Advantages of Selling with Plato Auctions

Trusted, knowledgeable, reliable, results-oriented.

For more than 20 years, Plato Auctions has brought expertise and professionalism to the world of auctions in Ontario, Canada. Combining the knowledgeable leadership with expert appraisals and an international reach with buyers, Plato Auctions is proud to attract outstanding collections and deliver exciting results. Plato Auctions is the premiere choice for executors, trustees, attorneys, collectors and first time family fiduciaries seeking expert guidance through the process.

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Our Notable Results

More than 20 years of reputable auctioneer and appraisal services.

More than two decades in the business has led to the offering of a number of extraordinary objects. Career highlights have ranged from one of a kind properties in Ontario’s beautiful Niagara Region to original artwork by notable artists from around the world.

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About Plato Auctions

A respect for the objects that highlight our history.

Plato Auctions was founded more than 2 decades ago by its namesake, Don Plato. The company was born of an interest in the objects that tell the tales of times past. Having had a natural eye for the pieces of a home that said something more, Don began considering his career as an auctioneer at a young age. Bringing to life his dream of sharing this sensibility as his profession, Plato Auctions was formed and has been a force in the auction community ever since.

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