelf wear, bumped corners, solid square bindings, non smoke, crisp clear print, subtle foxing, Vol. II spine chipped at bottom.
  84. 1ST EDITION – THE BURNING OF THE VOLTURNO. The Burning of The Volturno by Arthur Spurgeon, 68 pages, with photogravures and 20 other plates of the Royal Line Ship which caught fire in 1913, 135 died and the Volturno had to be scuttled. Very good condition, light wear, bumped corners, light staining, clean crisp print, non-smoke, tight binding.
  85. THE NAVAL HISTORY OF GREAT BRITAIN – 6 VOLUME SET. The Naval History of Britain from the Declaration of War by France in 1793 to the Accession of George IV in January 1820, by William James, printed for Harding, Lepard & Co. in 1826. Condition is good, leather binding, scuffs and bumps, complete, minor hinge issues, crisp pages, light intermittent foxing.
  86. EARLY WOOD MODEL SCHOONER. Circa 1890’s models schooner with gouge hollowed hull, detailed rigging and original green and black paint, 35” long, 6” beam and 18.5” tall. Good condition, minor faults and losses, bowsprit needs to be glued.
  87. SWORDS FOR SEA SERVICE 2 VOLUMES. Swords For Sea Service, 2 volumes by Commander W.E. May R.N. Hard covers with dust jackets, 257 pages Volume 1, 250 pages Volume 2, published by Her Majesty’s Stationary Office, London 1970. Important books to naval blade collectors for sword and dagger authentication, descriptions and applicable histories. Condition is very good, clean copy, good read, dust jackets have some wear and small corner tears
  88. CANADIAN NAVY OFFICERS SWORD, WILKINSON MODEL. A very fine sword detailed with the utmost skill. Limited edition Royal Canadian Navy Commissioned Officer’s sword and scabbard set, using Wilkinson tools and dies. Celebrating the RCN Centennial, 1910-2010 etching pattern and numbered 276 of 300 made. The blade is profusely decorated with important RCN battles and dates. Condition is As New, and includes sword knot and paper literature. Note, original bill of sale was $1,370.00.
  89. RARE B. F. GRIBBLE PRINT – SEA SCOUTS OF THE EMPIRE. Bernard Finnigan Gribble marked 1940’s marine print of WWII submarine and naval ship at sea. Printed by The National Art Company, England. Art size 17.5” x 23”. Condition is good, strong colors light stain on bottom margin, good gilt frame.
  90. VINTAGE WOOD & BRASS SHIPS WHEEL. Turned and pegged hardwood construction, large ships wheel with solid brass hub. 36.5” diameter wheel with 5.5” brass hub with 1” bore. Very good condition.
  91. VINTAGE WOOD & BRASS SHIPS WHEEL. Turned and pegged hardwood construction, medium size wheel with solid brass hub. 28.5” diameter with 4 1/8” diameter hub. Very good condition.
  92. WWI CANADIAN MILITARY MEDALS. Mounted Trio of WWI Medals assigned to Captain J.M. Anderson 2nd Division TR. C.A.S.C. and (2) to 916742 Private J.M. Anderson 2 – C.M.R. Condition is very good, 2 medals are silver.
  93. WWI CANADIAN MILITARY MINIATURE MEDALS. Mounted group of (5) plus bar miniature Canadian medals attributed to Captain J.M. Anderson. Very good condition.
  94. WWII CANADIAN MILITARY MEDALS Canadian WWII Military Medals (5) not mounted, all with ribbon, 3 medals are silver. Very good condition.
  95. RARE WWI POCKET WATCH. WWI 8-day Casella pocket watch, attributed to Royal Flying Corps by manufacturer, style and specific markings, back of case marked W ^ D (War Department) enamel face is marked “Casella London”, “Mark IV A” and “1829”. Condition, the case, crown and bow are clean with no scratches or dents, the crystal bezel snaps on and off nicely, watch is wound tight and not working, loss to face porcelain and 4, crystal has fine scratches, no cracks or chips.
  96. CANADIAN MILITARY CAP BADGE 103RD Canadian Military cap badge to 103rd C.E.F. Battalion. Very good condition.
  97. CANADIAN MILITARY CAP BADGE LOT (4). Canadian Military Battalion cap badge lot (4). Includes – G.G.B.G. and M.H. Canada Overseas 124th Battalion VG, Victoria Rifles 24th Battalion VG, Lincoln & Welland Regiment VG missing pin, Western Irish 121st Battalion VG missing pin.
  98. CANADIAN MILITARY CAP BADGE LOT (4). Canadian Military Battalion cap badge lot (4). Includes – Canadian Overseas 125th Battalion VG, Canada Overseas Mounted Rifles 9th Battalion VG, Canadian Mounted Rifles 8th Battalion VG missing pin, Canadian Engineers, pin missing, leg bent.
  99. CANADIAN MILITARY CAP BADGE LOT (4). Canadian Military Battalion cap badge lot (4). Includes – Canadian Overseas 240th Battalion VG, Canadian Overseas 145th Battalion VG, Canadian Mississauga Horse Overseas Battalion VG. Canadian Manitoba and Saskatchewan First Mounted Rifles, missing pin leg.
  100. WWI CANADIAN MILITARY YARD LONG PHOTO. Very detailed WWI Military yard long photo of “197th Battery Richmond Hill 1916”. Measures 8” x 45” long. Very good condition.
  101. WWII Military Helmet. Very good WWII German made Military helmet sold to and used by the Argentinian Army. In original paint with original leather head liner and chin strap. Very good condition, leather liner/chin strap is very supple.
  102. 1918 WWI U.S. ENLISTMENT POSTER. Great 1918 era U.S. WWI enlistment poster “I am Telling You”, by James Montgomery Flagg. Period poster, printed by American Lithograph Company, measures 20” x 30”. Condition is good, very strong colors, great graphics, with minor restoration, mounted on linen.
  103. BRITAINS DIE CAST SOLDIERS. Britains die cast miniature soldiers’ lot, 15 pieces. Very good condition, all marked Britains, in original paint
  104. DIECAST MINIATURE LOT. Diecast miniature lot, soldiers, calvary, canons, guard house, infantry and RCMP. Different manufacturers, GBE, Britains and Tradition. Good condition, original paint.
  105. CANADIAN MILITARY BOER WAR LITHOGRAPH. Canadian Military in South Africa lithograph titled “Canadians at Battle of Paardeberg”. This February, 1900 battlefield litho image signed A.H. Hider, depicts Canadian Military in their first major conflict of the Boer/South African War. Litho is labeled, Toronto Lithographing Co. Ltd., Supplement to the Weekly Globe 1901 and entered according to the Act of Parliament of Canada 1900. The litho print measures 17” x 24” in gilt/oak frame. Very good condition, strong colors, margins lightly darkened by wood backboards.
  106. 1885 CANADIAN ILLUSTRATED WAR NEWS (RIEL REBELLION). A detailed history, with fabulous pictures, 1885 Souvenir Number of The Illustrated War News, “A History of Riel’s Second Rebellion” from J.M. Anderson private library #4501. Good Condition, clean crisp pages, spine cracked, boards loose.
  107. BOOK LOT, MILITARY HISTORIES (5). Military histories from Captain J. M. Andersons private library, including #112 “The Militia of Canada 1812-1814”, #107 “The Canadian Contingent and Canadian Imperialists”. Fair to good condition, over all clean crisp copies, some writing and library labeling on end pages, loss to 2 spines.
  108. HISTORY OF THE CANADIAN FORCES 1914-19 MEDICAL SERVICES. Very detailed book by Sir Andrew MacPhail on the history of Canadian Medical Corps and the Canadian Government during 1914-1919. Hard cover, 1929 printing, gilt decorated cover and spine, book contains detailed fold out map of “Medical Arrangements” on a divisional front 9th April 1917. Very good condition, clean crisp square copy, non smoke, bumped edge to bottom of spine.
  109. CANADIAN 1912, $10 GOLD COIN. Canadian 1912, $10 gold coin, weight 16.7 grams, condition EF 45 grade
  110. S. 1910, $5 GOLD COIN. U.S. 1910 $5 gold coin, weight 8.4 grams, condition VF-35 grade
  111. CANADIAN 1912, $5 GOLD COIN. Canadian 1912 $5 gold coin, weight 8.4 grams, condition EF-40 grade.
  112. ENGLISH 1883 GOLD ½ SOVEREIGN. English 1883 gold half sovereign, weight 4.0 grams. Condition VF, 35 grade.
  113. S. 1909 GOLD INDIAN HEAD $2.50 COIN. Scarce to rare U.S. 1909 gold Indian head $2.50 coin. Weight 4.2 grams, condition EF-40.
  114. SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC 1896 GOLD ½ POND COIN. South Africa Republic 1896 gold ½ Pond (Pound) same dimensions and gold content as the British ½ Sovereign. Features a portrait of Paul Kruger and the Transvaal coat of arms, chain ring added to use as watch fob or pendant, 19 mm. diameter, weight 4.1 grams, total weight.
  115. S. 1908 INDIAN HEAD GOLD $2.50 COIN. U.S. 1908 gold Indian head $2.50-coin, weight 4.2 grams, condition EF-40.
  116. S. 1853 LIBERTY HEAD GOLD $1 COIN. U.S. 1853 Liberty head gold $1 coin, 12.7 mms. In diameter, weight 1.7 grams, condition VF-35
  117. S. GOLD COINS LOT. U.S. 1881 large Indian head ¼ dollar gold coin, weight .1 gram and U.S. 1879 ½ dollar gold coin, has drilled hole, weighs .3 grams.
  118. CANADIAN SILVER DOLLAR LOT (9 COINS). Canadian Silver Dollar Lot (9 coins), 1963 (3), 1964 (3) and 1966 (3).
  119. ROYAL CANADIAN MINT UUNCIRCULATED SETS (2). Royal Canadian Mint uncirculated blister packed sets with silver coins (2) 1963 set and 1964 set.
  120. CANADIAN 25 CENT CURRENCY SHINPLASTER LOT (3). Canadian 25 cent shinplaster notes (3), all dated 1923, varying condition as per photos.
  121. CANADIAN SILVER DOLLAR LOT (9 COINS). Canadian silver dollar lot, 1963 (3), 1966 (3) and 1953 (3), various condition as per photos.
  122. CANADIAN SILVER 50 CENT PIECE LOT (25 COINS) Canadian silver 50 cent piece lot, 1966 (13 coins), 1965 (7 coins), 1964 (3 coins) and 1963 (2 coins) various condition as per photos.
  123. CANDIAN CURRENCY LOT (6 NOTES). Canadian currency lot of 6 notes. 1937 $1 dollar notes (3), 1967 Centennial $1 dollar notes (2) and 1937 $2 dollar note (1). Condition as per photos.
  124. CANADIAN SILVER 50 CENT PIECE LOT (17 COINS), Canadian silver 50 cent pieces, 17 coins in total, dated from 1940 -1952. Condition varies, as per photos.
  125. CANADIAN SILVER DOLLAR LOT (13 COINS). Canadian silver dollar lot, 17 coins dating from 1953-1966. Condition varies from VF-20 to EF-45
  126. CANADIAN SILVER 50 CENT PIECE LOT (36 COINS). Canadian silver 50 cent pieces, 36 coins dating 1957 -1965. Condition varies from good to very good.
  127. SILVER CANADIAN COIN LOT (174 COINS). Canadian silver coin lot of 174 silver coins. Includes 100 Canadian silver quarters dating 1919-1966 and 74 Canadian silver dimes dating from 1919 – 1965. Condition varies from bullion to very good.
  128. CANADIAN SILVER KING GEORGE VI LOT (13 COINS). Canadian silver King George VI lot of 13 coins. Includes (5) silver Canadian King George VI silver dollars dating 1937-1951 and (8) silver Canadian King George VI 50 cent pieces dating 1940-1952. Condition varies from VF-35 to EF45.
  129. CANADIAN SILVER 1967 COIN SETS (2). Canadian uncirculated 1967 Centennial silver coin sets (2). Set #1, Canadian Mint uncirculated 7 coin set with case and sleeve. Set # 2, uncirculated 6 coin set in plastic case. Condition, Uncirculated AU-50/53.
  130. CANADIAN AU SILVER DOLLAR LOT (5 COINS). Canadian uncirculated Canadian silver dollar coins (5) in plastic and blister casings, 1964 Charlottetown (3) and 1963 (2). Condition, all uncirculated AU-53/55
  131. CANADIAN LARGE CENT LOT (26 COINS). Canadian large cent coins (26), years ranging from 1859-1920. Condition varies from good to VF30.
  132. ANTIQUE LEHMANN “MOTOR COACH” GERMANY. This exceptional tin litho motor coach was one of the first automobile toys made by Lehmann (Germany). It was manufactured from 1897-1935, and called the “EPL 420”. It is detailed with seated driver at tiller and has windup clockwork mechanism.  Length 5 ¼” 133 mm. Condition VF Very fine, clean toy, totally original and complete, great paint, no dents, minor paint loss to driver, windup mechanism overwound.
  133. RARE CANADIAN VINTAGE GOLF GAME. Rare Canadian 1940’s “Kroki-golf” game. Canadian board game, designed and manufactured by “Cross Manufacturing RR 2 Essex Ontario”. Silkscreened enamel on Masonite with oak frame, measuring 24” x 24”.
  134. VICTORIAN LITHO BLOCK PUZZLE SET. Circa 1880, eight sided litho block set with 8 puzzles and puzzle cards.  The puzzle is in original case, litho art covered, measuring 9 ¾” x 13”. Condition, very good for age, minor faults, loss of some block litho panels.
  135. A. HENRY, DUNDAS CAP GUN SET NOS. Pair of M.A. Henry pair of toy revolver cap guns with holster in original packaging, manufactured in Dundas Ontario. Pistols 5.5” long, box 6.5” x 11”. Condition, NOS, mint, package never opened.
  136. 1950’s TIN LITHO HALLOWEEN TAMBOURINE. Vintage NOS 1950’s tin litho tambourine decorated in Halloween motif. Made by in U.S.A. by “U.S. Metal Toy Mfg. Co.”, measuring 6” diameter x 1 ¼” deep. Condition is factory mint, NOS, minor paint scrape on 1 foot that probably occurred at factory.
  137. ANTIQUE BRONZE FIGURAL BOTTLE OPENERS LOT (3). Circa 1900 cast bronze figural bottle openers in the shapes of elephant. goat and donkey. Standing 3.5 to 4 ¼” tall and attributed to Guelph Ontario foundry. Condition is excellent with great patina.
  138. ANTIQUE CAST IRON POLICE OFFICER STILL BANK. Circa 1920 cast iron “Mulligan the Cop” figural coin still bank, attributed to the early A.C. Williams Toy Co. Standing 5 ¾” tall in original paint. Condition is good, minor paint loss and wear.
  139. ANTIQUE S.W. ALLAN CO. MECHANICAL CALCULATOR. Circa 1920 office technology, four function mechanical calculator complete with steel canted hood. Made by S.W. Allan Co., Philadelphia PA, the device is brass tagged “Class 146 No. G7 and mounted on oak base. Measures with lid on – 13 ¼” long, 5.5” high and 6 ¾” deep. Condition, the device is very clean and hardly a mark on the japanning and enameled numbering, the mechanics appear to be full functioning, sound and the action moves freely.
  140. ANTIQUE TOBACCO TIN LOT (3). Colorful lot of early 2oth century Canadian tobacciana tins (3). Lot includes #1) Hickey’s Bright Cut Tobacco Charlottetown P.E.I., #2) Hickey’s Perique Mixture Tobacco, Charlottetown P.E.I. and #3) Buckingham Bright Cut Plug Smoking Tobacco. All 3 tins are in very good condition with very minor signs of wear and scratches.
  141. ANTIQUE GIBBS YANKEE DUMP CART TOY. Great Toy, 1890’s, Gibbs Co. Canton Ohio horse and cart. The cart reads “Yankee Dump Cart” The horse is paper litho over wood with painted metal legs, the cart is made of painted tin and wood with cast iron wheels. There is a metal catch to tilt dump box and an eccentric axle linkage that produces horse legs motion. Toy measures 19” long and 8.5” tall. Condition is Very Good with very minor litho loss to horse and labeling to cart and 1 wheel has a closed rim crack.
  142. ANTIQUE “WONDER JUNIOR” ICE SKATER’S LANTERN. Circa 1900 tole, kerosene, skaters’ lantern with globe embossed “Perko Wonder Junior”, 6 ¼” tall plus handle. Condition is good, clean, no dents, globe has tight, internal ¼” line on rim.
  143. VINTAGE JAPANESE “HAPPY DOGGIE” WINDUP TOY IN BOX. Japanese, 1950’s windup mechanical dog toy made by TN Nomura Co. in original litho box. When on/off switch is activated, the dog moves in a repeated motion of waddling forward, stand erect, mouth opens to chew bone and then sequence repeats. The dog measures 3.5” x 5.5”. Very good condition very minor paint loss to corner of bone.
  144. ANTIQUE BRANTFORD 2 LB. COMPUTING CANDY SCALE. Tagged #263 and dated 1914, 2 LB. computing candy scale with embossed bezel cartouche that reads “Brantford Scale Co. Limited Brantford Canada”. The scale features a gold painted finish and measures 7” x 15” x 14.5” tall. Condition is very good, clean, and functioning.
  145. ANTIQUE TOLEDO MERCANTILE BARREL SCALE. August 24, 1920 Toledo 30 lbs. computing barrel scale, labeled “Canadian Toledo Scale Co. Ltd. Windsor Canada”, style # 581. With original paint, glass and porcelain tray, scale measures 17” x 24” x 30” tall and weighs approx. 80 pounds. Condition is very good, functions very well, porcelain tray has been repaired.
  146. SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT 221K SEWING MACHINE. Singer featherweight 221K sewing machine with original travel case and bobbin. Very clean machine, good japanning, runs very smoothly and responsively, no breakage to plug socket, needs light bulb.
  147. MARINE GIMBAL BEARING COMPASS. Vintage marine gimbal compass fitted in mahogany, brass cornered travel box. Compass face 2.5” diameter, case measures 4.5” x 4.5” x 2.5” tall. Very good condition.
  148. VINTAGE SUNOCO OIL CAN COIN BANKS LOT (2). Vintage Sunoco corporate complimentary oil tin coin banks #1 Sunoco “Special” Quart can, 6.5” tall and #2 Sunoco “Dynalube” 10W30 litre can, 5 7/8” tall. Both in good original condition, quart never had a bottom, litre has light surface rust to top.
  149. VINTAGE SUNOCO OIL CAN COIN BANKS LOT (2). Vintage Sunoco corporate complimentary oil tin coin banks #1 Sunoco “Special” Quart can, 6.5” tall and #2 Sunoco “Dynalube” 10W30 litre can, 5 7/8” tall. Both in good original condition, quart never had a bottom, litre has light surface rust to top.
  150. VINTAGE PHILCO WOOD CASE RADIO. 1930’s Philco art deco, wood case radio, measures 7” x 14” x 9 ¾” tall. Case is in very good original condition, lights up, needs tubes.
  151. GOLDEN EAGLE DECORATIVE BIRD CARVING by AL BONAR. Exceptional Golden eagle carving signed by Ontario master carver Al Bonar, #665, Apr. 25/08. Detailed with stepped feathers, feathering, glass eyes and realistic talons, 14” tall on 10” diameter base. Excellent condition.
  152. PINTAIL DRAKE DECORATIVE DUCK CARVING by AL BONAR. Pintail drake duck cedar carving signed by Al Bonar, #598, 06/11/06, detailed with fine feathering, sweeping thin tail feathers and glass eyes,16” long x 7” tall, Excellent condition
  153. PAIR OF HOODED MERGANSERS DECORATIVE CARVING. Exceptional pair of cedar carved hooded mergansers on cherry wood base, signed Al Bonar, numbered 378 and dated March 21/2001. Detailed finish, feathering and glass eyes. Measures 17” long, 7.5” wide and 4 ¾” tall. Excellent condition.
  154. BLUEBILL DUCK DECOY. Circa 1940’s Bluebill duck decoy, cedar block style with heavy rasp marks, glass eyes, in old, if not original paint, found in Eastern Ontario. Overall good condition.
  155. BLACK DUCK DECOY. Circa 1940’s Black duck decoy, hollow carved, exaggerated body form, detailed with feather paint and signed F.W. Webber 1961 in paint and carved on the bottom, 16.5” long. Overall good condition.
  156. BLACK DUCK DECOY. Circa 1940’s Black duck decoy, painted feathering and tail feathers, glass eyes. Good condition some age cracks.
  157. BLUEBILL CEDAR BLOCK DECOY. 1940’s Bluebill cedar block decoy with chubby cheeks, in old repaint, with swing weight, 14” long found in Eastern Ontario Good condition
  158. DIMINUTIVE CANADA GOOSE CARVING. Canada goose carving in cedar of a slightly diminutive scale with folky tail feathers. Measuring 16” in length and marked on bottom “Hand Carved by Kadian Crafts Ltd. (British Columbia) Canada. In good condition with great color, chip on lower beak left side.
  159. CARVED SHORE-BIRD LOT (3), Lot of (3) contemporary style painted shore birds #1 long billed curlew, tack eyes, 9” tall, signed Steve Wright, #2 snipe, tack eyes signed Jimmy Brown ’04, 9 ¾” tall and #3 long billed curlew, glass eyes, unsigned, decorative paint, 12” tall. All 3 in shorebirds are in good to very good condition.
  160. BLUEBILL DECOY. Circa 1930 bluebill solid block decoy found in Prince Edward County, Ontario, combed paint, small glass eyes, with tethered weight 13.5” long. Condition is good, original, areas of paint loss.
  161. WOOD DUCK DECOY. Wood Duck decoy, attributed by paint design, primitive form, old paint, tack eyes, 13.5” long, signed W.J.P. and attributed to W.J. Pogue. Good condition, area of paint loss and wear.
  162. REDHEAD DUCK DECORATIVE CARVING. Redhead decorative carving by D. Gervais, signed on bottom, original paint with feathering, glass eyes, 14” long. Very good original condition.
  163. BLUEBILL DUCK DECOY. 1940’s bluebill Ontario solid block duck decoy., 14.5” long. Condition is good, original paint with areas of later repaint.
  164. SCARCE BOOK – “DECOYS OF THE MISSISSIPPI FLYWAY”. Limited edition, 271 pages, leather bound, signed copy, 69/150 of “Decoys of the Mississippi Flyway” by Alan G. Haid. Condition is excellent, very informative read with Canadian chapter.
  165. DECOY BOOK LOT (2). Geographic specific decoy book lot (2 books), “Floating Sculpture” The Decoys of the Delaware River, by Huster and Knight, and “Decoys of the Winnebago Lakes” by Ronald K. Koch. Condition of both books are very good with dust jackets.
  166. 1ST EDITION “BISHOP’S WATERFOWL”. Scarce 1st edition of “Bishop’s Waterfowl” by Richard E. Bishop, bound in Mission leather, ex. Bert Gooch Collection, 282 pages, published by Brown & Bigelow. Near Fine condition.
  167. DECOY AUCTION CATALOGS LOT. Great reading and informative. Past Decoy Auction catalogs, most with price result pages (26) and magazines (40) lot. Including past Copley, Schmidt Guyette and Ducks Unlimited catalogs and North American Decoy and Decoy magazines. Condition is good, clean, and smoke free.
  168. DECOY AUCTION CATALOGS LOT. Great reading and informative. Past Decoy Auction catalogs, most with price result pages – Copley, Schmidt Guyette, Bourne (20) and North American Decoy Magazines (60). Condition is good, clean and smoke free.
  169. 1ST EDITION “THE DUCKS, GEESE & SWANS OF NORTH AMERICA. 1st edition “The Ducks, Geese and Swans of North America”, Author signed, by Francis Kurtright (Canadian) and illustrated by T.M. Shortt (Canadian), deluxe hardcover edition, 476 pages, gilt decorated cover and spine. Condition is very good, clean copy, square tight spine, bumped corners.
  170. VINTAGE SHIP HOOKED RUG. Vintage hooked rug. “D” shaped with an encapsulated schooner, surrounded by floral trailings, with script “Welcome”, circa 1940’s, 32” x 41”. Condition is very good, tight borders, strong colors.
  171. VINTAGE QUEBEC HOOKED RUG. Vintage geometric banded diamond hooked rug with script “Quebec” in diamond field. Hooked on burlap, 18” x 34” dates 1st half of 20th Condition is good, color slightly faded, some loose edges.
  172. VINTAGE FLORAL HOOKED RUG. Vintage floral hooked rug with tombstone ended center field, decorated with floral bouquets tied with ribbon bows. Hooked on burlap, 24” x 40”, from 1st half of 20th Condition is good, tight rug, good color.
  173. VINTAGE FLORAL HOOKED RUG. Vintage oval shaped rug with large, bold “rose” floral design, hooked on burlap, from the 1st half of the 20th century, 21” x 38”. Condition is good, strong color.
  174. VINTAGE PARROT HOOKED RUG. Vintage oval hooked rug with sweeping tailed parrot amongst floral details, from the 1st half of the 20th century Condition is good with strong color, 22” x 37” some unraveling to outside edges.
  175. VINTAGE FLORAL SHIELD HOOKED RUG. Vintage hooked rug with detailed bracketed shield and central floral design, 23” x 36”, flannel backing, from 1st half of 20th Condition is good, strong colors, tight and square.
  176. MILLER COMPANY TABLE LAMP. Bronze base “Miller Company #30977” table lamp with pink slag glass 4 panel shade, 16” tall. Lamp is in good condition, no cracks or chips to glass panels.
  177. EARLY OAK WALL PHONE. Early oak wall phone labeled “Stromberg Carlson Rochester NY”, original mechanics intact, 5.5” x 9” x 19”. Condition is good, complete, no breakage, good original color and finish.
  178. EARLY WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC FAN. Circa 1915 “Westinghouse Electric” electric fan with 12” brass fan blade, 15” tall. Condition, fan is complete, needs to be cleaned and rewired and cage rim is cracked.
  179. STAINED GLASS ART NOUVEAU WINDOW. Leaded glass window panel with opaque slag glass and marbleized stained glass in Art Nouveau floral and jewel design, 14” x 20”
  180. WWI BI-WING DH9 MODEL AIRPLANE. Fabulous, Folky WWI era DH9 model airplane, hand made in the 1920’s from old wood crates by a Canadian WWI Veteran Pilot from Guelph Ontario. This model represents the planes that were used by Canadian and British air forces during WWI, measures, 26” wing span, 16” long and 6.5” tall.
  181. Rare! 1929 SILVER ACE FLYING CATALOG. Extremely rare 1929 Silver Ace Flying Catalog produced by the “Aero Model Co.” Chicago U.S.A., 33-pages, very good condition.
  182. FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT 1977 PARIS POSTER PRINT. Large framed Frank Lloyd Wright “Paris Exposition” poster print, art size 19.5” x 27”. Very good condition.
  183. EARLY COTTAGE COUNTRY EPHEMERA LOT (4 PCS.). Lot of 4 vintage Ontario cottage country advertising brochures and signs. All in very good condition.
  184. 1922 KROEHLER LINE CATALOG & PRICE LIST, STRATFORD ON. Ontario furniture making history. Vintage 1922-1923 “Kroehler Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Stratford Ontario” 47-page furniture catalog & price list, 9” x 12”, printed by Rous & Mann Toronto. Very good condition.
  185. VINTAGE CAST STONE GARDEN OWL. Extra large and decorative 1950’s cast stone garden owl with great old weathered surface, very detailed eyes and feathering, 24” tall. Excellent condition,
  186. VINTAGE CAST STONE GARDEN OWL. 1950’s cast stone garden statue of owl on log, detailed face, talons and feathering with great weathered surface. Excellent condition.
  187. VINTAGE CAST STONE GARDEN OWL. 1940’s cast stone garden owl perched on stone pillar. Great garden decorative, with exceptional aged surface. Excellent condition.
  188. VINTAGE GARDEN WINDMILL WEATHER DIRECTIONAL. Vintage ornamental garden windmill directional tower. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, standing 8’ tall with a 22” diameter, 12 blade fan. Very good condition.
  189. WINGED GODDESS “NIKE” STATUE. Very decorative, Nike of Samothrace, winged Goddess figure, looks great inside or in the garden. Standing 27” tall, and cast in pulverized marble resin. Excellent condition.
  190. RARE SHELLEY CHINA LUNCHEON SET NIAGARA FALLS. Shelley China 9-piece luncheon set for 2 in rare Niagara Falls dainty pattern, – includes, tray, cream & sugar, 2 cups and saucers and 2 luncheon plates. Very good condition.
  191. BEADED MOOSE HIDE HIGH BOOTS. Mid 1900’s Aboriginal classic pair of high-top moccasins crafted moose hide and wool broad cloth with decorative beadwork. Used, in very good condition.
  192. ANTIQUE SLEIGH BELLS. Antique sleigh bell lot, includes strap of 30 mounted 1 ¼” bells and 26 loose bells ranging in size from 1 ¼”- 3” diameter. All in good condition.
  193. VINTAGE ADVERTISING BOTTLE/TIN LOT (9 PIECES). Vintage 9-piece adverting bottle and tin lot, bottles (5) – “Orange” Owen Sound Soda, Roos Pharmacy Berlin, amber Toronto poison, Dr. Leonard hem-roid Fort Erie WM. ROBERTSON TORONTO, STONEWARE GINGER BEER BOTTLE.
  194. ROBERTSON TORONTO STONEWARE GINGER BEER BOTTLE. Stoneware ginger beer bottle embossed “Wm. Robertson GB Trade Mark Toronto”. Very good condition.
  195. HAMILTON BOTTLE LOT (2 BOTTLES). Hamilton Ontario bottle lot, #1 hutch style soda embossed “Imperial Hamilton” with boat anchor trade mark, 7 ¼” tall, good condition internal fault at base. #2 Hamilton mineral water bottle embossed with lion and “T.M. Pilgrim & Co. Mineral Waters Hamilton Canada”, 9” tall, over-all good condition.
  196. “SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN” ACTION FIGURE LOT. Vintage lot of 1973 Kenner “Six Million Dollar Man” action figures and accessories – 13” action figures Bionic Man Steve Austin, Oscar Goldman and Maskatron, transport capsule repair station, clothing and accessories. Good played with condition.
  197. VICTORIAN OPALESCENT GLASS CENTERPIECE. Victorian silver plate centerpiece with ruffled pink opaline cased glass basket attached to silver plate figural base with stag elk and oak tree branches and leaves. Condition, glass is old and excellent the base is very attractive with heavy wear to silver plate.
  198. RARE 1803 “BONEY and TALEY” POLITICAL AQUATINT BROADSIDE. Rare Sept. 1803 published English broadside titled “Boney and Talley the Corsican Carcase-Butcher’s Reckoning Day” with outstanding hand colored etching that serves as a heading for a 29-verse poem. The original art work contributed by British print maker and caricaturist James Gilray (1756-18i5). The theme of the broadside is British political satire of Napoleon, in art and verse. This broadside represents one of two series of printings done in 1803, this version is printed by D.N. Shury, Berwick Street Soho, and Published by J. Ginger. Broadside measures 14 ¾” x 23”, frame measures 19” x 28”. Condition is very good with exceptional strong color, minor roughness at margin edges and 2 mounting faults, left of “native breed” sign.
  199. VINTAGE ADVERTISING EPHEMERA LOT. Vintage Coca-Cola paper bottle sleeves/protectors dated Dec. 20, 1932 (10 bottle protectors/sleeves lot), very good condition, strong color, faint aging of paper. Lot of (6) circa 1930’s “Red Skin 5 Cent” waxed paper, peanut bags, mfg. marked “Kilgours Limited Toronto”, Very good condition, some minor chips and stains.
  200. CARVED SKELETON & LIZARD WALL PLAQUE/PANEL. Large 1960’s relief carved wall plaque/panel with repeated skeleton and lizard design. Carved in hardwood, measuring 1 ¾” x 15” x 62” long. Very good condition.
  201. VINTAGE WOOD FOUNDRY PATTERNS LOT (2). Cherry wood, ribbed foundry patterns (2), for wheel and pully castings, 17” diameter and 21” diameter. Very good condition
  202. 1930’S INDUSTRIAL CAST IRON WORK BENCH LEGS. Pair of industrial 1930’s matching cast iron work bench ends/ legs. Great for live-edge tables and bar bases, work benches and machinery stands. Very good condition, presently mounted with 2 planks.
  203. ANTIQUE GRACE STOREY BYE-LO BABY DOLL. Circa 1925 Grace Storey Putnam “Bye-Lo” Baby Doll. Composite body, German made, unglazed bisque head, sleep eyes. Condition, head has fine surface lines, hands have cracks and faults.
  204. ANTIQUE DOLL LOT (3). 1940’s “Trudy Baby Doll 14” composition 3 face doll, with sleep, weep and smile faces,